The Harem King Chapter 119

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Published at 25th of September 2019 07:55:06 AM Chapter 119

"BOINK!" the colors was eaten out by an instant, only to birth another scene altogether in the next.

This was not the recent cla.s.sroom we've occupied some 30 minutes ago as we've arrived at a s.p.a.cious dome for a specific purpose alone, for training and battle.

The mitts, weights, and every strengthening tools for the body and the mind was laid bare for all of us to see. Honestly, i kinda like this more than the previous cla.s.s.

The former was all talks about the history of these ant's evolution and all the tiny bits of boring information about how the could reach beyond what they thought was possible.

Advertis.e.m.e.ntAnd the heroes and heroines of the past had all been idolized to deities by the youths of today.

We all gathered around a tall fat man. I presumed that this would be our teacher and i was hardly wrong in anything, least of all an obvious truth as this one. Indeed, he did not fail me in his first words.

"It's good that you've all come on time." the fat man said. He was hideous to look at as there was oily grease on his face and his triple chin waved along the words that he'd just spoken.

A man uglier than i am, i took joy in the thought.

"I have in record that there was supposedly 41 of you in cla.s.s today with 10 of new transferees from another school."

the fat f.u.c.k looked at me intently before he continued to use the foul mouth of his balloon like face.

"Yet i see only 40 of you. Can someone tell me what happened to Mr. Warren Hamilton?" the teacher asked.

And not even a breath pa.s.sed and i could feel every eyes on the large expanse of the arena bore unto my body and to that of my b.i.t.c.hes.

It was certainly good to be at the center of everyone's attention and so i gladly obliged the veiled provocation.

"I killed him, teacher. Well, that would be incorrect. Let me rephrase that. I ordered for him and the rest of his evil kin to meet their maker before their time. No worries though, the innocents were spared."

i owned up to my deed but my last sentence were aptly given only to a.s.suage the sensibilities of one of my c.u.n.ts. In fact when i said the words, i even looked behind me to smile gently at my frowning Faith.

And her reaction was the most pleasant to see and i know that tonight, i shall have my reward in full.

This was why i tolerate much of these b.i.t.c.hes' caprices. In the end, there was something in return to anything that i do. A tasty reimburs.e.m.e.nt indeed.
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I caught the last s.h.i.+ne of her wink before i gazed back at the mountainous aberration in my front.

"So what are you going to do about that?" i asked after i heard the gasps of shock from my cla.s.smates.

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The Harem King Chapter 119

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