The Harem King Chapter 96

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Published at 3rd of September 2019 08:58:22 PM Chapter 96

"What's your name?" i ran my hands on the flawless face of my second slave.

"Lorelei." an apt name. Worthy to bear the grandeur of her beauty.

"Can you see my future, Lorelei?" i asked and the calmness that was mine earlier vanished along the change of my tone.

It was all business now as i focused on the b.i.t.c.h's next words since i could only enslave them and cannot wield their powers as mine. Of course i could also emulate their abilities. But only up to a certain point.

Time stopping and casting the myriad possibilities of the future can be done with enough preparation and practice.

But to be able to command these unreal divine strengths at one's beck and call and to the degree that they've mastered it was certainly far more than the best paltry imitations i could ever try to conjure.
"No, i cannot." Lorelei answered after a moment's pause. With my technique on her soul, i would know if she was lying. And i tested the veracity of her words as sound and believable.

But it wouldn't take a sage to discern that she was not telling me everything. So i delved deeper and this time, i prepared to give no questions any longer.

"Please..." and surprise, surprise. She stopped me right on cue. Even though she could not read my fate but she could see hers well enough I guess. I smiled at her and waited for her to convince me otherwise.

I don't have to experience being soul searched to realize its implications.

Excruciating pain was the least of her worries as the damage that would result inside her core would linger for trillions of years, if not more.

"I could see the fates of anyone else but you. While the others..." Lorelei started.

"Continue." i urged when the c.u.n.t hesitated to complete her thoughts.

"Their destiny changes with how you choose to look at them." Lorelei closed her eyes as if she was seeing something horribly wrong in me.

"Interesting." i muttered but put the issue aside for later. What took most of my attention was the delicious figures of the ladies before me.

I observed my two slaves and noticed the difference between them. One was cold and unattached like a soulless puppet. While the other retained her consciousness.

They were both beautiful but sadly, Lorelei and Lucia were not maidens anymore.

With how long they have lived in this reality, it would truly be shocking to have them untouched by any man's caress after all the time that has seasoned them throughout the ages.

I would have f.u.c.ked them senseless but alas, they did not deserve to belong to my harem as they were. Good servants then, i released a soft sigh before i roamed my eyes to the vastness of s.p.a.ce around me.

A number of amused eyes returned my scrutiny. But most of them held open hostility to my person. Though time stop was a great skill but there were definitely many ways to counter it.

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One was to attack in the shadows before Lucia could cast the technique on her opponents. But the more obvious was of course a simple play of arithmetic.

A single person besieged by a mult.i.tude of foes was absolutely a death waiting to happen, especially if those people had the same level of power as the quarry in their midst.

And I also did not want to reveal all my remaining cards yet without certain victory. So the choice for me was simple enough. Take my time and plan for the future.

Not like i lack the requirements for such an uncomplicated route of action.

"Let's go back." i accepted my tactical retreat.

"FLAs.h.!.+" a breath later, three Supreme Giants vanished from the stage of conflict. But even as we left, i heard the echoes of laughter which followed me in my trail. f.u.c.king b.i.t.c.hes!

I growled in anger but kept my temper down. This was not the end, i vowed.

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The Harem King Chapter 96

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