The Harem King Chapter 95

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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:58:23 PM Chapter 95

"Don't." a single word in a song and there she was. Lovely and divine. She was wearing a gown that took the color of nature but the thin material was merely an ornament in truth.

I could see what was beneath them in vivid clarity and oh my oh my, she was one stunning b.i.t.c.h. The peaks were hard and the proportionate body that held them defied gravity in their forward stance.

And south was the hollowed portion between two long creamy legs and i could see the mark of a patch and no further. Perfectly sculpted and tempting indeed.

Just what i love about women and their wardrobes.
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"Then will you pledge your allegiance to my cause?" i asked my latest prey. She smiled and merely shook her head in silent defiance.

Advertis.e.m.e.nt"Okay. Time to do it hard." i muttered and dived towards her. I was sure that my speed alone would have broken the limits of what was possible and fully expected to capture her in mere moments.

But alas, the delicious woman surprised me.



"FLAs.h.!.+" three attempts and i missed all of them. What a joke! The c.u.n.t would evade them my greedy hands were mere centimeters in between.

I did not do a fourth time but only paused to observe the mystique that she was using. Dark radiance spouted from my eyes and it was a breath later that i finally got the answer to the peculiarity at hand.

"The dao of Fate?" i whispered. Certainly this was not the first time i encountered someone who had studied in this rare art. But to master it at this level was absolutely unheard of.

This new reality was inexplicably wondrous indeed! I smiled at the fresh delights before me then i turned my head towards the direction of my recently acquired b.i.t.c.h.

"BANG!" Time ceased its meaning and everything was frozen into funny statues.

Only i and Lucia was the one who freely retained control of our bodies but sadly, the quick rabbit was long gone before my pet could even begin to cast the overpowered enchantment.

"I know that you are out there, my little songbird." i said to no one visible. And the void the surrounded us did not heed my call and was fully content on ignoring my words.

"Perhaps you can escape. But what about your people? I figured a few of you elven b.i.t.c.hes would do well to amuse me for a time." i continued.

Though she did fine on hiding those leaf shaped ears beneath her hair but the smell of their kind was unmistakable. I could taste them in my tongue even if they be millions of light years away from me.

"Alwyn." i recalled the name before i remembered all of her priceless glory. My empress who has stood upon a centillion corpses just to be with me. Truly magnificent and one of a kind.

The only woman who had ever matched the evil in me. I shall see you soon, my love. I antic.i.p.ated the meeting with my beloved Elf Queen.

An entire minute of peace that accompanied my musings of the past. After the last tick, the impatience I felt was now utterly insufferable.

So i now intended for the complete subjugation of that songbird's people.

"Wait." and lo and behold, the b.i.t.c.h has returned to grace me with her presence once more. She reemerged only fifteen feet from my position and i liked her even better up close.

I licked my lips before i uttered my next words.

"Will you take my hand, my little songbird?" i opened a palm up and waited. She hesitated for three breaths but after the slight delay, she walked upon the empty air towards me.

I could smell her now and her natural womanly fragrance was intoxicating. I took it all in and the sweetness rose up my head and down once more into my eager third leg.

The boy was hard and ready for action. A few more steps and two palms kissed each other for the first time. One big. One small.


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The Harem King Chapter 95

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