Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 130

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Published at 31st of March 2019 09:35:16 PM Chapter 130

Hanger, oh hanger . . . Your precious body parts are gonna help me create a few overpowered zombies as your body can regulate many bloodlines at the same time . . . : ???

I'm glad you didn't listen to me and went ahead to die . . . : ???

Although their creation will take a few years it will be more than enough . . . : ???

For my ultimate creation to be born!!! : ???

As the black figure was collecting through the earth the body parts of Hanger, Linley finally reached the gates of Konoha and was stopped for a check but after seeing him they let him pa.s.s . . .

It took him 10 minutes to reach his house and when he entered inside he wanted to run away as he bombarded with questions from everyone . . .

Listening to his explanation for almost an hour, everyone gasped at him . . . Madara came out and glared at him with no eyes . . .

At least that's how it seemed as Linley could see his eyelashes twitch .

Enough with all that i believe a few here would like to address another Issue . . . : Madara

Yes, Linley did you become weaker or stronger?? : Tsunade

Linley, why do i feel more than 50 different Bloodlines from you which i can recognise most of them . . . : Mito

What happened in there . . . ??? : Pedro

Sigh . . . My eyes in order to awaken further ahead . . . They need Bloodlines . . . So far i have 52 and as you will see now . . . : Linley

All of them froze inside the room hearing the sear amount of bloodlines he has acc.u.mulated on his body however all that was nothing to the pressure they felt when his eyes activated revealing 2 purple rings on his eyes core with 3 tomoe in each eye . . .

They almost felt like kneeling from the pressure he was emitting right now . . . Unwillingly all of them opened their eyes as well . . .

The one who took the most pressure was Pedro as he had the lowest amount of Drops and Madara who had lost a major part of his bloodline, his eyes .

Linley deactivated his eyes letting them breathe as it was suffocating before he spoke up . . .

For my eyes to completely awaken i need 948 more Bloodlines which will manifest in my eyes as 114 tomoes 57 on each eye . . . : Linley

Suffering a bit of setback in order to gather those Bloodlines is nothing important, so far only my Chakra Levels have decreased a bit but you could say i'm on par with Madara on that regard . . . : Linley

Yeah but you have the Manual right?? : Serena

Yes, therefore i don't have to worry too much about it . . . : Linley

Ermmm . . . By the way . . . Am i supposed to listen to all these kinds of stuff??? : ???

Sure you can little guy . . . . : Pedro

Well, You can't really say it's a secret and i'm planning to train you for future problems . . . : Linley

So don't worry Minato-kun, since you hang out with Izumi you would have learned it sooner or later . . . : Serena

Oh, yeah Minato do you know how to mould Chakra in your hands and transferring it?? : Linley

I do for simple things, as i can also perform Clone Jutsu . . . : Minato

Here take this paper and transfer your chakra in it, i want to see what kind of nature you have . . . : Linley

Minato did just as he was told and everyone looked at him with curious gazes, even Madara tried to feel the changes in the environment in order to guess his Nature Affinity . . .

Soon the paper was cut in half, both of them wrinkled and then they vanished from his hands appearing a few meters away . . .

The whole room was silent, Izumi, Irina and Kus.h.i.+na had stars in their eyes when they saw the trick fo Minato . . .

Did I make a mistake?? : Minato

No, no . . . I already know what elements you tend to train now . . . You can go and rest for today, as in a few days we will start your training . . . : Linley

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 130

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