The Harem King 24 Chapter 24

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"AHHHHHHHH!" that was the third one who got his eggs broken by me. HAHAHA! Although the suits afforded protection but that did not mean we'd never feel any pain when taking hits.

That was only there to avoid unnecessary deaths especially with how rare these gifted were.

"I give up!"

"Don't come! Get away from me! Let me out of here!" And the rest of the team crumbled with our dominant performance.


"Team 17 wins!" our unseen referee announced.

"Yehey! We did it!"


"That was fun!"


My four lovely birds surrounded me in jubilation.

b.r.e.a.s.t.s were rubbed shamelessly but i was oblivious to it all.

HAHAHA! I knew it was because of my influence on them. s.e.xual attraction was not a thing to scoffed at. It was real and it was out there. HAHAHA!

"We still have 9 more teams to face, girls." i smiled at my gorgeous possessions.

A coin toss, 7 battles and 69 minutes later...

"The next one will be a three way battle. Same rules. Begin!" my teacher announced.

We were the lucky ones who did not fight a third time due to the uneven number of the remaining teams.

Well, I may have flipped the coin a bit for our favor. HAHAHA! Who would want to engage in useless fights than what was necessary?

"Battle starts in...




A humourless voice began its countdown...

"FIGHT!" and ended with a very dramatic effect that aptly stimulated the combatants within.

"BOOM!" a foot crushed the surface it perched upon that signalled the first offensive that was thrown.

15 of us inside the stage and my beautiful teacher picked me first as her opponent. HAHAHA!

Very predictable. Her eyes turned crimson same as the malignant ooze of power around her.

She flew at an unbelievable speed and I was quite sure that my cla.s.smates could never track her form with their naked eyes.




Lillian's attacks were so powerful that most of the remaining combatants within just looked at us with shocked expressions.

But they were more stunned by how easily I dodged all kicks and punches delivered by our lovely teacher.

"Why did you stop?" I asked after 10 minutes of battle.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"What do you mean?" I answered with a question. HAHAHA!

"You are not a student! Are you a level 5 evolver?" she asked once more. Level 1 evolvers were those who had abilities but fail to totally control that power yet.

The most famous example of this was Clark Mason, The Sorry Teleporter. HAHAHA! He wanted to go places and preferred to reach the sky in a single jump.

And he got his wish. With one blink, he transported into s.p.a.ce and breathed no more. Can't be too hasty in these times. HAHAHA!

Only those people who can wield their power at their fingertips with a hundred percent accuracy were called Level 2 Evolvers.

And from that point on, one needed to go into missions to raise their ranks as Evolvers.

"Why should I tell you, Lillian? You are nothing but my toy to play with. Now would be a good time to show you your place. Come here." I instructed and her steps took her directly before me.

"What are you doing?! There are students looking at us!" my b.i.t.c.h panicked after I held her face close to mine.

"What's wrong, Miss Lillian? Make love, not war. Correct?" I said and kissed her for a whole minute. I did not stop there and planted her body tightly on my own.

My c.o.c.k sprang rigidly in her belly and I believe that she felt that all too clearly. HAHAHA!

"See you tonight, c.u.n.t." I whispered after out wet kiss and she never heard the rest of what followed.


"What happened?"

"Can his kiss make someone fall asleep?" the morons asked themselves after they saw me countered the fast movements of our teacher and suddenly planted a soft kiss on her delicious lips.

"So… do any of you want to have a kiss also?" I addressed the remaining 9 students. HAHAHA!

The Harem King 24 Chapter 24

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