The Harem King 33 Chapter 33

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"Are you ready to hear the wise advice of the learned?" the metal trash continued to act on its delusions.

"Yes." I answered briefly.

"Very good. This would take at least 3 months to finish so you better keep your ears open. Where do I begin? Oh yeah, that's right.

At the very start! HAHAHA! Once upon a time, there was…" and I had no choice but to hear some more nonsense from the ghostly f.u.c.k.

Exactly 3 years later…

"To make the long story short, the answer would be yes. You can f.u.c.k a woman as long as she does not have all qualities that was specified by the host.

And that concludes our lesson for today! HAHAHA! Do I hear someone's heart breaking in joy?" the fool asked but I did not spend another second of my time to hear useless garbage anymore.

The G.o.ds above knew that I've had enough of it to last me a lifetime already. HAHAHA! Now it was time to go back.

Although this place didn't let me die in hunger or thirst but I still missed the feel and taste of food in my mouth. I was on an imaginary starvation at the moment. HAHAHA!

"See you around, Wise Sage!" I bade the unseen AI farewell. It was not a good idea to antagonize someone who might be a good ally in the future.

Nomad wasn't that bad at all. If it only lessened the flood of rubbish that came off its metallic mouth. HAHAHA!

I smiled and thought of a point in time to return to. My vision blurred and shortly afterwards, I was back in admiring the scene of the past.

To where the city gates decorated my vision in full with no one else but me in the immediate vicinity of the area.

"What a good night to be alive." I whispered inaudibly and marveled at the bright moon above.

I hadn't noticed this season of the day before because of the automatic lighting that my battle suit afforded. So that was why this place appeared so deserted. I muttered.

"Computer, check for any person or persons with different energy signatures from the rest of the populace inside the city." I said out loud but my voice carried no further than an arm's reach.

"Found 1 match to the search. Target's location is approximately 1.4 kilometers north of your position." my capable a.s.sistant in the sky responded after three breaths.

"Show me the image of the target." I instructed again and whistled promptly in appreciation. What appeared before my eyes was the elegant form of a woman.

She was seated in a lotus position with her eyes closed in meditation. The sensors picked up the heat from her body and around her figure as it rose steadily with every breath she took.

Although I could not see her face but the s.e.xy curves of her body promised much more than my wild imaginings. I felt my c.o.c.k hardened at the first woman I saw in years.

Hmmm… First real woman figure… But who cares, right? It was the same difference after all. HAHAHA!

Judging from what I saw at the last moments before I welcomed my untimely death, these people did not rely on guns or any apparent technology.

They were old school with swords and arrows. But that can't be right since my battle suit was torn with but a single engagement and with me not knowing how it happened.

It took only a flash to bypa.s.s my defenses. One that could even stay unscathed amidst a nuclear blast at point blank.

The information I gathered was very contradictory. Well, time to call for mama's help again. HAHAHA!

"Computer, show records that matched beings with energy signatures equal to or closest to what the woman is currently exuding." I ordered my able tool.

"Searching database…

Found 7,379,206 possible matches…

Acquiring the most viewed one…

Playing video clip in



1…" the computer on my wars.h.i.+p responded in a timely manner and what followed was a battle for the ages. Human Supreme vs Alien Supreme!

Hmmm… I looked around to look for popcorns but found none.


I should have brought lots of snack food with me. But well, maybe next time! HAHAHA!

The Harem King 33 Chapter 33

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