Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 24 Part4

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Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 24 Part 4: Pig Demon

"What Chinese herb?" Jiang Shu Hua skeptically asked.

"Yesterday morning Yun Rong gave me one. She said it's called herb gra.s.s. I made it into salad and ate it last night and this morning when I woke up, my skin had already become like this. It's been a few hours, don't mention getting tanned or spots, the face doesn't even become oily!"

Jiang Shu Hua was stunned, "Yun Rong? You have found the young lady who saved Yuan Yuan?"

"Mentioning this, ma, you have to talk properly to He Nian. He had obviously found Yun Rong, but still said that he didn't know." Lu Hua Nian showed a smile filled with gossip, "Yesterday when  I ran into them, they were at the teahouse eating breakfast together."

"That's not possible, right!" Jiang Shu Hua opened her eyes in astonishment. Due to his life fate and temperament, this son of hers had never eaten together with a female. Even eating at home together as a family was very rare for him.

"What's not possible? I saw them with my own eyes." Surprisingly, Lu Hua Nian didn't hold back her conjecture and told Mother Jiang. THe matters of the heart were not something that an elder sister could get involved in. She simply sighed: "I noticed He Nian wasn't planning to let the young lady get involved in the matter of his life fate." 

"The matter of life fate, Master Zhang said that it is very dangerous. A young lady getting involved in it is indeed not very good." Mother Jiang stopped smiling and solemnly replied. Actually, she wasn't that confident in Yun Rong. Master Zhang was already one of the best Xuanmen master of the country. Even he could not find a way, moreover a young lady, how could she be more talented?

Every time He Nian's matter was mentioned, Mother Jiang always became depressed. This had already become Lu family's worrying matter. Seeing her mother, Lu Hua Nian regretted mentioning this thing and promptly diverted the topic: "Ma, have you eaten the wild mountain ginseng that Yun Rong gave? How's the result? Any effect?" 

When Master Zhang left, he took away a large portion to be processed, leaving behind a few fresh ginseng ta.s.sels and instructed them to be consumed as soon as possible. 

"Ginseng is a kind of medicinal ingredients that react slowly, how could it have such a quick effect." Jiang Shu Hua let out a laugh and continued: "I don't know whether it's a psychological effect or my imagination, but last night I did have a good night sleep. I slept until daybreak without waking up at all." 

"It must be the wild mountain ginseng's effect. Master Zhang held such regard for the thing, it must not be any ordinary ginseng." Lu Hua Nian was currently a firm believer in Yun Rong. "Yesterday I ate a meal together with her and I really feel this young lady is not ordinary. She's beautiful and adorable. I feel happy when I see her."

Lu Hua Nian had said this several times already so Jiang Shu Hua's curiosity was piqued once again, "Is there really such a delightful young lady?"

"I guarantee, ma, if you meet her, you'll certainly like her more than me!"Lu Hua Nian nodded.

"How about you invite the young lady to come to our house for a meal, then we can also meet her?" Jiang Shu Hua paused for a while before speaking. She was truly curious, in the end, what kind of young lady able to make her own son got off his high horse1.

Mother Jiang was a person who pa.s.sed like thunder and moved like the wind2. She called Lu He Nian while instructing the housekeeper to prepare a few more dishes. 

When Lu He Nian received Jiang Shu Hua's phone call, he was in the middle of looking at the secretaries' remodelled room for Yun Rong's office. Although the place wasn't big, there was a business table, a computer and office supplies, as well as a huge sofa. It was enough for Yun Rong to lie down and go to sleep. At the side of the sofa, there was a snack area where there was every kind of snack available on the market. On the side, there was a double door refrigerator. There was no need to look at the inside. There definitely were lots of food inside. 

Lu He Nian swept his sight across the room and connected the call.

"He Nian, are you at the office now?" Mother Jiang's voice came through.

After Lu He Nian a.s.sented in a low voice, Mother Jiang continued talking: "Later in the afternoon you go and pick up Yun Rong, I'll prepare dinner at home. Invite the young lady to have a meal at home to thank her for rescuing Yuan Yuan."

Jiang Shu Hua understood Lu He Nian's temper. Therefore, she didn't mention anything else, merely said to express her grat.i.tude for the rescue.

Lu He Nian knitted his brows and replied: "Ma, I think there's no need. I'll handle the matter of thanking her….."

He had not finished speaking when Jiang Shu Hua interrupted him, "You are you, Lu family is Lu family. A major event like rescuing Yuan Yuan, we, the Lu family must personally show ourselves. Our family is not the kind of ungrateful family."

Mother Jiang had already talked like this so it wasn't good for Lu He Nian to refuse. After a bit of thinking, he said: "We still have to wait a bit for Yun Rong's decision. If she agrees, today I will go back home together with her."

Only then was Jiang Shu Hua satisfied. She laughed and said: "Do it like that, quickly ask the young lady. If she has something today, it's okay to change it to another time."

Secretary Zhong at the side heard Yun Rong's name and erected his ears. All of them had heard what Secretary Zhang said, the director was chasing after a young lady called Yun Rong. This office was decorated precisely for this young lady. According to their conjecture, it was exactly to bring them closer. 

Now he heard, the result was to immediately go and see the family head? This speed was just like a rocket, it was too fast, right? 

Lu He Nian turned his head and was right away faced with four secretaries staring at him. On their faces, there were enthusiastic expressions of gossip and his face turned black.

"Director, is this arrangement okay?" Secretary w.a.n.g Jing came out of his daze and promptly lowered his head while pretending to ask.

"Is this a place for work?" Lu He Nian place both hands on his pockets and faintly swept his eyes around before coldly continued: "Re-do it!"

After his command, Lu He Nian pointed to Zhang Chong Ming and said: "Zhang Chong Ming, your next month's bonus is deducted." It must have been him gossiping in the WeChat group  for all the secretaries to show this look. 

Getting his wages deducted, Zhang Chong Ming exposed a painful expression yet he didn't dare to refute. If he were to refute, it wouldn't be as simple as deducting his wages. However, looking at the director's appearance, how did it feel as if he was flying into a rage out of humiliation?

Christmas holidays are approaching but I have a few a.s.sigmnents and groupworks that take up most of my time… when am I supposed to prepare the presents?! And knowing that I'll need to spend the whole holidays preparing for exams doesn't make me happy in the least either ? I know I complain a lot but >.<  can't="" do="" anything="" else="" when="" one="" has="" spent="" the="" whole="" sunday="" reading="" papers="" q^q="" why="" did="" i="" leave="" it="" all="" till="" last="" minute="">

1: diom meaning to stop acting arrogant.
2: idiom meaning someone who is decisive 2.

Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 24 Part4

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