The Harem King 123 Chapter 123

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Of course they could always eat the natural products of the world such as the mystical plants and heavenly treasures borne for thousands and millions of years to bear fruit.

But that was far widely extinct in this technological world. Most of them will have to travel out and search in the distant lands in order to see even one leaf of what they sought.

And to what end, i could only a.s.sume a disastrous fate and no other.

Though some had made it out in the long years of their history but those were sheltered by the hidden families that choose to stay out of sight behind the veil of mist.

Calmly steering the direction of the world in the pits of the dark, fully aware that the light of this civilization would not embrace them for who they were and what they have done.

Tsk. Tsk. I laughed at the conflicted emotions of these ant's forebears. One who can't face their true selves and accept the guilt for what they have become. The true definition of the word hypocrite.

The thought made me smile.

"BANG!" the battles continued to take their turns in full before our eyes. The winners fought with each other until only a lone girl had won the solitary prize at the end.

"Winter! 1st Place! 100 bottles of Body Tempering Liquid as reward!"

"Marco! 2nd Place! 50 bottles of Body Tempering Liquid as reward!"
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"Desiree!..." a cold tin can voice announced the results of the matches. The circus had only taken about one hour of the cla.s.s' time.

An hour more of this useless reliving of normality and i would get to see my sisters again. This was honestly all i've been waiting for throughout the day. To spend time with them and make them happy.

I long for the time when i'll get to train them so that they can become immortal beings themselves.

And there was also my parents. Hmmmm... To trick them into practicing any of the cultivation manuals would indeed be a hard task to do.

But i still have time. Kiera and Stephany would be first and my parents would take next. Soon. I grew ever excited for the future and i can't wait anymore for this cla.s.s to end.

"Since we are done with the first lesson of the cla.s.s and all of you are in good health again, then let us examine your strengths, weaknesses, and strategies in the..." the fat teacher said.

"Excuse me, Teacher Jacobs." a soft voice gently interrupted him in midspeech. I frowned at this development.

I had long antic.i.p.ated that this would happen but extremely wished that it would not. Sigh! Here they go again.

"What is it, my Lady?" the teacher addressed a woman from one of my b.i.t.c.hes.

This was definitely not Faith this time around but he was still prudent enough to reply with nothing but the utmost respect he could fake.

"Can we use one of your stage while you continue your lesson? This won't take long and we promise we'll keep quiet." my c.u.n.t said her request.

"Of course, my Lady! The facilities of my cla.s.sroom is always available for your use." our teacher replied. He even nodded his head repeatedly in conjunction with his words.

"Thank you very much, Teacher Jacobs!" the woman said and even smiled enticingly unto the fat man amidst a sea of teens.

"Care for some exercise, Alwyn?"

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The Harem King 123 Chapter 123

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