Naruto System Within Naruto 114 Chapter 114 : Comes A Great Headache!!!

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Tsunade started checking her own body by controlling her muscles a bit and also spiking her Chakra network to see in Linley was right...

At first, she didn't notice something but as Linley told her to actually try and activate her affinity with elements she was shocked to see that she now had a tiny bit better control over them...

Hahahaha, you face is just too cute... I had the same when i was first checking myself before losing myself in experiments and made my chakra flare up... : Linley

How can this be possible... : Tsunade

Beat me... But if i can help you get stronger... How about i deliver a baby to you?? : Linley

Tsunade blushed harshly as she got his meaning, he wanted to say in reality to have many more times s.e.x in order to power her up and at the same time impregnated her with his seeds...

I'm tired i'm going to sleep.... : Tsunade

Acha..... I got rejected.... : Linley

As he was thinking how to tease her more since he could see her face had taken a beet red colour he heard his System....

[Done... The host is Unlucky... He has become weaker with more room towards the future...]

What the f.u.c.k?? How did I became weaker.... : Linley

[Due to Sage Physique all parameters fused together making them all 12.956... Talent has been calibrated to 4.660.... Chakra and Sage N.E.P parameters had fused together and divided equally achieving a perfect balance between the two making them at 38.661.420...]

[Unsealing Host's body from the overflowing Chakra.... Done....]

[Viewing Status To Host.....]

Name : Uzumaki Linley / Linley Riku

Age : 15 Years 2 Months / 34 Years Old

Power : 12.956 / Defence : 12.956 / Speed : 12.956 / Intelligent : 150 / Talent : 4660 / Chakra : 38.661.420 / Sage Energy (N.E.P) : 38.661.420

BloodLine Leafs (31) : Uzumaki (2417) - Nature (2617) - Senju (2417) - Uchiha (2417) - Otsutsuki (1488) - Jugo (2417) - Namikaze (2617) - Byakugan (2417) - Reaction (2617) - Blood (2617) - Yuki (2817) - s.h.i.+kotsumyaku (2617) - Kurama (2617) - Ketsuryūgan (2617) - Crystal (2817) - Darkness (2617) - Metal (2817) - Ranmaru (2817) - Iburi (2817) - Devil Leaf (200) - Devil Sage Leaf (200) - Cell Reconstruction Leaf (200) - Jumper Leaf (200) - Tenseigan Leaf (200) - Jogan Leaf (200) - Eternal Breaker Leaf (200) - Devil Sage Leaf (200) - Reicarnator Leaf (200) - Sage Physique Leaf (200)

Roots Affinity : Wind - Fire - Earth - Water - Lightning - s.p.a.ce - Yin - Yang - Time - Wood - Star - Ice - Metal - Crystal - Darkness - Smoke

Jutsus : E-Rank ( 12 in List ) D-Rank ( 13 In List ) C-Rank ( 20 In List ) B-Rank ( 60 In List ) Rank ( 15 In List ) Clan-Rank ( 5 In List ) S-Rank ( 6 In List )

Skills : Chakra Superior Manual EXP : 10% / Structure Bone Manual EXP 15% / Spiritual Mind Imprint Manual EXP : 8% / Sage Sensing Manual EXP : 10% / Relocation / Byakugan Field / Real Illusion / Manipulation of Iron / Manipulation of Blood / Penetrating vision - Counter Delay - Life Detection - Life Sharing / Possession / Curse Seal Mark 1 + 2 + 3 / Absolute Illusion / Chakra Pathway / Dimension Tracker / Attractive and Repulsive forces / Tenseigan Chakra Mode / Enhanced Physical Capabilities / Fly / Truth-Seeking b.a.l.l.s / Orbit Movement / Golem Creation / Restoration Of All Things / Pin Point Memorial Jumping / Cell Regeneration

Self Made Jutsus : SS-Rank Elemental Element - Spiral Wave Cannon : Stage 2 (Max 5) - Charging Type : 4-15 Sec. EXP 25% / SS-Rank Elemental Element - Burst-Steps / SS-Rank Elemental Element - Void Knife / SS-Rank Reality Breaker


As he screamed in his mind about the changes even in power and endurance he lost quite a bit almost 2000 parameters, the System continued with his alarms giving him a headache about everything...

[Host has currently 17 Bloodlines leaves bloomed into his Chakra buds letting them become flowers and unlocked the 2 tomoes... The host has 14 unused bloodlines... Using 8 for the third tomoe in host right eye lower ring...]

As the system said that Linley held his head splitting apart from the pain he just got a.s.saulted with... He gritted his teeth to keep a poker face as he silently suffered in his head for the process to finish as he didn't want the others to worry about him again...


Ps..... The Polls Are Out... From Both Patreon and through the comments...

Dan Machi (79), STB (76), DXD (64), Naruto (52),One Piece (36), TODAG (13), Bleach (8), Fairy (7)...

Dan Machi won... Although i had said that Danmachi will have either way a ma.s.s release to hit 100ch... turns out you guys want more therefore till the end of the month Dan Machi will reach 110...

At the same time, i forgot Bleach is nearing 400 so at the end of the month, i will try to ma.s.s write and ma.s.s release a few of them...

Naruto System Within Naruto 114 Chapter 114 : Comes A Great Headache!!!

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