Naruto System Within Naruto 28 Chapter 28 : 3 Months Later!!!

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Linley had long discarded the idea of becoming Orochimaru, he would help Might Guy in his own way if he can.....

40 more days have pa.s.sed since that day where he made the chart... and he had moved on to the C-Rank Jutsus... he could see that slowly they became a tad difficult... but nothing he couldn't handle...

During this period he mastered 14 C-Rank but outside he was showing that he has mastered 4 those were...

Earth Element : Tearing Earth Turning Palm Jutsu,

Fire Element : Dragon Fire Jutsu,

Fire Element : Flame Bullet Jutsu,

Fire Element : Great Fireball Jutsu,

Fire Element : Phoenix Sage Fire Jutsu,

Lightning Element : Lightning Beast Tracking Fang Jutsu,

Manipulating Attack Blades Jutsu,

Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades Jutsu,

Water Element : Clone Jutsu,

Water Element : Gunshot Jutsu,

Water Element : Prison Jutsu,

Water Element : Wild Water Wave Jutsu,

Wind Element : Gale Palm Jutsu,

Wind Element : Great Breakthrough Jutsu,

These were the skills he learned so far although you can say that he mastered them but he never tested them in a battle so who knows if they work or not....

During these days of entering the library, he kept having a hunch, a feeling that someone was watching him and not just one person but two...

He knew that the Anbus will never let themselves be found so who the h.e.l.l was those two people??

I really can't relax and study now, can I?? : Linley

Well at least my chakra was raised along with my stats since my manuals became both 5% he got quite a bit of power-ups....

Should I try and check for fun my affinities with the papers?? : Linley

He searched a bit around and found Usui with Tara after talking a bit with them se asked if they had any chakra paper...

Xmm??? Do you wish to see which element is best for you?? : Usui

Yeah and I want to focus on that point..... : Linley

We don't have any now... but we can apply for you by asking the Hokage... : Tara

I would be grateful..... : Linley

There is no need to ask I have a few with me..... : ????

As Linley and they were about to leave they heard a girl speaking to them, when they turned their heads they were shocked to see that it was Tsunade coming to them....

Oh!!! Big sis.. : Linley

When Linley saw her he felt the gaze familiar but still jumped at her and gave her a hug.... Tsunade caught her little bro and hugged him as well....

Little bro, I have a few papers with me.... : Tsunade

Oh!! really!!! give me give me... : Linley

Let's go and check your Affinities..... : Tsunade

As Tsunade said that she looked towards a certain place where a pair of eyes was watching as he squeezed a few cutting blocks of wood that had been placed neatly there....

They both went towards his dorm and entered the room, Linley was happy outside but inside he was cursing a bit why the h.e.l.l did she came along??? no all of my affinities will be revealed if I touch the papers.....

She handed him a paper and waited for him to insert his chakra in it.....

Little bro.... here insert it..... don't worry it doesn't hurt.... : Tsunade

Linley was gobsmacked when she said that and made a weird face as if wanted to say.... I didn't understand it... and it was at that moment that she realised what she said making her blush because they were the only ones in the room...

Naruto System Within Naruto 28 Chapter 28 : 3 Months Later!!!

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