Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 105

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Published at 1st of January 2019 10:30:46 AM Chapter 105


The pipe in his mouth fell down along with his jaw, Pedro and Serena were petrified on the spot while Mito and Kurama were raging inside them . . .

You did what?? : 3rd Hokage

Are you deaf or something?? I told you we met Uchiha Madara . . . : Linley

You are kidding right?? : Pedro

Say that to Tsunade who fought with him and almost died . . . : Linley

Everyone turned to her and finally realised why she had a distressed face, right now they truly prayed to whoever was the G.o.d to make her say . 'I'm pregnant haha we fooled ya' .

Unfortunately, G.o.d ignored their pleas and they sunk into despair when they heard her words verifying a nightmare for them .

It's true . . . And to make matters worse he had the Rinne-Sharingan with complete mastery over it . . . At least that's how i felt . : Tsunade

How the h.e.l.l did he manage to awaken it?? : Mito

It seems like in the final battle against grandfather it was a sham to lure him and obtain large amounts of his blood and small pieces of his flesh . . . : Tsunade

He then used them on him after tricking everyone about his death with a delay Jutsu and awakened it . : Linley

Linley then proceeded to tell them about the rest of how their encounter went making them have countless various expressions in their faces and when they heard that even the son of the sage of the six paths got manipulated they almost lost it . . .

Now i see why you wanted only us to learn this . . . : Serena

Nah it's like i said right now we are the strongest the Konoha has . . . : Linley

Even if B . Zetsu does keep his word and never messes with the people i gave him on the list who can guarantee something unexpected won't happen in the future?? : Linley

From my point of view we have 30 years and at the same time we have 1 last day . . . : Linley

You mean to say that he may have a hidden card that will be played immediately?? : 3rd Hokage

I can't rule it out . . . Which by the way now that i have 2 tomoes on both my eyes i can show you what happened from the memories i got of the meteor . . . : Linley

Linley activated his Reality Breaker on them and trapped them inside a world of souls, they were shocked as Hiruzen appeared way too young so did Mito and at the same time, even Kurama appeared . . .

Oh!!! Kyubi, stay tuned because this will truly happen one way or another . . . : Linley

He started showing them the History as he had seen it in the anime and with a few perks here and there to match possibles changes he may have brought here . . .

All of them felt fear when they saw the Ten Tails, even more so from the woman who was controlling it with such easy . . .

Then they saw how the meteor came down with Zetsu how he messed up with Indra he changed it here a bit showing him stealing his eyes and in the end, the bodies of those 2 brothers were never found . . .

He also showed them, about the tablet of Uchiha who had been secretly altered it and what caused Madara to go insane . . .

After seeing all that all of them could no longer speak and Linley had reached his limit as it was a freaking long narration of the events making him go pale . . .

They all returned to the real world and saw Linley fall in his knees panting heavily and at the same time, they saw him raise his hand as if he wanted to say i'm fine . . .

Linley, what did you mean earlier that this will eventually happen?? : Serena

B . Zetsu said the seal is getting weaker, when it happens who will be able to stop her from awakening the Ten Tails?? : Linley

At the same time, i have no idea what kind of others back up plans he has for these 30 years to pa.s.s . . . : Linley

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 105

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