The Mysterious Land 34 Part 23: The Ph?Nix Is Angry -Part 2-

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After the discussion that took place between the boss of the Phoenix and Koja…

The two entered the room again, and everyone was still inside the room … Waiting for the boss plan to retrieve Maya from the fist of the deadly characters…

The squad that intends to lure Koja to his death…

What Koja has done is absolutely forbidden in any international organization…

He has done something that no international organization can condone…

Which is the betrayal…

But the way the deadly characters squad to deal with things is definitely a way that no organization boss agrees with, no matter how important the organization is.

Penetrating the enemy's side without taking the permission of the boss...

It is inevitably something, they will get punished because of it...


There is something we must know about this squad...

They are above the laws of the continent ! Although they have done a lot of reckless things before...

But the boss of the organization has overlooked all of them...

The chance has finally come...

Where beta character can take revenge...

With the help of the deadly characters...

He certainly has great hope of ending the existence of the person who is alienated by his instinct…

Beta was just like Adar, who were exploiting the people of the continent in public and despising them very much...

So every time Koja stopped him and stood in his way, his hatred grew inside him…


The old character epsilon VS the deadly character beta who got a new powerful raym technique ! who would win?

" Listen to me well ... our plan will be divided into two parts ... a part of the corps members, who will come with me "

After the boss said that ... she turned to koja as if the next talk was about him...

" The second part will only include Koja, what koja did is something really forbidden ... But that d.a.m.ned counselor ... with that raym presence he has got he was able to kidnap Maya by himself but .... he wanted to involve the deadly characters in the subject in order to ensure the death of Koja, although he gained a very strong Raym presence ! even though he was able to do everything by himself, but he must still afraid of Koja .... So what we get out of this is ... he did not want to tell the boss of the organization ... because the boss would inevitably reach a final agreement with Koja ... Although Koja was not aware of the matter, - talking to koja with a smile - did you know that the boss of the organization will not order to kill you Whatever happens, koja? "

koja answered:

" Hmm? What do you mean? "

" I am talking about the agreement that took place between the army and the special organization before you moved to the organization. The agreement was that the organization should not kill the members of the deadly characters squad, whatever happens ... and try to resolve the issues between the special squad on peaceful ways"

koja said with panic but it was a Baka tone:

" N-Naniiii ! something like this has really happened? "

with a smile:

" As I expected ... you did not read the content of the agreement when you signed it...  "

" Ah but... do you want to say that..... beta took advantage of the emotion of the rest of the characters to turn the table on me? After that happened, the characters will not tolerate me ... and the boss of the organization does not know what is happening, so he will certainly not be held accountable by the army for what happened, so everything has been planned for it since the first moment beta knew that  I was with the naitkor ... not only that, but all this was just an excuse to do what he wanted to do from a long time, he had some strange experiments on his body ... just to eliminate me ! that person will do anything just to kill me "

As usual, koja can adapt very quickly with things ... even the members inside were very surprised by the talking that took place inside the room ! It was the first time they saw such a sharp debate ! Especially as the subject was about the most dangerous squad in the mysterious land forces.

So Gris.h.i.+a said with nervous ... talking to Louis who was beside her:

" Hey Louis ! D-Don't you feel something weird happening here? they are talking about the deadly characters as if they are normal people ! C-Can we really get back Maya from their fist? "


" Ah.... don't worry ! don't forget that most powerful character, as they say, is one of us now ! with the strength of koja and the plans of our genius boss, something like this will not be hard ! "

" Y-Yes you are right ! I-I hope so "


" Fufufu ! but... I already have a perfect plan ! so hear me up, guys.... "

After everyone made a strict face ... the boss continued her words saying:

" We will attack we the members of the corps from the front ... The place must be full of blue police so our mission will be distracting them ! While Maya will be saved from the back of the center ! - With a Baka accent - That's all ~~ go and prepare your selves nooow ! "

" N-Nanii ! is that all that we must do? is this really your genius plan? why didn't you say This from the beginning ! hih baka boss ! "

Everyone went out to get prepared ... except for Koja and the NetD0G who did not move from their place ... and who knew that it would not be that easy, so they stayed to listen to the boss's full plan.

" This is not the full plan right? " said koja

" Ah..... of course, it is not ! "

" The next part of the plan will among me.... right? I will go by my self from the front side and fight the deadly characters .... then I will save Maya and... "

the boss interrupted koja's words:

" Wrong ! even you..... cannot win against them all ! don't forget that they are the best just like you "

" N-Nani !? why you... "

The boss turned to the netD0G and signed with her head to him... as if she asked him for the explanation:

" We already have all the raym's power measurements of the deadly characters, isn't this great? "

Then the boss continued:

" Do you remember the that took place two years ago, in the blue Republic? - with scary looks - talking about the of the Amba.s.sador of the blue Republic ! "

Koja answered with very strict looks:

" And.... what about that? "

" Well, since you remember it well ... it will be easy to explain ... Two years ago, the amba.s.sador of the blue Republic was and until now no one knows who exactly the murders are ! right? They say that the perpetrators are two persons they were seen in the building opposite the building where the amba.s.sador delivered his speech ! a tall young woman was carrying something in her back before she got into the building as if it was a sniper or something like that, with a short man was wearing a laboratory dress ! "

koja answered with a strange tone as if he was hiding something:

" And..... what is the relation of those two perpetrators with the deadly characters raym power? "

With a very sly tone.... the boss said:

" But..... the real perpetrators were..... that the deadly characters squad ! isn't it !!!? you were the murders that day ! "

The way the boss said it ... made her look like Conan while trying to uncover the truth of the culprit .... even Koja's reaction was similar to the offender's reaction when his truth gets revealed...

" HAAAA~~ s.h.i.+t I always wanted to do that ! "

After the boss said that with a Baka tone..... Koja replied with a very strict tone:

" And how did you know........ wait ! is it possible that ! "

" Hai, you are right this time !  The two persons who filled the news at that time were ... me and the NetD0G "

" N-Nani ! "

The netD0G started to explain what happened there exactly in the next building, he started talking calmly explaining every point !

" Everything started before we got out on an official mission ! After I have hacked the organization's command center database ... So I boycotted all the data that is transferred from the command center as I usually do when I find security loopholes in the organization's system ! But at that time it was quite different ... I noticed then that one of the data was encoded with a strong code that was very hard to break ! So I was curious to know what the data contained and why it was encrypted in that way ... after hours of studying the code, I finally managed to decode it and convert its data from digital data into an easy-to-read file, What was contained in the file was really shocking ... the amba.s.sador of the blue republic after a month from now ... That message ... was addressed to the center of members of the deadly characters ! "

Ps: The organization sends difficult orders that require travel a month or two months ago to add them to the schedule of missions, and that to prepare for them in advance.

The netD0G continued talking:

" A full month is enough time to prepare a plan to stop the and to beat the deadly characters, isn't it? That's what I and the boss thought ... so our intelligence agency contacted the Blue Republic intelligence to provide special protection to the amba.s.sador during his speech, which was a month later, But of course, I have put all the possibilities that may occur during the ! Such as the failure of the process of protecting the amba.s.sador, for example ... so we wanted to get information about that squad as much as possible  ... and here comes the role of the second plan ! After looking at it ... we wanted to know anything about their raym, such as the splits they use and things like those, So I got the idea in my mind ... trying to acquire that device, which has only five copies in the world ! The Ex Ram 5 device, It is a very rare device, and even the organization does not own it ... But with the help of the n.o.bles of izmilia city, we were able to get it "

koja was just surprised ... how can they plan for something like this !

" Anyways,  The Ex Ram 5 launches an invisible waves at a distance of 80 kilometers .... it has the shape of a sniper where the head must point towards the user of the raym to study the sparks of raym that emitted from his skin pores, or it can be converted to a source of the pick up of the sparks under 40 km diameter by connecting it to a special antenna "

After koja think about it in a second ... he turned to the boss and said:

" Which means that the thing you were carrying on your back then was ... the Ex ram 5 ... isn't it? "

" Bingo ! and now, did you understand what we wanted to do that time? "

koja answered:

" Study the strength of the deadly characters by studying the vapor of their raym ... then beat them after drawing a court plan "

" Exactly ... now let me tell you what happened there in the next building to understand our plan well ! "

The Mysterious Land 34 Part 23: The Ph?Nix Is Angry -Part 2-

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