The Harem King Chapter 89

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Published at 3rd of August 2019 09:25:04 PM Chapter 89: 89

"Master!" the b.i.t.c.h rejoiced as she saw her savior. My decapitated head rose on itself to return once more to the broken frame which seemed to fall any moment from its wobbly stance.

And after a spell, my separated parts reformed anew and the wounds that had plagued upon my body visibly healed in an incredible rate. An existence of our caliber was not one to die that easy.

It would take much more pain and destruction to make me go away permanently.

"Who are you?" i addressed the newcomer.

This was not an ant nor a useless pebble on a dusty road. So at least proper politesse should be upheld in conversing with such a unique breed of b.i.t.c.h.

I was fully aware of the hurdles and misadventures of a Supreme Being like myself. Though i had the help from a sham of a system before but that was all it had given me. A slight help and no further.

The efforts i made in making my own technique in secret was all mine. No outside help could have pushed me towards what i had achieved in the past but only my own and no other.

It was definitely not an easy road to stand at the peak of all creation.

"Please retreat for now, Alexis. And a.s.sure the safe pa.s.sage of your people." the c.u.n.t ignored me and chose to answer first the ails of her disciple.

But i waited in patience. I could be pretty understanding if the situation called for it, especially with how special this b.i.t.c.h was. I smiled in my excitement.

"I am Lucia. Lucia Winter." finally, she turned her head to me after Nafia heeded this old hag's words without pause. I looked at her and witnessed the guise of an elderly grandma.

Her clothes were ordinary and even her body was a misfit of shabby fats and crooked bones.

The backside she had stooped low as it bowed down with the a.s.sistance of a wooden cane she held in a two handed grip.

Wrinkles mushroomed on her face and even the eyes that observed my own were dull and aged. She would have gone to anywhere else and n.o.body would mistake her as one who equal myself in might.

"A good name. I am Damon Everhart. Pleased to finally meet someone who could quench my thirst for battle." i stated and slowly traversed the dark skies.

My figure rose until we were standing just a few meters apart.

The whole world still remained dark and i was the one doing all the lighting but the b.i.t.c.h was content on sharing the shade that i had been forced to provide.

After all, only the sightless relished on the comforts of the dark.

"Why have you come to our territory, Damon Everhart? The treaty between us cultivators and humans still stands. Or does The Divine Buddha wishes for another war between our kind?"

Lucia asked calmly. Her voice was horrible to hear. Like the whispers of a dying soul but i knew that reality was far from that dubious a.s.sumption.

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The Harem King Chapter 89

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