Naruto System Within Naruto 38 Chapter 38 : Conspiracy!!!

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Linley entered his room with Mikoto in his hand and started playing with her... well more technically he simply let her hold and squeezes his fingers with her tiny hands.....

System can you record what they are talking about??? : Linley

[System it will be 1.000 points Y/N???]

Do it.... : Linley

When he gave his approval the system deducted 1.000 points making him have 159.000 left..... and at the same time, he heard his Mom scream.....


Are you trying to create the second coming of Uchiha Madara with your actions?? : Pedro

Heh.... both of you should know his Blood contains the ancient type of Uzumaki..... more than 6 years ago he awakened it in order to save you two..... what do you think will happen if this spread..... : Orion

Are you threatening us??? : Serena

Serena was boiling in anger.... to her Pedro and Linley were everything, her hair started floating from her anger and you could mistake them as blazing in fire and her dark blue eyes s.h.i.+ned with killing intent....

On the contrary... I proposed a very suitable solution..... to make them engaged... : Orion

And how's that... not a threat??? leave..... and never come back..... if Mikoto-chan and Linley do like each other in the future then we'll talk.... try anything funny and you'll be sorry..... : Serena

Her Chakra burst open and chains materialised from it..... they were different types of colours mixed in making Orion frown... he knew from the records that their colour was supposed to be brown towards golden..... not 28 freaking variations...

The pressure along made him activate his Sharingan and even then he couldn't see them differently than simple chains.... but those colours brought him a feeling of dread....

I see.... then when that point comes don't blame me..... : Orion

You're right... we won't blame you..... : ???

At that moment a hand appeared in the shoulders of Serena.... making her raging blood calm down, all of them looked at the source of the voice and were shocked to see it was none other than Linley..

Lin... : Serena

Linley cut her off by pressuring a bit her shoulder indicating that she doesn't need to speak....

Linley secretly listening to others that's not polity now is it?? : Orion

This is my house my family..... obviously, I felt Mom's rage with her chakra... you think I would stand behind and watch?? : Linley

Furthermore..... Old man.... did you use me and little adorable Mikoto as a bargaining chip to threaten my mom??? : Linley

Before Orion could speak... he choked his words..... when his Sharingan started hurting from looking in the eyes of Orion.... they had turned Dark purple in colour with 2 rings in its core.....

Orion thought is that Sharingan??? no, but it doesn't have any tomoe in it.... not only that his first ring is a little above the center of its eye and the second is a bit higher than the current ring a Sharingan has.....

Those are some nice eyes you have there... : Orion

You think??? well then wanna try them and see how miserable you're going to die... : Linley

His eyes flashed and chains appeared in his back scaring the h.e.l.l out of everyone..... their size was much smaller than his moms but the sheer number was freaking Huge..... 600 chains spread in the house with 600 different colours....

He had one thought before he pa.s.sed out from the pressure as his eyes started bleeding.... did I poked a devil's home???

Naruto System Within Naruto 38 Chapter 38 : Conspiracy!!!

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