Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 196

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Published at 14th of September 2019 02:47:15 PM Chapter 196


Those hand seals were from k.u.mogakure . . . These tremors belong to an earth style user!!! : 3rd Mizukage

Is Onoki nuts!!! Did he started the war?? : 3rd Mizukage

As he was lost on his own thoughts on another village in another nation, lighting flickered here and there cutting down zombied after zombies . . .

Don't falter!!! Attack!!! : Ninja

Lightning Element : Homing Laser!!! : Ninja 2

Lightning Element : Discharging Sparks!!! : Ninja 2

Raikage-sama!!1 We need to gather our troops and regroup!! : Ninja 3
As someone called his name among the bodies of countless dead zombies walking towards them a large pillar of thunder was raised shredding everything in its path . . .

When they all came to see his grand figure and crumbly looks they also saw a frown on his face . . .

The frowning man was a tall, dark-skinned man with a largely muscular and well-defined build . He had a full head of white hair which flowed into his back along with a long beard .

He had unusual eyes, which had green irides, dark sclerae and no pupils . His face has p.r.o.nounced cheekbones and tear troughs under his eyes, and a prominent crease across his forehead with a mole above his right eyebrow .

His top lip also had a darker pigmentation than the bottom one . His canine teeth were also slightly elongated .

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His attire consisted of k.u.mogakure's distinctive, single-strap flak jacket with no other clothing underneath, a black forehead protector that he wore like a bandanna and a thick rope tied around his waist .

With this, he also wore dark blue sweat pants and he also had bandages on his forearms .

Is this a sick joke!!! : 3rd Raikage

What those fools are doing?? : 3rd Raikage

Those zombied executed mostly water elements where we have no problem with them, is Mizukage up to something?? : 3rd Raikage

Sealing Experts come forth!! : 3rd Raikage

Try and keep them in pieces before the reform and start spamming Jutsus after jutsus!!! : : 3rd Raikage

Who was the fool that triggered a war!!! : 3rd Raikage

As he was also lamenting his fate of fighting for long terms against an endless undying army someone else had a worse outcome . . .

Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning started raining down on the endless desert bombarding the Ninjas trying to defend their village . . .

They all hated the perpetrators as for the last few days they were kept being bullied, their own nation was a nation of desert, which now had been turned to mud, lava, rock pillars burning fields and many other things . . .

Iron Sand Wave : ???

Iron Sand Gathering a.s.sault : ???

It's Kazekage-sama!!! : Ninja

We are safe!!! : Ninja 2

Seeing a giant wall made from sand rising up and gathering like the waves of the sea falling on top of theor enemies along with pillars cones, triangles cones and different types of shapes smas.h.i.+ng on their head many cheered . . .

They all saw the Third Kazekage who was a tall man of fair complexion . He had short mess dark-blue hair and narrow yellow eyes .

Wearing the normal Kazekage that consists of the Kage hat and the flowing ankle-length white cape .

Anyone who can use earth element, bury them in the ground making them unable to use seals with their hands . . . : 3rd Kazekage

This is our turf, not theirs!!! : 3rd Kazekage

Show them why the desert is dangerous if you choose to foolishly walk through it!!! : 3rd Kazekage

As everyone was blaming each village in their own right, Konoha was now slowly stalking each and every one of them to see their reactions . . .

Specifically, Linley had created without the knowledge of others a clone when he was saving Uncle Ben and that clone instantly teleported towards were Pakura was without her knowledge . . .

Watching her all grown up to a 13-4 years old girl fighting outside gave him a smile and thought to himself he will come soon for her . . .

It was the last thing he thought before dispersing into more clones and getting info about others situation . . .

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 196

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