The Harem King 122 Chapter 122

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"Do anyone of your group wish to partake in this cla.s.s activity, Mr. Everhart?" the fat pig took a lowly stance which had clearly shown his shameless favor to me and my b.i.t.c.hes.

But more than that, he had also made an example for everyone else to follow so that now other deaths may happen in accident a second time for the day. Truly a cunning fox in a pig's skin.

This teacher was more interesting than the emotionless b.i.t.c.h on my previous cla.s.s.

"Having me join this circus is pointless. But watching these monkeys jump and roll would help me burn my boredom away. So kindly begin the show, Mr. Jacobs."

i answered with but a minuscule amount of respect which he earned by his huge amounts of self restraint.

"Okay then. Let the matches begin!" the fat pig squeaked loudly.

"BANG!" multiple illusory stages sprang into view after his words. On the center of these hazy colored platforms were the names of the combatants.

"April and Marco! To stage 1!"

"Next! Tyler and Rose! Stage 2!" Mr. Jacobs directed the children unto their duel arenas. In the end, 15 of such bouts were happening all at once.

The stage of battle solidified into substance when my cla.s.smates stepped unto their designated floors.

And with no surprise whatsoever, each contenders began to fight it out like their lives depended on its results.




"CRAs.h.!.+" the violent repercussions of their unrestrained skirmish brought about the familiar atmosphere of war. Blood flowed and there were some who even lost their limbs in the process.
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Others were even nefarious enough to gouge her opponent's eye out using one of her hands that had now changed into sharp claws especially effective for such works.

Alas, the technology at hand had already reached a point that it could even bring back damaged tissues anew so such injuries was really not life threatening at all.

Perhaps only the brain remained the greatest weakness in an activity like this. Sigh! I watched in lament at the barbarity of these apes.

With such methods, they could only forcefully awaken their genes innate talents to the Ascendant Realm or to use their power levels, a Level 5 evolver.

Beyond that stage was of course becoming an Immortal Cultivator. And for them to reach that point, they shall be in dire need of the natural resources in the world.

And as such, their was only one possible path that awaited them. To consume and devour the very things that made them human to begin with. Either their own kind or that of other beings of power.

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The Harem King 122 Chapter 122

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