The Mysterious Land 13 Part 8: Conversation Over The Roof -Part 1-

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Part 1

" Are !!? what happened to me? I was talking to the naitkor than....!! "

At that moment koja woke up … he said those words … and then he found himself lying in his bed … as if he missed things he could not remember.

That deep feeling he had ... the feeling of comfortable and having nothing to worry about. Yes, that meant he is much better now.

Then he started to realize what happened at that time … so he quickly sits up.

" the naitkor?! Where is she?  "



" W-What? …. W-What is this? W-Who did this to me? Could it be... her?! "

Koja found himself covered with medical bandages … as if someone was taking care of him ! and suddenly, caught his attention that person who was sleeping near his bed … she was Maya who spent a lot of time on healing him … all that koja found himself can do that moment is …. Staring at the girl … and keep wondering and wondering...

With a calm tone:

" This girl … what is she doing? Is she stupid or something? I'm her enemy … so why did she heal my injuries? Are all the criminals' hunters weird like her? Or … could it be that she is planning on something? But ….  If we talk about that …. I did not feel any desire of killing from her since the first moment we met ! what I am talking about?! This girl was able to kill me during my sleep … this criminals hunter ! what the heck is wrong with her?  "

Koja didn't understand anything was happening around him !

Although he used to adapt to things around him easily ... but this time ... all the results of his a.n.a.lysis had no meaning ... he did not even reach any conclusion...

This girl is supposed to be my enemy ... isn't it? So why is she doing this?

After koja back to his senses after he was staring at Maya for a while !



" HOOY ! Do you hear me? Fishes otaku … did you wake up? Do you feel much better now? " Maya said

She suddenly woke up ! to find koja staring at her !

" Ah Y-Yeah …. !!!! AND STOP CALLING ME FISHES OTAKU ! hih … you …. Why did you do that to me? Why did you heal my injuries? …. whatever what you are planning to do I will....… "

Interrupted his words:

" Hai hai … just thank me or shut up forever ! "

Koja lay down on his bed again ... and then he said with arrogance:

" Hih whatever … How much did I sleep? "

" Etto~~~ let me see … Hmmm … Ah ! … I guess two weeks … or maybe two weeks and a half "

With panic:

" T-T-Two weeks and a half !!!!? Are you serious !!!? why didn't you wake me up? My brief vacation will end soon and I didn't get any of it !!!! "

With a bored accent:

" Hmm? I didn't have any other choice ! you were so sick … And on top of that … Your real personality does not seem as serious as you claim ! your job as an agent did not reflect anything on your personality ! you are totally Baka …! "

" W-What did you say !! its all your fault, your presence in my home makes me sick......... I~~~ itai ~~~  M-My leg !! "

At that moment Maya started living the room … with that smile that she used to draw in her face…

And in a funny way, she was walking….

" Anyways I'm going to prepare some hot soup for you … you just need to relax now … so see you ! "

*Steps … Steps … Door closed*

With Voice not heard :

" Baka … I told you I don't want any pity from you "


Part 2

And all that happened in that evening when koja was sleeping … until the night fell one time ! the raindrops fell many times … and koja still didn't wake up yet !

When you get lost … Darkness begins to surround you….

And those mysterious things that lie beyond the darkness .... will start to surround you more than the darkness itself ... so that you feel a suspicious fear ... fear of something you cannot see through the darkness.

And one of those things is …. That dark thing that was happening to koja

That dark thing … that has no shape….

But even so, it's still something Koja is afraid of….

A memory….

It was just an old dark memory….

And when koja was sleeping ... He saw that memory in his dream again….

A child …. With a long hair … and aggressive facial features … he was around five or six years old.

Yes, koja was looking at himself when he was a kid…

As if … he woke up from a long sleep … he woke up to sit up in that bed that was situated in the middle of a large room … it looked like a medical room … so the bed was certainly a medical bed as well…

And he was looking at….

Someone was leaning on the wall on the left side of that strange bed !

Someone was staring at koja with cold looks ! he looked at the age of eighteen...

Even though we can guess how old is he but … we don't know anything about him … even koja can't remember his face !

All that he can remember was … those words that make him feel terrified every time he this dream !

" You finally woke up ….  Bakemono !!! "




* Inhale … exhale … Inhale … exhale *


" A … a dream? This memory... again ! "

Koja woke up in a panic ... those features that showed how scared he was ... it was a new feature for us ... features we did not see on Koja's face before ... how could a strong person like him show it? But unfortunately, it is the truth.

Koja really felt afraid of what he saw in that dream ... for a reason, we still don't know ... he was very scared.

He put his left hand in his face ! as if that was too much for him…

So … after a few seconds … he relaxed from the fear he got through.

Until the soup that was beside his bed caught his eyes … no, something else has caught his eyes more ... it was Maya's body that was lying on the room's floor ... she seemed to have fallen asleep from extreme fatigue.

Koja took the hot soup ... and start sipping it quietly … until he finished

Then he got up from his bad … start walking and ignoring Maya who was sleeping.

*Steps … Steps *

And suddenly he stopped walking …

" K-Kuso "

But it seems he could not just ignore her ... after all, she had taken care of his serious injuries ... otherwise, he might be dead now ...

A shot from the blood moon ... is really equivalent to the risk of death.

So he carried Maya's body ... and put it on the bed.

" It's not like I'm pity on you … Baka ! "

Then he left the room going to the bathroom … he washed his face many times…

( you finally woke up ….  Bakemono !!! )

*The sound of tap *

These cold looks ... These looks that made Koja's face look totally depressed ... Yes, this time … koja made this face after he felt concern ... But what is he worried about this time?



" T-This strong presence ! could it be "

Koja sensed that strange presence near his house ... that strange presence was enough to make Koja's features completely different ... as if he had been waiting for its owner for a long time.

" Yes … it must be it !! "

Koja went very quickly to climb to the roof of his house !! and the signs of longing were visible on his face.

* Screech … Screech *

It was a big eagle … a special eagle used by special forces and warriors ... It is an important tool for sending secret letters.

If we talk about its shape, it would be a strange creature to describe ... with an extraordinary body ... and red eyes s.h.i.+ning in the dark.

This eagle was trained to release the desire to kill immediately after arriving at the location of the addressee ... just as what happens when it spots its prey.

Koja waited for the eagle to descend upon him ... and the heavy rain fell on him without stopping...

Until he took the letter and let the eagle leave the place…

" Finally ! "

Then he opened it to know the content !


At those crucial moments ... or perhaps after Koja read the content of the letter.

Maya opened her eyes ... after she suddenly woke up...

With a sleepy tone:

" Ah ! did I fell in sleep again? hmm? why I am lying on his bed? ah, that Baka His injuries have not healed yet … he makes my efforts double for no reason "

Maya got out of the bed with a graceful movement … then she started calling for koja with a loud voice.

" Hoooy ! agent-san … where are you? Where did you disappear? "

She looked for him in the bathroom…

In the other rooms…

But she found no trace of him…

" Mo~~~~ where did he go suddenly - with a scream - BAKA AGENT JUST SHOW YOUR SELF ! YOU ARE SO SICK COME BACK HERE ! "

With wondering tone:

" hmm? Could it be that he is on the roof? "

Maya ascended to the upstairs … she starts hearing the sounds of the heavy rain outside ... and that made her so worried about Koja.

So she said:

" it's rainy outside … that stupid would be sicker if he is really up "

Before Maya climbed up to check if koja was up ... she took an umbrella with her which was in the upstairs…

Climb … climb !

To find koja was really there in the roof…

" Oh ! there you are ! I thought you had left the house forever ... Hmm? "

Koja did not hear what Maya said … because of the sound of heavy rain … for that she just got closer to him…

Walking funnily….

Well, actually that was not the reason why koja didn't hear Maya's words … even if it wasn't raining outside he might not hear her … that's because he was just lost in thoughts … this person was thinking about something … after he was sitting in the rain…

With these cold looks…

And with a Features of severe anxiety…

A body, its muscles were relaxed...

And despair plays with his heart…

This how koja was at that moment … and this is where he spends most of his time when he goes through something like this !

( human disappear when people forget his name? so what about that who born without a name? )

Suddenly ... Koja felt that the raindrops had stopped falling over his head … so he raised his head slowly … to see Maya who was covering him with the umbrella … with a childish smile she said:

" Hi~~~ ! "

Koja didn't say anything … he Just lowered his head without saying anything … and he kept staring at the farms and deserted fields that were within vision…

So Maya sat beside him … and that childish smile was still on her Baka's face … Maya was so near to koja … so much so that her body was touching his body … but it seems that he didn't say anything about that … after all he was thinking about something took his mind far so it seems that he doesn't want to start a fight with this girl.

And after a silence she said:

" The place is empty here ... I don't know how you can afford to live away from people … I usually can not afford to stay a full day without talking to someone "

Koja still doesn't want to say anything … then Maya started to insist to make him talk…

" Anyways ! How do you feel? Are you okey? Your face looks pale ! do you still feel sick? MO~~~~~~~ JUST TALK TO ME ! SAY SOME....... !!!!

Interrupted her words :

" SHUT UP ! YOUR VOICE IS REALLY ANNOYING ! seriously just shut up "

With a really Baka accent:

" Hiiiiih?! My voice is annoying? Huh if we talk about that … I don't want to hear that from someone has a similar voice to Yūki Kaji "

" Hih as If I want to hear something like this from an annoying girl has a similar voice as Rie Kugimiya … your voice is annoying and childish you Aho~~ "


With a bored tone:

" Hmm? I'm sure that all the agents of the organization are antipathetic and it's so difficult to communicate with them ... Perhaps the reason for this is their sense of loneliness … but you are definitely different from them ... You are more antipathetic and really annoying ... I don't know how I endured your presence "

" W-What did you say? n.o.body told you to stay in my.... "

Koja stopped talking after he found Maya staring at him with that childish smile at her face … as If she was enjoying her time…

" Hihi "

Then she raised her head to find that the rain stopped falling … the sky started to be clear … the same for the moon … its light began to touch their bodies so it became easy to see each other…

" Oh ! look … the rain has stopped falling ! …. isn't it beautiful … a sky without clouds? "

Koja raised his head watching the sky and staring at it … with those depressed eyes … he felt lost again and again … In the depths of the sky that no human being has seen what exists beyond its depths…

Until … Maya broke the silence of his feelings when she said:

" Agent … to be honest … I don't see you as a bad guy … you are not like them … right? "

With Wide eyes…

Koja felt puzzled ... he said some words in a way that expressed his sudden feeling and curiosity in knowing the meaning of those words…

" W-What do you mean? "

With a smile … Maya answered:

" Although you belong to that organization ... that killed many people in secret and did a lot of bad things ... but … even though you do not look like them at all ... when you attacked me in the hotel ... your intention to kill was not real. ... isn't it? At first ... I thought you were making fun of me and you did not consider me as an enemy worthy to fight ... so I got very angry at that time ... you made me make more than ten loopholes ... and you were able to finish me at any moment ... but you did not … you … you were just full of doubts in those moments ... as if something was making concern inside you... "

Then she laughed and continued her words saying:

" And after all, you did not kill me after I ate your rare..... ! "

Interrupted her words:

" STOP IT ! … please … this is enough ! "

Maya stared at koja's poor face with serious looks…


Her attention caught by his hands which were shaking nonstop…

So … she didn't say anything … she just kept staring at the sky again with a serious face…

Until she said with a calm tone:

" kimi no namae ! nan desu ka? "

" Huh … as if I'm going to tell you that easy ! "

Maya said with annoyance:

" Hiiiiih~~~ this is not fair ! don't forget that I told you my name after our first meeting "

Koja rubbed his hair saying :

" Ah~~~ really annoying … it's koja ! "

" koja…? "

" Hai … that's my name … - with a sad face - or … or maybe … that's just how people used to call me when I was a kid in the mysterious land's army ! hey … koja, are you fine? … koja, have you done your works? … koja … Whatever how their tones were nice to me … I still don't believe them that koja is my real name … I… I don't even know who gave me this name when I was a child … and whatever when I try to remember my childhood … the first moment I remember is …. That I was in a military center surrounded by many people … with the deadly characters squad … and many other good people "

Then koja sigh and continued his words saying with a really sad face:

" And the only thing I know about my past is … that my origins belong to that destroyed continent "

With panic:

" D-Destroyed... continent? … I-Is it possible that you are talking about...! "

" Yes, my origins belong to the north of the forgotten continent … or rather … the one republic … the continent where that unknown explosion happened … my late master told me when I was in the military that I came from that place ... but I did not really discover what happened there until years later … so before four years from now … I started the researches … I wanted to know what happened there … if my origins back to that place … so who brought me here? Why I don't remember anything from my past? … and who gave me this weird name? I really wanted to know but … I didn't find anything … I asked my acquaintance from the military and the organization for help to know what happened there so maybe I can regain my memories … and till now we did not find anything … all the cases have been closed for more than twenty years … this is my life how it is going after I joint the organization … I serve the special organization ... and in my free time I look for the truth of my homeland  "

Koja then pointed to the envelope he had hidden from Maya … then he continued saying:

" And this envelope came from one of my acquaintances in the army … she informed me that … she did not find anything ! this really sucks! whatever who caused for that explosion … I will be sure to find him and kill him and his family by my hands … I...I'm supposed to be there living a quiet life instead of this continent that does not has any relation with me ... for this … I must find the one who made my life like a h.e.l.l ... then I will make him pay costly"

The Mysterious Land 13 Part 8: Conversation Over The Roof -Part 1-

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