Naruto System Within Naruto 2 Chapter 2 : Uzumaki Linley

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[Host't time to be born has come.... In 3... 2.... 1...]

Uauauau auaua yyyayauuua sounds of a baby crying in the arms of his mother were heard inside a rundown house.... it was Linley who was excited about being born but as a baby, he couldn't do anything but show tears of joy... hence the crying...

Finally, I'm out... : Linley

It took me a f.u.c.king month!!!!!! : Linley

As he was enjoying his freedom he heard a rough voice speaking.... and then a beautiful voice answered him....

How's my two loved one...: ???

Our child if fine Pedro and i are fine as well only way too tired..... : ???

Don't worry with a bit of rest you'll be just fine... Serena.... : Pedro

How are going to call our boy??? : Pedro

Linley..... Uzumaki Linley : Serena

Linley looked at them and was shocked across his face lay there a middle age man in his 40rty with quite a big build but refined... he had red spiky hair and brown eyes... he must have weighed 80-90 kilos and had a height of 1.80....

On the other hand the owner of the beautiful voice had red long hair till her waist from what he could see... dark blue eyes, a well slim build body type around 50-60 kilos and had a height of 1.70..

They only thing that was resounding in his mind was that he got a gorgeous Mom... it wasn't long that he got interrupted by his so-called system...

[Host has been born officially in this world... The system has granted you with 1 x Mystery Box, 2 Lottery tickets and 10.000 Points]

Ehhh?? what's all this?? explain.... : Linley

[Mystery Box = It's a gift box that grants host any affinity or bloodline or weapon or even certain types of tail beasts for free what you will get as the name itself suggests it's a mystery , Lottery tickets = Are tickets where Host can spin the Wheel Of Fortune you can get anything that's written in it... Be warned that every month the items affinities and everything else changes in the wheel... and 10.000 Points are points meant to buy things in the Store.....]

I can't really say that I'm lucky more like I have the black star of misfortune on me... : Linley

Anyway open the box and use the tickets... : Linley

[Mystery Box = Opening...... Done... Fire Affinity - Wind Affinity]

[Lottery Tickets = Using.... Spinning Wheel Of Fortune....... Done... 1 x Bloodline Pill - Chakra Superior Manual]

Ehhhhehheh what are these??? System does that mean I can use fire jutsus and wind jutsus??? and what are those two items...?? : Linley

[Host is correct for the former part and the Latter part the pill allows someone to purify their bloodline making it stronger the second allows you to practice Chakra and breakthrough your reserves and if practice to it's limits you will have chakra equal to Kurama....]

Holy s.h.i.+t!!! are you kidding me??? who doesn't want an unlimited supply of chakra... yeah yeah yeah!!!!! : Linley

As Linley was speaking in his mind with his new items he had a happy face as a baby making his parents also be happy as they thought he liked the name they gave him.....

Too bad for them that he was happy for another Reason...

Naruto System Within Naruto 2 Chapter 2 : Uzumaki Linley

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