The Harem King 34 Chapter 34

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"BANG!" the heavens quaked and the void rippled amidst the chaotic forces that ran freely between two combatants.

One side numbered in the trillions before while the other only a measly thousand. But within a span of one day, only these two mighty warriors stood to face one another.

The rest had all been slain with each other's respective hands. HAHAHA! I admired the wise thoughts of them both as they made sure that none of their foe's subordinates returned alive to fight another day.

"Go back, Flame Sovereign. This domain is so vast. Why take an interest in this little piece of heaven we've made for ourselves?" I heard one of the two speak aloud.

My perspective originated particularly at this man. A boy really. His face spoke of immaturity and innocence which was in direct contrast to the serious words he uttered.

This boy wore a modish business suit as it fully decorated his figure with a formal grace that cannot be owned by a being his age.

And aside from the appearance of youth, only his hair the color of silver made a p.r.o.nounced peculiarity unto his person. What a cool child! I muttered as I watched the scene unfold before my eyes.

"CRACK!" and I imagined the pretend pop of corns while I chew an empty mouth during the play. HAHAHA!

"You are mere beasts, Alexis. Your kind deserve no place in existence.

Kindly surrender and serve us well. A destiny your people were meant to be from the very beginning. Slaves." the video captured clearly the response of the opposite party.

This one wore a flashy robe with the colors of blood and fire as motif unto his long gown. He wore his raven hair long and in his eyes were the spews of crimson amidst the darkness of the void.

"We only want to live and be at peace with everyone. Can we at least be friends and be good neighbors in this vast universe?

You should know that your kind and mine are not the only beings of power in this film of reality." the boy replied.

"You're right. We also want peace. And that's exactly why we're doing this. Talk is for the hopeful, Alexis. A thing that I no longer have nor had any wish to regain." the man muttered.

"You are ill, Flame Sovereign. Is that why they're throwing you under the bus?"

"HAHAHA! A good one. I don't know what a bus is but I get your point, Alexis. Indeed, that's precisely why I'm throwing myself to fight in battle. Not them! But this is my decision! Mine alone!"

"You came here to die."

"I came here to die. But I will not be alone. Come Alexis, join me in eternal slumber!" and then the battle between the last survivors began. HAHAHA!

There were many explosions and the screen in my front blurred and shattered with countless s.p.a.ce debris that resulted from this epic war.

And I relished this battle to the end. This was a thousand times better than the movies! HAHAHA!

6 days later…

"BOOM!" a last showcase of might and magic rocked the emptiness of s.p.a.ce. The boy has now turned into a gigantic black ma.s.s.

A true monster that caused destruction with every swipe of its sharp claws and large energy expulsions it emitted from its horrendous mouth.

While the man sat with his legs crossed as 8 suns surrounded his body in the void. His form was resplendent like a G.o.d facing a monster in a battle for supremacy.

"That was a good fight. HAHAHA! Thank you, Alexis. And I'm sorry it had to be this way. Farewell."

the man said his last before the brightness of his presence dimmed until he, along with his summoned eight creations, vanished in nihility and breathed no more.

"Show yourself!" the monster cried out loud. But try as he might, nothing answered him as his life force was steadily fading with every pa.s.sing second.

"You were careless, Alexis of New Earth." a voice echoed in the vacancy of s.p.a.ce.

"There… will be… others… after me… Y…" the monster muttered in strain and shortly after, his body crumbled to dust and scattered to parts unknown.

What was left in his place was a tiny item. A weapon. A dagger of death. And a breath after, there was a cloaked figure who materialized from nowhere.

He recaptured the dagger, then turned around to look directly at the screen.

"Serve us or die. That is your only choice, mortals." this was the last words before the display before me turned dark. I paused and asked aloud.

"How am I going to fight against that?" HAHAHA!

The Harem King 34 Chapter 34

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