Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 30 Part3

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Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 30 Part 3: Mirror Demon

This was Yun Rong's appearance from birth till now, and she had never felt that she was beautiful. She was stunned and turned her head to ask Lu He Nian, "Is my appearance considered beautiful?"

Lu He Nian paused and replied seriously: "Very beautiful!"

When Yun Rong heard his reply, she suddenly felt happy. Her eyes squinted as she smiled and said: "You are also good looking. You are the most handsome person I've ever met." 

In the dim light, the young lady's eyes seemed to have countless stars that shone brilliantly.

Lin Xiao Man saw the two "flirting" as if there was n.o.body else around and the anger in her lungs almost exploded. She loudly shouted: "Both of you shut up!" She pointed at Yun Rong and cursed: "Shameless, seducing a man at night, what kind of skill you have!"

Seducing a man? Yun Rong was stunned, feeling she was totally innocent. When did she seduce a man?

When Lu He Nian heard, he pursed his lips in annoyance and spoke: "Lin Xiao Man, speak a bit more seriously, no one will accompany you to play the fool." 

Lin Xiao Man was. .h.i.t by his sentence and her face, which already had cold sweat on it, suddenly changed. She was indeed talking irresponsibly due to her anger and anxiousness. Seeing clearly how Lu He Nian kept Yun Rong behind him, her tears couldn't help flowing. 

Li Xiao Man showed her grieving expression as she looked at Lu He Nian; this was the man she had liked for three years. "Director, do you still remember, three years ago you went to my school and had a speech. At that time, I fell in love with you. From where I was sitting in the audience, you seemed like a G.o.d, far and unattainable. In order to enter the company, I studied very hard. I know the company placed importance on experience, so I partic.i.p.ated in almost each and every club activity. I have done so much so that I could be accepted in the company and be a bit closer to you."   

After saying all these, Lin Xiao Man lowered her voice, "Do you know how happy I was when I found out that I was personally chosen and recruited by you to enter the company? However, I've been in the company for more than a year, but you have never even said a full sentence to me. You don't even know what I, as the receptionist, look like! If I was beautiful with good family background, would you still cast me to the back of your head?"

Yun Rong was thoroughly stunned upon hearing all these. Unexpectedly, randomly saving a person but got involved in the director's big peach blossom 1. It seemed like her blessing already had an effect. The director's marriage wouldn't be far behind!

Yun Rong couldn't help raising her head to look at Lu He Nian and was met with his deep gaze. She touched her nose embarra.s.sedly and spoke: "Second brother, you have a good talk with her. I'll go……." to the side and walk around. 

"You don't have to go anywhere, stay here with me!" The young lady's pair of clear eyes made Lu He Nian smile. Those bright eyes seemed to say "what's the matter? Don't want to disturb the two of you speaking about love." He reached his hand out and grabbed Yun Rong's wrist, not letting her go. If she left, then he would really be implicated with Lin Xiao Man.  

"This isn't good, right?" Recently, Yun Rong had watched quite a few idol dramas. She knew it wasn't appropriate for her to stay, wouldn't she just be the lightbulb? 

"What's not right?" Lu He Nian spoke with a calm face but couldn't help biting his molar teeth. What is inside this young lady's mind?  

It just so happened that she wanted to see some gossips. Since Lu He Nian didn't care about it, Yun Rong nodded her head and spoke: "Ok then." 

Seeing Yun Rong showed an expression of "you two quickly start", Lu He Nian only felt that tonight he had eaten too much and his stomach felt unbearably blocked. He turned his head and looked at Lin Xiao Man with slight impatience. "I didn't recruit you. At that time, the person in charge of recruiting new employees handed the CVs to me. I just signed on the papers." 

"You lie!" Lin Xiao Man didn't dare to believe. Lu He Nian personally recruited her, that was the only reason that had continuously supported her to press on. He brushed off so many people prettier than her. All along, she thought she was special and stood out from the rest.    

Lu He Nian's cold voice fell, "Moreover, I have never seen your face. The reason why you can surpa.s.s all the other people is because you have the highest achievement and performance report."  

Lu Corporation never needed to rely on beautiful women to keep up their appearance. They just looked at qualifications and selected those superior applicants.  

"Ah, achievement and performance report?" Lin Xiao Man's tears couldn't stop flowing. All the reasons that had supported her to press on crumbled after hearing Lu He Nian. As it turned out, it was all her own thought. Actually, she was never that special. 

She couldn't help asking: "If I had a moving appearance, director, would you have paid attention to me?"

Lu He Nian subconsciously glanced at Yun Rong beside him and indifferently said: "I wouldn't." 

The light in Lin Xiao Man's eyes all disappeared. She stared with red eyes at Yun Rong and spoke: "Is it because of her that you definitely won't like me?"  

Yun Rong was just enjoying watching the scene and wasn't happy hearing this question. If you wanted to confess, just confess. Wanted to spill your guts, just spill your guts. Why pull her along? She rescued people kindly and with good intentions, but still tonight she got splashed with dirty water. 

What's more, she really couldn't agree with this female's idea.

"Since you like him, why didn't you say something before? Now you blame other people for not paying attention to you," said Yun Rong.

"What do you know?" Lin Xiao Man had just calmed down but her mood was stirred up once again. With tears on her face she continued: "If I was as beautiful as you, I'd have confessed since earlier!" 

"All excuses, liking a person, one should bravely fight for it. If there's no fate, then fighting for it would also be useless. Unlike you blaming the G.o.ds and accusing others. You turned your back on your own appearance, yet have you ever thought, your soul, your thoughts, whether or not they are more beautiful than your outer appearance?" 

1: a love affair.

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Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 30 Part3

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