Naruto System Within Naruto 106 Chapter 106 : Revitalization!!!

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So you mean that even if he doesn't do anything at some point in the far future she will be released?? : Mito

Correct... At that time all of us would be dead... : Linley

In 30 years i will be 45 so perhaps i will be able to cope with her... But what about you Mito?? Or you Old Man??? Or you mom and dad?? : Linley

Perhaps you will be alive and will be in condition to help, but if the seal breaks naturally by weakening over the course of time then even i might not be alive... : Linley

So what do you suggest?? : Pedro

A simple solution actually... We need all of us to practice Sage Mode and increase our lifespan by at least 10 or so years by the revitalization of our body. : Linley

Are you sure that's gonna work?? : Serena

Well, only one way to find out... After all, we held back our sage training with animals for quite a few years... : Tsunade

Then do you have a way to help me regain my lost lifeforce and not extended?? : ???

Everyone froze, they all thought who the h.e.l.l spoke now?? They looked left and right and started searching for the perpetrator which moments later they stared at the back of Hokage...

Specifically, they were looking at the figure who was sitting there at the windows... It was an old man with white hair around 60 something at least in appearance...

Now, this is a surprise... Madara!!! : Linley

Everyone entered battle formations and were ready to duke it out with him, but then something happened no something he did shocked them...

He raised his hands up as if he surrenders...

Why have you come here?? : Linley

I thought hard... About everything you said... About everything i saw... And in the end, you were right, i kept failing at everything i was entrusted with... : Madara

That still doesn't answer why you are here... : Linley

I'm here to pick up a few stones of myself i discarded long ago... Does that answer your question?? : Madara

Fine, i'll take your words for now... : Linley

But first..... : Madara

He slowly raised his hands and plucked them inside his eyes tearing them out as blood came from his hands and eyes...

Everyone couldn't believe what he had done, even Linley was speechless about this. This was way out of his expectations, it was like severing your own bloodline...

Before anyone could speak they heard his next words...

These belong to Izuna, they were his light and i let others taint it, not to mention i let him down... : Madara

So what is it that you ask for these eyes?? : Linley

To become worthy of them!!! : Madara

At that point, everyone felt an aura of leaders.h.i.+p from him, especially Mito and Linley, who one had seen him leading in battles against the clans, while the other had seen him through the screen...

And when that happens, I demand a rematch... : Madara

Pfffttt..... Hahahahahaha, fine by me... : Linley

Now to answer your question there is a way to restore a tiny bit of your lost lifeforce but it's process is literally h.e.l.l... : Linley

That's because you will have to somewhat severe a few of your dead cells as you are old and try to ignite the recreation of them... : Linley

When Linley spoke of this method it seemed to three people awfully familiar, yet somewhat different, they didn't know for sure but if it was THAT method then only from their dead bodied will Linley executed...

Can you calculate how much?? : Madara

In your case, you still have like 15 years or 20 maybe?? With that method, you can probably triple that... : Linley

So that's my maximum Limit... Huh... : Madara

Naruto System Within Naruto 106 Chapter 106 : Revitalization!!!

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