The Harem King 121 Chapter 121

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"Now that we have that out of the way, let us start our cla.s.s for today." the fat teacher said after he completed honoring my beautiful c.u.n.t with one bow.

Though he had a hard time doing that but at least his efforts were not for naught because it made me look at him at a much fonder annoyance to my eyes.

"I am Teacher Robin Jacobs." the man saluted at me and my ladies before continuing further.

"Ehem..." the fat teacher cleared his throat and stood straighter that had his epic belly bloom in obvious abundance to us all.

But he was not a bit concerned by his funny stance at all as he tried to look dignified despite his physical peculiarities.

The b.u.t.tons on his suit strained against their bindings and i smiled at the st.u.r.dy craftsmans.h.i.+p of his garments.

Their apparent elasticity had indeed been customized to properly serve the giant man under its soft fabrics.

"The history of us evolvers are long and filled with the shadows of war and conflict. It is in the troubled times of uncertainty and death where we find the strength in us to reach another level.

A call to our blood that would make us transform, mutate, and become something else entirely. Something a lot stronger than before.

This has been the belief that has imprinted its truths ever since the first human evolvers had arisen. And so, all we do and all we ever did since the beginning of this semester was fight.

We battle until we could not stand anymore. Unless we could not lift a finger any longer, then we shall continue to crush every foe that barred out paths."

the fat man paused and i knew that he was only reiterating this rubbish for our sake.
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But i listened to it all as i really had nothing more important to do at the moment or in the next few decades for that matter.

I was going to be procrastinating my way out in this new life and enjoy the pleasures that was mine for the taking.

After all, i have all the time in the world and was not any more limited by the shackles of its wheel unlike these pitiful mortals who was borne and shall die by the earths that nourished them.

"So same as usual, random one on one matches." the teacher announced but quickly looked once again at our direction to offer some more words to say.

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The Harem King 121 Chapter 121

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