Heaven Revolting Garuda 1 Accident 1

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Jake a 18 yeard old boy selling flowers with a smile plastered to his face thinking about his past .

Actually he used to have a family when he is in middle school his both parents were addicted to extreme sports his dad is a famous stunt man while his mother is one too both are a good pair what happened is 3 years ago after his birthday party they took him and his sister cathy to a vacation he still remembers it ........

both his parents were on paragliding he & his sister is filming them their parents were enjoying and shouting wooohhh yaaayyyy enjoying their thrilling experiences thats the last time he saw their last smile

suddenly the sky was darkened as of its doom is arriving like

whoosh whoosh

hua hua hua boom boom bang

thunders and stroms are raised and suddenly a bright blue fire like meteor is flowm down to earth some where near yet far place to jake where there their parents where caught in the strom and died only after several daysrescue team found their parents bodies

In a blink a happy family was shattered their cozy family was destroyed all their hopes were destroyed his sister cathy was only 8 years old she cried until 3 days all the money their parents saved was spent for their house loans and the compensation offered by thegovernament also gone they left with only their house and his dads car he stopped after his middle school and started doing part time jobs to let his sister educated and to run his home

Remembering such scene fills jake with anger what his family done this should happen with them all his peers were attending high school and enjoying their life but he got stuck here with such a life but after some time his anger subsided he gently smiled at his fate let gone his anger and accepted it

he is doing 5 part time jobs to feed his sister and for paying her tution fees

Actually he is waiting for his sister to walk her home he promised cathy that he will buy her favorite ice cream if she perfom well on her exams so he is waiting while selling his flowers on street

After 5 min he heared a shout after turning his head he saw a girl holding an answer sheet with a huge smile on her face after seeing such a huge smile his work stress all gone like poof

"Brother i scored 85 marks " says cathy while shouting she forgot all her surroundings due to that happiness .Both are apart a signal crossing without looking at the signal as she ran to her brother

suddenly 'HONK HONK HONK.... 'a series of sounds were echoed a truck is das.h.i.+ng at them out of controlwith full speed and cathy got scared her legs are wobbled and got soft without thinking twice jake shouted and ran towards her and thrown out of the range while escaping the disaster and bus driver applied sudden brakes and got crashed into signal pole with a booommmm

he smiled and thought both are fine looking a the crashed truck but a female shriek kahhhhhhhhhh woken him up looking at his sister lying in the pool of blood

before 2 min " After he pushed his sister out of the truck cathy got hurt her head"

Heaven Revolting Garuda 1 Accident 1

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