Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 209

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Published at 28th of October 2019 08:15:04 PM Chapter 209: 209

To be able to corner us and defeat one of us is quite the feat so i would bet on you and let you know the reason for our a.s.sault . . . : C . Izuna

Does this means that i pa.s.s the whatever test you had set for me?? : 3rd Mizukage

Not quite, but we have better things to do and that is training . . . : C . Izuna

Not to mention you are almost half spent . . . : C . Izuna 3

Me spent?? I can keep going if you want?? : 3rd Mizukage

That bravado only use it when the real enemy appears, not in front of us . . . : C . Izuna


Advertis.e.m.e.ntAs Izuna finished speaking the Clone that was wounded suddenly vanished making the Mizukage look towards him . . .

He was shocked when he realised he was fighting a clone and then he was shocked even more as he heard a second familiar sound . . .


He turned back towards the other two who were standing and rubbed his eyes as only one was standing to hold something in his hands . . .

I'm too lazy to continue this more than it should be and therefore i'm leaving . . . : C . Izuna

Here catch and the scroll has been enhanced with seals that only Kage Level can open . . . C . Izuna


Finis.h.i.+ng his words, he vanished leaving everyone in a dazed state as they didn't know if they won or lost, the 3rd Mizukage snapped out of his daze and immediately opened the scroll and read briefly the first few lines . . .

His eyes open wide and left in a hurry to go to his office but not before he ordered everyone to restore things here . . .

Returning back the time frame once again before every attack happened in The Villages, three figures could be seen looking down as they watched their target . . .

It was the k.u.mogakure, the Village Hidden by Clouds .

It is the hidden village of the Land of Lightning and was founded by the First Raikage .
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k.u.mogakure has a Kage as its leader known as the Raikage, it is located in a range of tall mountains, and is literally hidden in the clouds .

The Raikage works in a large blue structure built into the tallest mountain, which supposedly he could see everything around him as they view befalls on the village and beyond . . .

Their standard attire for consists of a long, grey top which gathers just at the waist to give a sash-like appearance, with a matching coloured bottom .

Over this, they wear white, one-strapped flak jackets and arm as well as s.h.i.+n-guards .

How about we begin?? : ???

We should as i guess everyone must have started their own attacks . . . : ???

In the Suna we planned to counter with different elements, Tobirama will counter Iwa with water and Izuna will counter Kiri with flames . . . : ???

That leaves us here to counter with wind and then our other clones will start with Konoha on lighting based Jutsus . . . : ???

Well, let's go and show them the power of the hidden allies of the world and that's me Linley . . . : C . Linley

To be fair that's because we want the girls . . . : C . Linley 2

So let's start by causing problems and at the same time arranging a meeting . . . : C . Linley 3

True by doing so we can always get in touch with the people we want . . . : C . Linley

As they nodded at each other and having completely different looks than those that attacked the Suna, they waved their seals and yelled three different Jutsus that complemented each other . . .

Wind Element : Great Breakthrough Jutsu!!! : C . Linley

Wind Element : Multi-Layered Gale Jutsu!!! : C . Linley 2

Wind Element : Rotating Ferocious Wind!!! : C . Linley 3

One of them breathed wind from his mouth, blowing away what he had stored in his mouth while the other created a few walls of multiple layers of vacuum that are stacked on top of each other like a mille-feuille .

Lastly the last one used his hands as blades and slashed down creating two large gust of wind,

The result was something that none in the village would ever forget . . .

Naruto System Within Naruto Chapter 209

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