Heaven Revolting Garuda 19 Shocking Revelation

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Jake was happy and he wants that after all this ends he wants to work with Black Cat and he cannot forget her help when Jhon and Michael mentioned that she's the one who came to find him and want to help him throgh organisation ,Jake still had doubts like they don't know her why will someone help anyone wantedly there is no free lunch in this cruel world ,he didn't know the motive of Black Cat want him to be a lab rat ,did she know that he'll pa.s.s with 100% ,he can't wait to get to know this answers but his other conscious telling him that she saved your sister and you're doubting on her ,shame on you ,like that his conscious and sub conscious mind are fighting.

Jake thrown this question out of his mind and gone to the squirrel for his last dose of the fluid ,he dressed himself with a special suit to restrain the cold ,but Jake doesn'g need one he can barehandly catch that liquid but its somewhat cold be thought ,by 7 hrs the process was complete ,while he was waking up ,he heard Squirrel wispher him that ,if you want to learn truth then watch this alone don't believe anyone and pushed a memory chip in to my hands .

Jake stashed it away and returned to his room and asked Black Cat that when will 3 test will start ,to that she replied " It will start 3 days from now " ,he then asked Black Cat that he want to spend this 3 days with his sister, to that Black Cat agreed after sometime and told me that before the day of experiment he should stay one day so he has only two days .

Jake returned to the villa and at midnight he secretly bought mini laptop to his bathroom and started inserting memory chip to card reader and then to laptop .

On laptop screen he saw only one file stating PROJECT ATLANTIS ,then he clicked open it he found two sub files stating : PHOTOS VIDEOS

Jake opened photo section ,he found a big gla.s.s tank in middle of that a rock was floating and it is releasing a chilly cold aura ,the picture stating that the rock is releasing a blue color fluid ,Jake understood where the FROZEN FLUID OF ATLANTIS now came from that is from that big rock , there was only one photo ,Jake thought that the scientist was a stingy for only one photo .

Then without delay Jake opened second file it's not a video it is a voice recorded type of file with about 9 minutes , Jake put on his head phones and started listening to it ,then a mechamical clingy voice started speaking ,jake thought that squirrel did his best to hide all the trails of his presence in the voice clip.

Heaven Revolting Garuda 19 Shocking Revelation

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