Heaven Revolting Garuda 20 Shocking Revelation!!! 2

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Jake didn't know what squirrel will explain him or what does he want from him ,without further thinkings he waited to watch the video that ' evidence ' squirrel was referring to .

In that video started going on and the look of the Jake is getting worse and worse by every second ,after looking that video he ddn't have will to place trust on anyone ,rather he doesn't want to believe anyone because the content made him think so.

In that video Jake saw the conversation between Squirrel and Black Cat about him and about the accident occur on that day and who is responsible for his sister's condition.

(In chapter 16 discussion about squirrel and black cat)

Jake felt rage, utter rage ,the gall Black Cat has " she herself injured his sister and saved them like a messiah" ,she made fool out of Jake ,how pitifully he has been begging culprit to save his sister ,she must have been laughing like h.e.l.l thinking about Jake's foolishness.

For a stupid research and for her own interest she is hurting people on her own will and destroying their daily happy life that his sister and Jake has , he always thinks how to repay her favour and all but facts slapped on his face in such a way that his belief to trust the people has fallen into abyss.

On his mind the respect to the Black Cat he had disappeared into nothing ,only the word REVENGE emerged ,he has to take revenge for sending Cathy into coma ,the hards.h.i.+ps he suffered and most importantly destroying his trust.

After this Jake remembered one thing that is "NEVER PLACE YOUR TRUST ON ANYONE BECAUSE ONLY THEY'LL BETRAY YOU ".

At the end of the video he caught a note ,just a number and under it said "In your backpack search patiently then you'll find it ,don't call with any other phone".

Jake then ran to the backpack and searched for phone ,only after searching carefully for about five minutes did he find it ,they have hidden it inside by making a secret compartmemt.

Jake dialed the number on the video with that phone ,it rang for about a 10 seconds and the other side someone picked it up and a hoa.r.s.e voice replied ' h.e.l.lo '

" who are you ? ,why do you goto such lengths to talk to me ? ", asked Jake.

" Patience boy , didn't Black Cat taught you ' one must be patient enough while discussing something important " said other voice .

" My name is Viktor " said the other one and I want to offer you a deal ,will you accept it or not " said Viktor ,his voice sounded devoid of emotions.

Heaven Revolting Garuda 20 Shocking Revelation!!! 2

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