The Harem King Chapter 90

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Published at 5th of August 2019 08:20:04 AM Chapter 90: 90

"The Divine Buddha changed his mind. So you should better prepare to bend that rusty hips of yours for some whipping."

i tried to promote discord between the two parties but i knew it was lame to begin with. Still, it made me feel good just to be able to say that to her face.

I reckoned no one had dared to speak those words to her in a very very long time.

"Your tricks are ineffective, Damon. He does not even know you." the b.i.t.c.h replied and even smiled a little bit.

My vision raked the starry cosmos until i found a curious pair of eyes looking directly at my own. Very clever indeed.

"So what now? Can we do this or shall we continue telling tall tales of whose c.o.c.k is biggest?" i noticed the old hag and continued.

"Or who has the most fetid p.u.s.s.y of them all?"

i smiled afterwards and did not wait for their play. After all, no matter what they picked, i have long decided what i wished to do at from the very start.


"Soul Scythe." i intoned in silent and what followed shattered the world around me.

Dark divinity abounded and cloaked my form. In its familiar embrace, i relished at the negativity that comprised my essence.

The ticking of the clock flowed as usual but with the new influence that changed the equilibrium within the galaxy i was in, everything began to unravel.
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A hundred and five planets started to crumble with the might of my presence. And i doubted that it would take more than 60 breaths for all matter to seize its existence alongside the effect i induced.

"If you want war then you should not recklessly suffer the innocents. I alone will let you play to your heart's content." Lucia countered.

"BANG!" the ashes and broken pieces collided to reform their last vestiges.

Different scenes flashed before my eyes and i even observed the lost souls on the void be recaptured in the comforts of their previous bodies. Whole and untouched.

"The Dao of Time. Impressive!" i commented and filtered out my wanton destructive tendencies.

This b.i.t.c.h would no doubt s.h.i.+eld these clay dolls and i don't want anything that would ruin my wish for battle.

"Follow me and i shall grant you your wish, Damon Everhart. It has been some time since i last stretched these olden limbs of mine. You do me great service by coming here, cultivator."

The c.u.n.t said her piece and winked out from the spot she last held.

"Perfect." i thought and pursued the trails of my new prey.

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The Harem King Chapter 90

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