Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 172

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Published at 25th of July 2019 09:15:04 PM Chapter 172: 172

Linley cried tears of blood in his mind blaming the old man and cursing him . . . However, at the same time, he waited for his explanation as to why he messed him up that much . . .

A Bloodline was never meant to acc.u.mulate in someone and reach far beyond what the ancient possessed . . . : Hagaromo

I have managed to save you from your own destruction in the future . . . : Hagoromo

What do you mean old man!!! Look what you have done to my reserves!!! : Linley

That is simply a small price to pay for the benefits of the future . . . : Hagoromo

From now on each time you obtain a Bloodline, they will keep calibrated themselves and reach a certain potential with each other . . . : Hagoromo

They will help each other, grow along with each other with no one being able to tell your true capabilities . . . : Hagoromo

What do you mean?? : Linley

I mean, that you reeked of different kinds of blood . . . If you were to encounter a sensory type you would have been found immediately by the enemy . . . : Hagoromo

But Madara can't find me . . . : Linley

I don't know his circ.u.mstances . . . : Hagoromo

Sigh . . . Linley sighed he didn't know if this was good or bad . . . His system had told him that eventually, his Bloodlines will reach 100 drops per leaf so it can't be that bad right??

If you look at it from another perspective, he now can practice his Manual again and reach higher than before . . . He can possibly train it until 20% and reach his former reserves . . .

Just as he thought of this he suddenly had an unanswered question and turned to see the old man who was now panting . . .

Hey, in the past what levels have you reached in terms of Chakra and how am i faring to you?? Also the natural energy in your body . . . Was it the same amount of Chakra back then?? : Linley

Linley thought that based on his chart back then he lazily created, he only accounted Chakra and not Natural energy . . .

By rights, he should be above Madara Rinnegan - Asura - Indra in terms of stats . . .

Before however, he was in terms of reserves above Madara/TenTails-Tomoe Rinnegan - Kaguya - Homura - Hagoromo . . .

Hmmm . . . When i fought mother i was about 5 times your Chakra and Natural Energy . . . As for my physique, it was close to 8 times stronger than yours . . . : Hagoromo

However, when i absorbed the Juubi back then both my physique and my reservoirs skyrocket by 10 times . . . : Hagoromo

You should know that back then i didn't have control over my chakra and ended up wasting a lot, therefore i had created from the Chakra being wasted in Nishu, the Tail Beasts . . . : Hagoromo

Unless your body is powerful enough, never obtain that torrential ocean of Chakra because if you do your body will start self destruct and healing at the same time shortening your lifespan . . . : Hagoromo

Hearing his words, Linley frowned and remembered how many times he made his Chakra bloat and almost caused him to explode . . .

He either had to use clones and distributed the Chakra among them or use his system to place a seal to his body . . .

No matter how much Chakra you have, it's useless without a body able to release it to the outside, the Tail Beasts are of Chakra able to recover it infinitely and almost instantly . . .

But if a human tried to do the same their bodies are bound to get destroyed, unless the Tail Beast agrees to the amount it can give raising the said person his fighting capabilities . . .

Just as he was about to ask him more questions he felt the s.p.a.ce he was fluctuating and saw the Old Man with a pale face . . .

It seems our time has finished for now . . . : Hagoromo

Before you leave i will give you this pill . . . I created from the leftover of the blood you lost . . . : Hagoromo

I hope it evens the curses you rained down on me earlier!! : Hagoromo

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 172

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