Heaven Revolting Garuda 17 Reunion

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Jake is elated he can finally see his sister ,he can't sit still on chopper ,he is both nervous and joy and can't wait to meet his sister. Black Cat laughed and said " patience Jake you have waited for your sister about nearly a year what about a few more minutes ."

It took two hours journey to reach their destination and finally they reached their destination ,it is a big white villa ,a huge mansion with neat garden and a helipad and the chopper landed on helipad then Jake can see Jhon and Michael running there to open the doors of the chopper .

Then both Jake and Black Cat got down from the chopper and Jake greeted both of them ,while they greeted black cat with respect, Jake didn't care about it and aked them " where is my sister and how well is she "

To that both Jhon and Michael laughed and said " Hi ,boy seems that you survived in there well ,and about your sister she is with our family ."

They took both Jake and Black Cat inside the villa and there are some indistinct sounds were heard like children are laughing and playing ,to that Jake looked and found his sister was playing badminton with other girl ,both if them are constantly talking and enjoying their play.To that Jake looked at Jhon and Michael for them to answer what was happening.

Actually boy your sister recovered five days ago and started asking about you and you were training with master so we can't disturb you so we said to your sister that you will come after few days and she is currently playing with our daughter ,you know she blended in our family and become a family member in very short time. Our kids like her too much you see .

Jake was angry that they delayed that matter about his sister recovery and astonished about their procedure to let someone recover fastly without side effects and gone running towards his sister calling CATHY ,CATHY .

Hearing shouts Cathy looked toward Jake and her eyes grew moist and started crying and ran towards her brother and both of them hugged and cried for a long time and cathy asked Jake where was he and when will they leave to their own house she said to Jake that She misses old home so much than anything.

Jake didn't reply to cathy's questions just hugged her and allowed time go pa.s.s and enjoyed their reunion all the work and effort he put was finally got worked ,his sister was safe and fine ,then he turned to Jhon & Michael and bowed to them and thanked them.

After wards all of them enjoyed their dinner with Jhon and Micheal families and they drank happily and the girls all gone tired witb party and slept ,Jake gone to the guest room and slept. In the middle of the night someone opened his door Jake got awake easily even when small sound he hears he found that his sister cathy opened and he relaxed his senses and gone to sleep ,then cathy gone near to him and hugged Jake and slept with him ,she missed her brother ,even though he changed a bit he still is her brother .

Heaven Revolting Garuda 17 Reunion

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