Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 137

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Published at 2nd of April 2019 12:40:05 AM Chapter 137: 137

Linley what do you mean by that?? : Tsunade

I finally solved a puzzle that has been bothering me for a while . . . : Linley

The Otsutsuki Clan used Kaguya and sent her here with a two-layer seed . . . : Linley

Two?? : Serena

Yes . . . The seed acts as a medium to collect life force through the roots and ama.s.s it in a chakra fruit . . . : Linley

We know all that already . . . : Pedro

Yes, but the seed comes with a few perks as well . . . 1) if someone steals the fruit before maturation the tree that was grown from the first layer of the seed becomes the Juubi . . . : Linley

While the second remains where it is planted having a second task . . . : Linley

What kind of task??? : Natsuhi

Absorb the dead people of its descendant to create a smaller scale of fruits . . . : Linley

BooooM!!! Everyone felt a hammer hitting them in their heads as they realised what this meant . . .

Wait, Linley then you mean that they had calculated everything??? : Hiruzen

It's more than that . . . : Linley

Through the second layer, they also get feedback as to what is happening in the world they had sent someone and things went south . . . : Linley

Automatically they mark the people that had the potential to awaken the Rinnegan and when they die or close enough they call them through their diluted bloodline . . . : Linley

You mean the calling of the voice i heard!!! : Has.h.i.+rama

Correct . . . It also aligns with the other thing bugging me . . . Since Kaguya took the fruit and the tree transformed into the Juubi how did the roots survived??? : Linley

Yes, how could Obito having absorbed the 10 tails summon the tree as well and how could Madara after absorbing the 10 tails hear a voice from the tree . . .

It was there all along the hint for the truth . When Obito summoned the second layer seed that had grown over the years it notified them and someone spoke to Madara . . .

And in Boruto there was a dimension full of planted trees but no different ten tails . . .

My guess is that those smaller fruits act as medicine instead of power as the first fruit . . . : Linley

Everyone was flabbered by the whole revelation he told them . . . Even he couldn't believe it was such a genius plan, let the Juubi kill all the traitors while his or her children will eventually along with the people become nutrients for medicine . . .

Only the purebloods will live . . .

However, at that moment Linley thought of something 'didn't the system told him that the Otsutsuki Clan came from the 3rs plane??'

[Host is correct and at the same time wrong . The is another world linked in the Naruto realm just like the summoning realms . ]

[The Otsutsuki Clan lives there and are heavily connected with the world of Naruto . Once a mortal ascends to the third plane with his wives or husbands this realm freezes with no one being able to access it . . . ]

[Once all Naruto related characters died there then a new mortal will . be selected to come here for training . ]

I clearly remember you mentioned something briefly about someone there . . . : Linley

[Sometime after countless mortals went there they took with them an Otsutsuki member who used a special technique and split his soul in half and then killed it to fool everyone . . . ]

I see, that was smart . . . So let me guess the realm started while he avoided everyone and now you can say he is their ancestor in the 3rd plane . . . : Linley

[Correct . . . ]

So they are using everyone who had been born as half breeds as food??? : Has.h.i.+rama

Oh right, in the end, how did you escaped?? : Linley

Tobirama had a talisman Mito created back then and when my life force was Zero it activated and my body was teleported to him . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

I only managed to say to him, watch over the village for the future . . . Before the natural energy claimed my life . . . : Has.h.i.+rama

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 137

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