Naruto System Within Naruto 124 Chapter 124 : History Of Forgotten Clans...

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Oh?? That's quite an appearance you have... : Linley

I was expecting a few deformities from absorbing so many nutrition from the blood that was absorbed in the ground... : Linley

That's the best part our bodies are immune to those... : Hanger

So what's the deal with you guys?? : Linley

In the past, there were many clans that had different types of abilities many know of that... : Hanger

However, what the current era doesn't know is how dangerous they were... : Hanger

I seem to recall Madara saying that up to some point you guys only absorbed what the earth had to offer and later on someone switched to blood... : Linley

Yes, that's right, however, we could absorb nutrients from trees, lakes, stones, lava from volcanos and many more that would grant us any kind of immunity in the said element of Jutsus... : Hanger

Do you know the official name or our bloodline?? : Hanger

I don't think Madara said it and even if he did i think it has another name to avoid problems... : Linley

You are right... Originally our Bloodline was called 'Mortal Immortal' it gives us the ability no lose the chakra usage but through it, our bodies are refined with the ways already said... : Hanger

Thanks to that we can live over 100 years old... : Hanger

Oh?? : Linley

And because of that, you were exterminated?? : Linley

Yes, our bodies with the immunities gained and with our bloodline to phase through the ground was too much of a threat to the others as we could kill them from even their shadows... : Hanger

I see, what about other long lost Clans?? : Linley

Hmmm, there was a clan we had a dealing before that suddenly vanished through the times... : Hanger

What was the name of it?? : Linley

That's a bit of a problem as they didn't have an official name at least not that i know, but they did call themselves with codes like Alpha, Beta, Gama, Delta... : Hanger

Linley was shocked, weren't those guys in Boruto which appeared out of nowhere?? Ermm what was their name..... Kara, it was Kara...

Hmm?? Do you know them?? : Hanger

I had seen a few records of them in Konoha... : Linley

Those guys were using their own body to modify it as they see fit, no one knows from when they first appeared in the world of : Hanger

However, it was from them that we learned the existence of the Otsutsuki... : Hanger

f.u.c.k, if those guys appear much earlier than their timeline it would bring chaos to this world... If he remembers correctly they could rival Naruto in his Nine Tail cloak form...

They also had developed such a high tech technology which was way too troublesome...

Apart from them, that whether they are dead or alive, there were four more troublesome Clans, one of them was called s.h.i.+fters and the other was called b.e.a.s.t.i.a.l... : Hanger

A Clan of occultist that believed in some G.o.d and were incredibly hard to kill, out of 10 only one may have died in wars and that was very doubtful... : Hanger

Finally but not least, a Clan that had black veins for unknown reasons and could stock up hearts... : Hanger

Just the thought of these two teaming up was scary in large scale Clan wars... : Hanger

Therefore, everyone banded together and erased each and every one of them... : Linley

Linley knew perfectly well about the last two and surprisingly enough they did had teamed up, however, he knew nothing of the first two...

What about the first two you mentioned?? : Linley

I'm surprised you know about the last two i mentioned... : Hanger

Well, one of them had been stated in records that he tried to Kill Has.h.i.+rama only to fail so i know of him as for the other, no clue but i'm more curious about the first two... : Linley

Naruto System Within Naruto 124 Chapter 124 : History Of Forgotten Clans...

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