Heaven Revolting Garuda 2 Accident 2

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Its been two days cathy was hospitalised

"she is in coma" doctor declared .Jake was devastated when he heard that news

He is silently sitting near cathy over two days without any rest hoping that she would wake up but she didn't ,because of tirednesshe fall asleep.

Nurse woke him up for cathy's medicines and bills for hospital nowadays hospitals only work for money "There is no free lunch in World ."

Jake checked his mobile ,On his phone screen


Account no 16************87

Account bal 100 $

And the medicne bills almost cost him left with only 100$ remained with him.Now he has to earn more money for his sister's hospital and medicinal bills .

The thoughts he had in mind was " work enough to attain such money ,sell his house ,or do any kind of job to make money"

He immediately rejected the second & third ideas because his house and their parents memories are in it and he didn't forgot their teachings as well.

He want to work or raise money by loan he has his plans and he returned to hospital ward where his sister has been kept .

Suddenly with a bang the door was opened two men with suits smiling they introduced themselves .

At first jake was in shock he adjusted his state of mind and remembered what they said

Two men were one black and one white ,whose names was Michael and Jhon .They said that they were from a research organisation who want to ask jake to partic.i.p.ate in their project .In return they will make sure to take care of cathy's health .

He surprised that he heard them saying not to cover hospital bills but make sure to wake up his sis from coma and recover her health.

Heaven Revolting Garuda 2 Accident 2

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