The Mysterious Land 5 Part 4: Kill The Naitkor? -Part2-

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With cold looks...

" Yes I'm the naitkor ! if you do any other weird move again, I will make sure to blow your head this time " Maya said that

After shooting the wall near epsilon's head ... to threaten him this way ... means she really knows how to deal with such situations ... and she is really skilled in using her gun...

So ... after all, this girl is really the naitkor !

With a cold smile....

Epsilon decided to do the same ! decided to show his true face to the naitkor ... since he can do it this time...

Yes, After all, he was sent to kill him !





After the silence fell in the place for three seconds ... epsilon raised his gun fast and fired two shots without hesitation...


" W-What !! are you serious?? " Maya said that with a totally Baka accent

After she quickly jumped escaping the shots !

Then Maya continues to say in a serious face but even though it looked so childish:

" Did he knows that I didn't kill anyone before? s.h.i.+t !! I'll be in trouble "

Epsilon jumped else, making a large s.p.a.ce between him and the naitkor ... That big s.p.a.ce he made inside the room ... shows that the room was not just a normal one.

And that makes him wonder after the killer intuition activated inside of him, trying to a.n.a.lyze everything around him...

" This mission was not just an mission? No, given her way of avoiding my shots ... I can confidently say that it is impossible to her easily ... Is it conceivable that the organization has hired her to fight her here? That's why I did not feel a strong presence in this place ... This place was emptied to become a battleground "

With a disturbed look ... Epsilon continued his words saying:

" Ah ! I really hate when the organization sends me on a mission without giving me enough information... "

Well, the organization is well aware of the severity of epsilon's intuition ... and knows very well that he can a.n.a.lyze things around him in seconds ... so there is no sense in giving him the information he may discover by himself for a few moments...

With a childish face, Maya said:

" I will stop you !! you organization's dog "

The two start the crossfire, each time the Naitkor fired a shot. Epsilon used his mini sword to stop the attack, and sometimes he escapes the shots with his body...

And Maya was just escaping with her very fast body.

" If we stay this way ... we will take forever to end this fighting, The Blue police will come to the place in a short time ... of course one of the residents will inform them of what is going on here ... and if they do not meet the call ... the residents will complain to the organization and accuse it of not doing its duty ... yes, this is what will happen because the blue police belong to the special organization and even they must not see my face ... So the organization certainly did not inform the police officers that I'm going to be here ! that's why I must do things very fast ! the speed of annihilation haa? Okey I will give you what you want ! s.h.i.+fer "

After Epsilon took a deep breath ! he stopped fighting immediately...

" huh? what is he doing? "

And with a calm tone he said:

" RA~~~Y~M ....!!!!!!!!!!! "

That word that epsilon said was enough to make Maya feel disorder! It's like she knows very well what that word means !!

" W-What !! is that real ??! " Maya said that

After she confirmed that epsilon does not claim it...

The word he said he really mean it ... after it accompanied with a real act...

Yes, after epsilon said that word ! something weird started flowing out his body !

A vapor?

No, a crimson vapor was coming out from the pores of his skin?

It was very clear to see it, but how something like this could happen?

And what is the meaning of it?

Did he say Raym?

the raym energy? the raym technique of kill?! this word is familiar to us ! isn't it?

Epsilon's body became stronger as it looked...

Yes, his body looked very solid and anyone can figure out that ... does that have a relation with the technique he just activated?

If we try to remember something from the past ... exactly in front of the maker of the modern swords ... Did the trainee criminal hunter describe the raym killing technique that only the killers could free it?

" K-Kore Wa !!! "

After that Epsilon continued what he was doing ... He raised his weapon a little on the left side ... then he said again:

" Raym split !! Ketsuro !! "

As soon as he said that .... the vapor starts condensing on his right hand ... then in one second...

His gun the moon soul begins to absorb the vapor strangely !!! This must be one of the features of this strange weapon...


( humans? They are inevitably weak ! but with something like this ! are they? )

" R-R-R-R-R-R-R-Raym Vapoooooor !!!! s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t s.h.i.+t I'm really fighting a deadly character at this moment - with fear - but ... this presence ! Can I really deal with it? " Maya said that with a really stupid accent before she felt how epsilon's presence was strong ! there where no difference between him and a real monster...

And in one moment...


Epsilon shoot three times at the same time ! The bullets were covered with raym vapor, which made them faster and more durable...


*Scratch *

" K-Kuso "

Maya ... has it slowed down this time? Or was the speed of the bullets too large to scratch her that easy?

Or was the speed of the bullets so fast that they would scratch her so easily?

Yes, this what happened !

Although her level has not diminished at all ... and maintained her fitness during the fighting ... but nevertheless, it seems to have limits after all...

Especially after Epsilon unleashed his power.

The scratches were on the arm and leg level.

But even though she continued to fight.

Could it be that Maya is going to lose this fight? Is really Maya going to die in this battle Because of the strength of the character Epsilon?

The Mysterious Land 5 Part 4: Kill The Naitkor? -Part2-

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