Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 9 Part1

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         "Young girl? Just now when I was coming, there was indeed a person going downstairs." Lu He Nian nodded, while thinking of his brief encounter with that girl in front of the elevator. That must be the person Lu Hua Nian was talking about.

  "You said she is called Yun Rong?"

  "Yes ah, her name sounds very nice, the person is also very beautiful. She looks better than those TV celebrities." Lu Hua Nian said. Afterwards, she frowned while continuing: "Why didn't she say anything and left right away? I haven't thanked her properly. When I return home, I'll try to look for her. From her attire, the girl's family circ.u.mstances must not be too good. Her age is not very big….."

    "Let me handle this matter." Before Lu Hua Nian finished her sentence, Lu He Nian already spoke faintly: "Our Lu family are not people who are ungrateful. If we could help out, then we would do it." How should I annoy you today ah, you people who don't read at the original site?

  Once again he recalled what happened in front of the elevator just now. Catching sight of that figure unintentionally, regardless of the name or the figure, he felt very familiar. However, he could not seem to remember where he had met her before.

   Lu Hua Nian raised her eyebrows when she heard this sentence and laughingly said: "Since when were you this enthusiastic? Normally, if you knew that you have to get in touch with a young girl, I fear you would have already fled far away."

  She understood this younger brother of hers the most. From small to big, he was the most impatient when dealing with women. Although his fate was also a factor, but it was mostly his disposition. Always showing a cold face as if he was the black-faced King Yama1. Where would there be any girl willing to approach him? They were all scared to death. I yesterday helped a friend pick her wedding dress, but in this case, the red apricot tree doesn't lean over the garden wall~

     Thinking of it, she told him anyway, "I really like this young lady. You must not treat it like business! I will not allow you to hurt the young lady's heart!"

  Lu He Nian slightly nodded, his heart flashed a trace of uneasiness and changed the subject: "Has the perpetrator been caught?"

      Mentioning this subject, a hint of coldness flashed through Lu Hua Nian's eyes. Clenching her teeth, she replied: "He was caught right on the spot. This matter still had Yun Rong to thank for. At that time, the young lady rushed forward and with her leg immediately kicked the evildoer. Only then could he be caught so quickly."

  Upon hearing it, a trace of interest flashed through Lu He Nian's eyes. He became increasingly curious towards this young lady who did not hesitate to raise her hands to help others. When this idea came to him, he could not help recalling this morning's phone call with Madam Jiang Shu Hua. But it has rained a bit today, the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  Jiang Si Si had not met him yet that she had already fallen and broken her leg. His slightly relaxed expression all of a sudden turned icy. Both hands in his pockets were clenched stiffly.

  Secretary Zhang Chong Ming subconsciously fidgeted and kept looking at his watch. The time to meet the next client was rapidly approaching. Aah! Should he remind the Director? Following this kind of boss with such a powerful aura, he estimated he would not reach the retirement age!2

  On the other side, w.a.n.g Yi Fei was pushed by a dozen or so police officers into the car and was directly delivered to the Hais.h.i.+ Chief of Police. All the police officers watched him being interrogated, their eyes blatantly showing their hatred. Tomorrow the trains go on strike, the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  In terms of rank in Hua Guo3, Hais.h.i.+ city's public security had always been one of the best. There was no need to mention murder and arson, even violence rarely occurred. At most there was robbery, thieves or fights due to 'porcelain b.u.mping'4 .

  Even though there were many people suspected of committing crimes being handled everyday, this was the first time that the people inside the police station encountered a person who was still so agitated after a trauma. Yes, you were pathetic, the girlfriend of so many years ran off with her boss. Your temporary job, after working for over ten years was not enough for you to save any money. But I worked on my j.a.panese grammar this morning, the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  If you had talked about it, everyone would also sympathize with you. However, being defeated in life was not reason to do bad things ah! Besides, to raise a hand against a kindergarten child who did not even have the strength to truss a chicken5.

  Simply worse than a beast! Read this at bloomingtranslation(dot)home(dot)blog , the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  The police officer immediately conducted the interrogation of w.a.n.g Yi Fei. Originally, w.a.n.g Yi Fei was not a strong-willed person. Otherwise, he would just directly find and s.n.a.t.c.h his girlfriend back from the boss, rather than charging into the nursery school. You are reading a stolen translation ah, the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  As a result, they did not have to employ much effort to ask, just like pouring beans out6, all the matters were spilled out. Actually, at the beginning, he did not mean to take revenge on other people. However, after listening to a person's word on this matter, his brain became hot. Look us up at novelupdates, the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  On the day when his girlfriend broke up with him because he had no money, he drank quite a few bottles of alcoholic drinks. When pa.s.sing through the middle of the pedestrian street, Li Que Zi stopped him. Li Que Zi's calculation7 was truly accurate ah! Just a glance and he could see that he had a disappointing relations.h.i.+p, one where he wore a green hat8. What wearing a green hat means, you ask? it is the same as the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  Li Que Zi continued to say that he was supposed to lead a wealthy life. However, his current work place was not good as his boss restrained him. If he were to change jobs, he would quickly become prosperous.

  w.a.n.g Yi Fei completely believed what he had heard. Wasn't it because his boss restrained him? Restrained him and made him wear a green hat. He immediately gave all the money he had in his body at that time and bought a lucky talisman. Then he returned home while panting in rage.

   He kept thinking about it after he arrived home and was dissatisfied. He remembered that his boss had a son who just turned three years old this year who attended that nursery school. In his heated mind, he wanted to go and break up the boss' ancestral home. Have you read Grabbing your hand, dragging you away? then you'll surely understand the reference, the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  The police officer conducting the interrogation went out from the interrogation room with a dark face. Throwing the transcript in his hand onto the table, he let out a breath and said: "I have understood this thoroughly. First go and detain another criminal." please read this at the official site and free yourself from my annoying messages, the red apricot tree leans over the garden wall~

  "What? What did you find out from the investigation? There was an accomplice?" asked his colleague from the side.

      "It wasn't exactly an accomplice. However, there is a person that still needs to be caught." The interrogator opened up his transcript and pointed to the words on top and said: "Go to the middle of the pedestrian street and arrest this fortune teller. I have said it before, there is no benefit believing in superst.i.tion and would even harm people. You see, half of the cause behind this matter was exactly due to the nonsense spouted by this swindler!" my darling lime gets a bit annoyed bc of this messages whenever she discovers them ah, but i know in our case, it is conjugal bliss, so the red apricot tree does not lean over the garden wall~

1: King Yama is the King of h.e.l.l in Buddhism mythology, judges the dead and presides over the purgatories.
2: meaning he would die of tension and fright before long XD.
3: name of the country where this story develops.
4: porcelain b.u.mping or known as pèngcí (碰瓷) in China is when a person places expensive, fragile items in places where they could easily be knocked down. Then the scammer would collect damage fee although the items are obviously not authentic.  The same as those thugs in manga that b.u.mp into weaklings and then ask a compensation for hospital fees caliming it broke their arm, and apparently a widespread fraud in China involving deliberately cras.h.i.+ng cars then demanding compensation
5: idiom meaning someone is too weak.
6: The complete idiom is to pour beans out of a bamboo tube, meaning coming clean.
7: fortune-telling, divination.
8: to be a cuckold, the wife or girlfriend is having an affair.

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Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 9 Part1

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