Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 123

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Published at 25th of July 2019 10:45:44 PM Chapter 123

Inside the Uzumaki house, Serena and Pedro were comforting the two little kids Irina and Izumi who had gone through all that, while the clone of Linley was talking with Minato . . .

So i hear you like my sister?? : C . Linley

Ugh, i do have a very likeable favorability towards her . : Minato

Well i believe you will learn what this means to like someone from an early age in the upcoming years, but if you hurt her i'll break your bones . . . : C . Linley

Minato was pale from talking to someone like their big brother and it was then that Tsunade came and smacked the head of C . Linley making him try and complain but stopped as he got the deadly glare from her and Natsuhi in the room .

While everyone was ready to kill the Clone from daring to scold a bit Minato suddenly the clone vanished and was replaced by Madara who started swearing with inappropriate words . . .

All of them activated their eyes and Madara felt danger as he could feel 5 Pair of eyes lock on to him .

It was then he realised where he was as he finally recognised their auras and started sweating badly . . .

He stopped talking and with a dissatisfaction expression on his face he went inside his room and holed up himself . . .

Minato kept looking at all those powerhouses and as a kid, he wanted to be like them, little did he know that he will surpa.s.s his canon self with the help of a few individuals . . .

Back to the cave, Linley was walking and started descending more and more and after a few hundreds of meters, he finally reached a large hall where he could see 3 dead bodies on the ground . . .

I would have been disappointed if someone of your status failed to see that those three were being controlled . : Linley

Oh?? That's a surprise . . . . . This signature . . . It's like i'm looking at many different people at once . . . : ???

You can say we are the same . . . : Linley

x.x.xmm??? We are not from the same clan so when you say that it means you have a Bloodline that is able to let you host other people's blood and abilities as well . . . : ???

Impressive, you found it based on the chakra signature i'm leaking?? : Linley

For that reason, i will not brush you off or disrespect you . . . What would your esteem self, would like from me?? : ???

For starters how about a name?? : Linley

Oh, right . . . Where are my manners . . . I'm sure that guy you sent away was Madara and he must have told you my nickname, just use that . . . : ???

Then Hanger, i only have a single goal in my mind and that is to absorb more Bloodlines for a few upcoming wars . . . : Linley

Hmm . . . Are you talking about the Otsutsuki Clan?? : Hanger

If i had a hat i would have taken it off and bowed to you, unfortunately, i don't . Yes i'm talking about them . . . : Linley

As you may have heard i'm obtaining immunity by absorbing the proteins in the ground from different kinds of fluids, including blood . . . : Hanger

Oh???? I thought it was only blood??? : Linley

That's what the outside was viewing us and eventually destroyed us with the Uchiha's as the front line . . . : Hanger

Hahahahahahah, interesting . . . . I'll learn a bit of History from you . . . . : Linley

Shadow Clone Jutsu!!! : Linley

Poof . . . . Linley created a clone and then dispersed it in order to notify the Wood Clone outside that the plan will be delayed based on what he will learn . . .

Do i have to thank you for sparing me?? : Hanger

How about you make an appearance in front of me??? And don't try to transform your appearance it won't work . . . : Linley

Either way, i can't do that, as i can't use Chakra . . . : Hanger

Linley saw a middle age man at his 50 walking from the deepest darkness of the hall they were in . He had black hair with nods of white, wrinkles in his face, he had green eyes and a frail looking body .

He wore white pants along with silver sandals and a white sleeveless s.h.i.+rt with a slight opening in his neck . . .

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 123

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