Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 15

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Published at 1st of January 2019 10:33:28 AM Chapter 15

Inside his mind, Linley started to finally feel his dead tired virtual body, he tried to move his hand, legs, head and barely managed to open his eyes . . .

He started recalling the pain he felt and didn't know if he managed to stay conscious . . . . he proceeds and asked his System for it . . . .

Did I managed to hold on??? : Linley

[Yes host managed to stay barely awake till the last second . . . After it System got control and spent 240 . 000 points to buy the BloodLines . . . Uzumaki - Nature - Reaction and Lightning Affinity . . . . Then used "Thousand Leaf Root" on Host's body . . . Feed the affinities to it . . . . and the BloodLines creating 3 Leafs . . . ]

Yeeaahhhh . . . . . : Linley

He didn't have much strength to speak even in his mind he was exhausted . . . .

So how many drops are worth a leaf . . . : Linley

[It's 200 drops a complete inheritence . . . . ]

Did it cause a change in my status?? : Linley

[Yes!! Show Current "Tab : Status" Y/N??]

Yes!! : Linley

Name : Uzumaki Linley / Linley Riku

Age : 1 Month / 19 Years Old

Power : 5 / Defence : 3 / Speed : 5 / Intelligent : 60 / Talent : 60 / Chakra : 6000

BloodLine Leafs: Uzumaki - Nature - Reaction / (200 Drops Each Leaf)

Roots Affinity : Wind - Fire - Earth - Water - Lightning

Jutsus : None

Skills : Chakra Superior Manual EXP : 0%

Wow what's with this huge . . . . power up??? and why did my manual go to 0?? : Linley

[Host's Power - Defence were raised from Nature, Speed was raised from Reaction, Intelligent has raised because of the huge strain your mind took and the constant healing of the nurses easing your pain . . . The talent was remoulded by 20 points per BloodLine and Chakra was raised by 3000 of Uzumaki and Nature]

[Host should Take Note that by severing your cell you also destroyed any amount of chakra you had gained . . And for each 1% of Chakra Superior Manual EXP . . . going up you will be doubling the amount you have . . . ]

I see . . . xmm eehh why do I feel so heavy . . . Xmm I'm tired, I'm going to sleep . . . : Linley

[Host before doing that it would be best to give sign outside that you're alive . . ]

Ohh right my parents . . . : Linley

Linley after seeing the changes tried his best to make an attempt to cry like a baby, Outside everyone was watching the baby as it returned to his normal weight . . .

Serena and Pedro had forgotten about everyone in the room and kept praying for their baby to wake up . . . .

Orion really wanted to gouge out his eyes from what he had seen, he took it to the heart that he must make the kid in-laws with the Uchihas at all costs . . . .

Perhaps that way they will enter a new era, an era that people like Madara never to be created again . . . . .

Linley in his mind gave a roar that helped him finally to jolt his baby body and he started crying . . . making Serena and Pedro the first to start whispering to him as they wanted to show their love and also to make him calm down . . . . .

The Hokage had ordered the nurses to leave and then looked at Orion and he nodded his head before he vanished from there . . .

That look had an order in it and it was what Orion was thinking as well, make these nurses forget everything that happened in here . . . . .

With Orion leaving, the ones who followed him where the Hokage and the Anbu . . . Leaving their family alone and let them enjoy the time they have now as they almost lost each other . . . .

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 15

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