Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 30 Part1

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Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 30 Part 1: Mirror Demon

Mandarin ducks hot pot

However, Lu He Nian mistook Yun Rong's meaning. Seeing the moved appearance of the young lady, his heart was also touched. He rubbed the top of her head and spoke: "If you feel any discomfort, you must tell me."  

Yun Rong nodded, feeling again that Lu He Nian was a kind boss, aside from the time when he was teaching her mathematics. Obviously, the suppression charm was related to his body and health, yet he was more concerned about her. Such a good-hearted human was truly not so easy to find.

Such a good man, how could he stay alone? Today, although she didn't step out of her office, she could still hear the neighboring secretaries talk. Since he was born until now, Lu He Nian didn't have any fate with marriage. 

Yun Rong shook her head, it's tragic ah, really too tragic. She certainly must strive hard to let the director's peach blossom flourish1.

Lu He Nian was walking in front but felt his back turn cold. He turned his head around to glance at the young lady following behind him but didn't discover any anomaly. He asked while frowning: "What do you want to eat?"

"I want to eat hot pot." Today when watching the culinary program, they were broadcasting hot pot. Now that she recalled it, she was ravenous. While talking, she took out her cell phone to show Lu He Nian what she found just now, an internet ranking of hot pot places in Hais.h.i.+ that internet users recommended. "Everyone said this shop was the best."   

Yun Rong was a little proud. She was already proficient in using the cell phone. Now she was a mountain demon who understood technology!

Based on the internet poll, the first rank was an old shop in Hais.h.i.+ which was located in a strip of culinary road in the historical center. The two of them drove there and by the time they arrived, it was already half past ten. The evening hustle at the hotpot shop had just started2.

There was no decoration in the old shop, no need to even mention a private room. They even needed to line up to get a seat. Yun Rong moved her eyes and swiftly pulled Lu He Nian towards an empty table to sit. She grinned and said: "It seems we arrived just in time." 

"It's due to your good luck." This was the first time Lu He Nian came to this kind of place and he was uncomfortably moving his long legs through the place when he heard her and raised his lips. 

She was a mountain demon, her luck would definitely be good. 

The mandarin ducks hot pot was quickly sent, the thick chili oil and the delicious aroma of the broth boiling in the pot. A mellow and rich fragrance directly a.s.saulted their senses. Not long after eating, the corner of Yun Rong's mouth already turned red.

"Eat something light to press the heat down." Lu He Nian didn't eat a lot. From inside the light broth, he fished out several mushrooms and put them in her bowl. 

"Sss……." Yun Rong sucked in a breath to ease the spiciness then she drank a big gulp of ice-cold soy milk. Yet she still felt the heat scorching her tongue. She stuck her tongue out and spoke: "It's really spicy, but you cannot stop eating."  

Seeing the young lady's rosy tongue top flit by his sight and a pair of eyes glistening and misty due to the spiciness, Lu He Nian's eyes turned dark. He swallowed his advice to her to eat less and instead said: "If you like it, next time we can come and eat again." 

"Ok ah. But second brother is so busy, now I know the way, next time I can come by myself." Yun Rong spoke considerately.  

Going to eat by herself, then she could eat as much as she wanted. Going with Lu He Nian, she was always afraid that she would be exposed if she ate too much.  

Saying how busy second brother was, obviously she wanted to go by herself. Seeing the young lady's eyes roving around, Lu He Nian suddenly felt stuffy. He pursed his lips in annoyance and said: "Eat less, if you eat too much in the evening, you won't be able to sleep well tonight. If you arrive late to work tomorrow, your pay will be deducted!"

Yun Rong who had just clipped a piece of beef: ……. 

Why is he suddenly angry? Isn't it said that the female humans are the moody ones? Why are the males also so hard to predict?

When Yun Rong was confused and pondered, suddenly her complexion changed. She faced the window and looked outside, then in a low voice she spoke: "Not good, there's a monster who's confusing people. It seems to be your company's staff!" 

Then she turned her head to ask: "What place is in that direction?" 

 "On that side there's the Suli River. It will flood each year, that's why there're no special buildings." Lu He Nian spoke: "I'll settle the bill, let's go and see."

"Quickly, I can already sense a death aura." Yun Rong nodded and replied with a solemn expression. 

The two people quickly settled the bill, exited the hot pot shop and headed towards the direction of the Suli river. There were few cars in the evening, moreover, it was the suburbs, so their speed doubled. In less than 15 minutes, they had already arrived at the Suli riverbank. 

"There's not enough time!" The car had not stopped but Yun Rong already opened the door and left a sentence, "I'll go first" and got off the car. 

"Be careful……." Lu He Nian at once reached out his hand to pull her back. Getting off the car like this, she would definitely be injured. Yet his hand grabbed empty air as Yun Rong had unexpectedly disappeared.

Lu He Nian's pupils shrank and looked incredibly at his hand before suddenly stepping on the brake. When the car stopped, his whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

Not a single person could be seen at the riverbank of the Suli river. Tonight was the night of a new moon, there was not a single ray of moonlight and the surroundings were dyed in black. Lu He Nian looked around but couldn't even see the young lady's shadow.  

As Yun Rong was hurrying, Lin Xiao Man had already crossed the safety railing and walked a few meters into the river. The rolling river water had not yet reached her chest. It was just like a ferocious beast, opening its mouth, waiting to swallow her in. 

1: Peach blossom is a metaphor for romance.

2: In some Asian countries, it's normal to have late-night supper/snacks. So there are smaller stalls or shops that open their doors at around 10 until 2-3 in the morning selling food.

Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 30 Part1

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