Naruto System Within Naruto 74 Chapter 74 : Transplanting Eyes!!!!!

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Maybe... perhaps if they transplant their eyes they can unlock another Byakugan and then with Senju and Uzumaki they can activate it... : Kyuubi

Yeah, that explains why all of them wanted to get their hands on Linley since he had reactivated his Bloodline... : Pedro

They wanted more power... : Mito

Umm... Voice-san?? : Natsuhi

All well in what we learned but in the end what happened to the 10 tailed beast?? : Natsuhi

Ugh... i'm not a voice!!! : Kyuubi

Everyone stared around looking on who spoke and as if sensing their trolling the Kyuubi raged making even Mito laugh a bit...

Ugh... The old man before he died split the beast into 9 beasts numbered from 1 to 9 tails... : Kyuubi

Everyone froze... they never expected that the currently known beasts are the dilution of the Juubi who according to what they heard terrorized the world once...

So kid, what are you going to do with the Uchiha eyes?? : Kyuubi

Well, my eyes for some reason are better than them, therefore, i have no use of them... What i could do with them is give them to people i can trust and protect the world from danger in the future... : Linley

That's why you gathered all of us here... : Serena

Well so far i only trust my parents, little sisters, my girls and Mito-bachan... : Linley

So that makes 9 people?? : Tsunade

Why 9??? : Linley

Serena, Pedro, Irina, Izumi, Me, Natsuhi, Kus.h.i.+na, Mikoto and Mito... : Tsunade

Not to mention future girls right... : Serena

Ugh... : Linley

Linley was this also the reason why you wanted to take over the RooT?? : Serena

Yes, awakening these eyes will be held the top secret of a secret within secrets and only when the village faces extinction will we move... : Linley

So who wants to awaken the eyes?? : Pedro

Ummm... Can i awaken them??? : Natsuhi

Hmmm... It might be possible since you were bathing in her blood aura for who knows how many years or with your star chakra you can create another pair of eyes do you want to try?? : Linley

Mmmnn... I want to try... Because i feel i'm the weakest and this way i won't be able to stand with you... : Natsuhi

Sure... Since you have the resolution i will help you... : Linley

He took two eyes from his inventory it was the normal Sharingan with 3 tomoe, not the Mangekyu or the Eternal which puzzled everyone until they heard him...

You don't possess any of the above bloodlines so the chakra draining will be huge to activate the above stages... But that's not the reason why i'm giving you a normal Sharingan... : Linley

I'm doing it so that you can slowly nurture it with your star chakra and change it to a completely different type of eye blending it with your blood... : Linley

Ummnn... go ahead... : Natsuhi

Linley places his hands in her eyes and slowly infused chakra in them, he waited until she gave him the okay... After a few seconds, she nodded and Linley pulled his hand taking out her eyes...

Just as everyone waited for her to scream and see blood nothing happened at all... No a single drop of blood could be seen from her closed eyes...

He then inputs slowly the 3-tomoe Sharingan in both her eyes and after finis.h.i.+ng he started using Star Chakra in order to heal them slowly...

The whole process to 5-10 minutes and after finis.h.i.+ng he backed off waiting for her to open her eyes...

They waited for her for almost 2 hours with Linley sweating because it was his first time trying transplanting and he didn't know if it would work...

Naruto System Within Naruto 74 Chapter 74 : Transplanting Eyes!!!!!

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