Naruto System Within Naruto 191 Chapter 191 : Freeing Uncle Ben!!!

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Uncle Ben was gasping in surprise at how much power his possible nephew held to content with him...

Although his Sage additions were things that Zetsu calibrated as he had never tasted them before, and with the help of foreign types of blood and others things in his body and also ignoring the fact that Zetsu didn't care if he felt pain or not...

He finally enters in a fake mode but its powers were no joke to scoff at... And he easily disabled them...

After observing the formations below he could see that only the two of them could see it...

That's an impressive sealing formation... : Ben

Why thank you... I should tell you that only certain S-Rank Jutsu can bypa.s.s this formation... : Linley

And from the looks of it, your sealing forms is at Rank... : Linley

By the way... Is this your original body or were you brought back to life with another forbidden Jutsu??? : Linley

It's my body and was brought back to life with Edo Tensei... : Ben

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Really?? : Linley

Correct, but then through a few experiments and meddling here and there with other bloodlines and such i broke through the confinements of Edo Tensei... : Ben

Don't ask what, i don't know... : Ben

Linley frowned at his words and as he was about to ask something he noticed that uncle Ben wasn't moving at all, in fact, it was as if he had taken the control of his body back...

You, you can move on your own??? : Linley

No, it's just that he is doing something while also keeping the Jutsu in check so, for now, we can talk a bit... : Ben

What you said earlier is that true?? : Ben

Are my sister and her daughter alive?? : Ben

Are Serena and Fuso alive?? : Ben

Eeehh, too many questions and the answer is the same to all of them, YES... : Linley

Ignoring the sarcasm Linley made, if Ben could control his body right now he would have knelt down as tears fell from his eyes...

Furthermore, i have three little sisters and a nephew from Fuso... : Linley

Good, good, good... After i saved her that fateful day, i lost signs of Pedro and Serena and thought the worst... : Ben

Days, months, years pa.s.sed and no knew of them... I know the hard cold truth about this place and therefore i accepted them being dead... : Ben

As Fuso was 3-4 years old at that time i left her in a village and as i stepped out for my own matters i got killed... : Ben

As Linley was hearing out his side of the story, at the same time he was also speaking with his system on how to free him...

System have you found a way to free him?? : Linley

[Uncle's Ben situation is pretty similar to Uchiha Itachi in the cannon although he had escaped from Edo Tensei's and restored his body to a Living one his soul is still controlled by the means of it...]

[There is 50-50 % that placing his Soul into An Absolute Illusion to help him ignore the mechanisms of the said Jutsu controlling him...]

Hearing this Linley was kinds shocked and soon grinned inwardly as he was going to mess with Zetsu and before even Ben managed to finish his body flashed and appeared in front of him...

At the same time, the other clone of Ben split in two at the time he moved leaving only the two with Linley holding the head of Ben startling at how fast it all happened...

W-what!! : Ben

Tell the rest after you are free!!! : Linley

As the words left Linley mouth, his eyes glowed as he looked at his uncle's eyes and soon his body froze...

At the same instant thought, the Hand of Ben pa.s.sed through Linley's chest as if he was waiting for this moment making both of them free on their tracks...

Naruto System Within Naruto 191 Chapter 191 : Freeing Uncle Ben!!!

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