The Harem King 25 Chapter 25

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"Cheers!" we shouted in chorus. My dolls and I had just taken a sumptuous dinner and we're now celebrating our victory earlier in the day.

The expensive wines served us well with its seasoned taste. And after a pair of them done and emptied, all of us felt how great it was to be alive.

That rare heightened feeling of being in the moment and enjoying every second of it. A tasty by product of the spirits we drank.



"TUGS!" loud music was surrounding us and the mood to party was very suitable for the club's goers.

"Do you have a girlfriend, Damon?" Beatrice whispered to my ears. She and Candice were on each of my arms while Anastasia and Daisy were seated in front of us.

Beatrice really wanted to get a piece of me because her soft b.r.e.a.s.t.s were deeply plastered on one my arms. And she was not the least bit shy about what she wanted.

I love women who were sure of themselves and knew how to take the initiative. Forcing women to f.u.c.k me was getting old pretty fast.

But on second thought, what I was doing now wasn't that much different after all. HAHAHA! But who cares?

"I do have a girlfriend. Three of them in fact. And you've all met one of them." I smiled and made my voice loud enough for the four of them to hear me.

"Ohhh…" they were disappointed and it showed on their faces. Innocent and idealistic. These girls all dreamt of romance but sadly, I was not the faithful kind.

"Who is it?" Candice asked on my left.

"Take a guess." I replied.








"Nope." They all took their turns but found nothing but the same answer from me.

"Tell us!" and the girls acted like spoiled b.i.t.c.hes. Not that I blame them. Each was definitely a great ride to be on. And I intend to be the first one to taste their fresh juices.

"Only if all of you can keep it a secret." I teased. Not like it needed to be hidden though. That c.u.n.t will join my harem this very night.

"Sure. You can trust us." And they pledged like little babies. I waited for them to offer me pinky swears but that did not come though. What a relief!

"Okay then. It's Miss Lillian." I finally revealed after ten breaths of suspense.

"Teacher Amber?!" HAHAHA! They were delicious to look at with how surprised they were. Should I f.u.c.k them all tonight? Hmmmm…. Let's see.

"Why? Am I not man enough for her?" I joked.

"It's just that…" Daisy was the one to answer.

"she's older?" and I finished for her.

She only nodded in a.s.sent.

"Well, mature women are more experienced and you should have seen her in bed.

She could drive me all day and never got tired of it all until she'd lost count of how many times she's c.u.m." I added too much information for effect.

"Ehem. Sorry for the cra.s.s talk." And apologized like a gentleman that I was not. HAHAHA!

"No uh… It's okay. We're big girls already and we can take some naughty talks. Isn't that right, Team 17?" Beatrice led the group astray.

But the rest only shyly nodded in silence. Their flushed face was a lovely hue to witness and I could notice that the 2 rounds of drinks had already made them a little bit lightheaded.

They were surely not that used to drinking. But they will be. Soon enough. A master got to tame his pets well. HAHAHA!

"So we know that you're into older women, Damon.

But what do you think about young ones?" Beatrice asked again while her right hand softly landed on top of my pants and her motion did not simply stop at that landing.

Seemed like the question above just got answered for me. HAHAHA!

The Harem King 25 Chapter 25

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