Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 120

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Published at 25th of July 2019 10:45:47 PM Chapter 120

Linley was stunned as he saw what Minato pulled off, the moment he appeared in front of them he slashed with his Kunai and made it so that they will rapidly spin out of their sight . . .

Then he placed his palms on the ground as he leaned his body forward with the back of his legs upwards he kicked the Kunai's and slammed them in their hands as they were guarding up . . .

The result?? He crippled their hands, unless they were clones which he highly doubted as nothing could escape him . . .

Oh?? No fear at all and managing to gain a point on them . . . : Madara

How do you know since you can't see?? : Linley

For some reason, i can feel their feelings and through that, i know somewhat who won on the small bout . . . : Madara

You freaking brat you will die!!! : ???

Nue, calm down . . . : ??

Sue, are you sure you want me to calm down?? It freaking hurts . . . " Nue

I know my hand hurts as well, but we have a job to do and that is to bring them alive . . . No more playing around . . . : Sue

As he had that he caught the Kunai with the other hand and drew it out as a Puchi sound was heard with blood flowing out . . .

Nue did the same with the only difference, that he screamed from the pain . . .

You are so dead kid . . . : Nue

Both of them rushed up to him in close combat and battled with one hand each as they complimented each other, Minato was forced to jump back to avoid their leg whips and then kept dodging with his hands slightly diverting their punch . . .

He had a difficult time trying to find his tempo and counterattack until he messed up in diverting one punch that hit his gut and blown him away . . .

Ugghh . . . Cough . . . Cough . . . : Minato

They saw him standing up with great difficulty as he took his stance in order to stall them even one more second . . . But unfortunately, at that moment he heard voices . . .

Let me go!!! : ??

Let my sis go!!! : ???

Hahahaha Oi, i got them . . . . : Yue

Huh?? : Yue

Hahahahaha, great job Yue . . . : Nue

No, Izumi, Irina . . . : Minato

As they were thinking that they finally won they failed to realise the act the girls were putting and Madara from afar could feel the fiasco that was going on . . .

You switched your little sisters with your clones??? : Madara

Of course, but the worst part is that when my clone found them they were crying as they had realised Minato was a clone who intercepted Yue in their escaping . : Linley

I'm curious though why they don't use their abilities?? : Madara

I told them not to and also i haven't given them their Mangekyo yet . . . If you refer to those abilities . . . : Linley

Did you wanted them to get accustomed to their own powers first?? : Madara

That too, but first and foremost i'm expecting from them a big hug for the eyes that will pave their future . . . : Linley

So no hug no eyes?? : Madara

Not just any hug . . . A hug with the brightest smiles on their faces . . . : Linley

As Linley left Madara speechless, Yue was getting closer and closer to the other two and Minato started panicking and almost despaired when he saw them finally in their grasp . . .

However, as a twist for making his sisters cry, both of them went poof and trees started forming from under their feet catching them in their branches unable to move . . .

Then the real Izumi and Iruna appeared hand in hand with the wood clone of Linley who was deadly p.i.s.sed as they still had a stain in their eyes from tears . . .

One does not simply try to kidnap my sisters and gets away with it . . . . : W . Linley

His eyes activated putting pressure on them and from them, a glint appeared which caused them to go numb and their whole body became like jellies . . .

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 120

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