Heaven Revolting Garuda 18 Preparation For 'Test 3'

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Next day, Jake woke up early as he got used to the training time and saw his sister sleeping soundly with a cute expression , Jake felt her sister was too adorable ,he gone to brush and after bathing he came to the guest room and found his sister was still sleeping ,he thought that he was early riser and its not even past six'o clock which teenager will get up so early apart from their examination days and didn't make any noise and gone out of the room and started doing sit up's and squats etc .

Jake learned one thing that is never neglect your body ,always make it stronger he thought ,he usually do six sets of each exercise and that will be his morning work out after that he'll do weight liftings and then starts to box with sandbag ,his morning routine is clear. Nowadays he is noticing continuous changes in his body ,his strength , agility ,stamina all are increasing at a rapid rate. In an official fight with out any techniques only with raw power he can be compared to black cat.

Black Cat looked him from window and started thinking her own plans and schemes in her mind and appeared before Jake and asked " Jake after all this experiment thing completes and you'll be relieved and you can't show your strength anywhere else otherwise it'll become a big problem for organisation to solve ,So why don't you work for me ,with the authority I have I can invite you in my faction ,ofcourse other factions will also started noticing you ,you can choose whichever faction you want join " said Black Cat

To that Jake replied " first let the experiment complete even I want to know what he final test is , after that I'll decide wheter to work with you or not. "

As the days continued to pa.s.s ,every ten days Jake needed to take the FROZEN FLUID OF ATLANTIS and it's concentration is increasing for every dose he takes , and Cathy is still at the villa with Jhon and Michael families. They treated Cathy like their own child and they continued to live happily .

Well happy times are short lived ,six months pa.s.sed Jake strength grown along side and his body started developing antibodies that which counter the FROZEN FLUID OF ATLANTIS , the cold aura emits from him can easily froze ordinary man into an ice block if he focus his gaze for about a 30 seconds ,but the organisation didn't see him as a a.s.set they rather use him as a lab rat .That's why they never taught him any martial techniques or anything but he himself only practiced BLOOD ORIGIN SUTRA.

Jake didn't care about it ,what if they're using him ,his worry about his sister finally cleared ,his sister is studying in a good school than previous and she's not alone she got friends and smiling a lot than when she's home .

Heaven Revolting Garuda 18 Preparation For 'Test 3'

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