The Harem King Chapter 120

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Published at 25th of September 2019 07:55:04 AM Chapter 120: 120

They even inched away farther from my group and went closer to the fat pig of a teacher that we have to get some sort of comfort towards his proximity.

"HAHAHA! Nothing! You did a good job in ridding society of sc.u.m.
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The Government had seen evidence of corruption into that family's business dealings and your contribution in uncovering the truth is vital to their apprehension, Mr. Everhart."

Advertis.e.m.e.ntthe teacher whom i have yet to get a name and which i also did not want to scour his dirty mind to know replied like a leech that he was.

Conflict breeds the greatest of friends.h.i.+ps and this healthy man indeed followed this strategy to its root. An abhorrent yet smart pig, i applauded the man's guts.

I was about to say for the fat man to continue what he was about to do as all i want to do was spend time in leisurely peace but i was interrupted by a lovely voice.

"Tell the leaders of this world that if something happens to the innocent man, woman, and children of the Hamilton Family, then i shall personally hunt down every single one of those culprits."

i should have known that this would happen. Sigh!

"Can you do that for me please, dear teacher?" and Faith added in a sultry voice to end her speech. What a seductress! I could shook my head at this b.i.t.c.h's heart.

While her other harem sisters were content in hiding in silence and keeping their emotions concealed in matters as insignificant as this one,

Faith still persisted on giving affection on the existence of these short lived mortals.

"You have my word, my Lady! I shall send the message right now!" the fat teacher promised and even tried to bow low with all his bulging belly could afford him.

He was comical to look at and indeed i even gave a chuckle or two at the performance of this funny fat f.u.c.k.

No matter where one went as long as he have absolute power above all then the rules and laws were mere printed words that was easily torn with but a single lick of violence.

I looked at my childish cla.s.smates and all i saw were tamed sheep.

The principles of the land had sheltered them today but for how long, that was a question that each of them would find out on their own.

But as for me, i never let anything hinder my will. If that would make me a wolf or a demon, i cared not for such designations.

After all, there was still so much to experience and many more delicious women to taste.

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The Harem King Chapter 120

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