Female Protagonist Is A Blackened Villainess Chapter 74

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Published at 1st of November 2019 09:01:38 AM Chapter 74

Chapter 74: An Unusual Change Suddenly Transpired

Translator & Editor: Nothingisit4me

Proofreader: Illya

(TLN: 5 more ch~)

Long s.h.i.+yan returned to the bedroom and pushed open the door, only to see an empty room . There were no signs of Zi Linglong’s shadow . She couldn’t help but frown . “Linglong?”


She called out a few more times, but no one responded .

Long s.h.i.+yan began to look through the restrooms, other bedrooms, warehouses, kitchens, etc . After looking through various parts of the house, she couldn’t find a trace of Zi Linglong .

She called for the system, but the system never appeared .

This made Long s.h.i.+yan feel uneasy . Just a moment ago, the Red Yin Demon Star suddenly appeared in the sky but was shackled by chains before disappearing . Now that Zi Linglong was gone, she thought of all kinds of possibilities .

Of course, she was not certain of anything .

Maybe Zi Linglong just got up and didn’t see her, so she ran out to find her .

Thinking this way, her mood finally became better . She laid down on the bed, closing her eyes to arrange her thoughts .

Behind her, there must be some larger ent.i.ty that was manipulating her . She was unable to find out anything from the system as she did well with concealing all facts . The only thing she knew now was that Zi Linglong may have encountered an accident . Knowing this, she could consider many factors .

First, the system seemed to be afraid of Zi Linglong’s berserk state, which Zi Linglong used to deal with the tyrannical Long Aotian . On that day, Long s.h.i.+yan was on the verge of breaking through into the Saint realm, so she did not have enough strength to call for the system . However, the system was undoubtedly nearby but did not come over even though Long s.h.i.+yan could sense her presence . Now, as long as she mentioned Zi Linglong’s red star, the system would find a way to beat around the bush, which indicated that there was something wrong .

Then, she discovered that there wasn’t just one Long Aotian but many .

The purpose of the system was to make her get rid of Long Aotian to maintain the world’s order . Furthermore, the system was against the will of the world . To defeat her main enemy, Long Aotian, she summoned the Radiant G.o.d . Afterward, the Radiant G.o.d gave her a treasure . When she was in danger, she could use this treasure to escape from the trouble involving Zi Linglong .


Why did the Radiant G.o.d mention Zi Linglong?

What was the history between the Radiant G.o.d and Zi Linglong?

It could be said that Radiant G.o.d was the most influential G.o.d in the world, and one of the largest villains in the original work . The Radiant G.o.d’s strength was unquestionable, much stronger than the will of the world . Wasn’t the will of the world already so powerful?

Long s.h.i.+yan didn’t know, but she knew that there was one person who was stronger than both of them—the Creation G.o.d .

The whole world was created by the Creation G.o.d . From the details, she could also infer that the will of the world was the Creation G.o.d’s child . The Creation G.o.d also made the twelve ancient G.o.ds who defended the world .

They called him the “Father G.o.d . ”

If the Creation G.o.d was the father of the will of the world, then they should be companions . Since the will of the world was the system’s enemy, the Creation G.o.d should also be their enemy .

However, if this was the case, then with Creation G.o.d’s downfall, he would fall too . Even if it was System Qian Qian, she would not be able to stop this!

In other words, they could stay here for a bit longer . It was very likely that the Creation G.o.d was asleep . But if the G.o.d of Creation was asleep, whose hand was that? Some other G.o.d?


Long s.h.i.+yan was sure that the owner of the enormous hand was the Creation G.o.d . According to the plot from the original work, the Creation G.o.d sealed the Red Yin Demon Star . The chains wrapping around the red star were probably the Creation G.o.d’s seal .  

But this shouldn’t be right . Since she eliminated the Creation G.o.d’s enemy, Long Aotian, it should be some other party than the Creation G.o.d .

The more she thought, the more confused she became . This was totally different from the original work . She had to think with her head, but nothing came up . Looking at the time, it was noon .

Zi Linglong still did not come back .

This time, Long s.h.i.+yan was actually panicking . She quickly got up and ran out with a taut face .

She checked the dean’s room, asked the members of the Holy Spirit Group and the school’s teacher, etc . However, there were no signs of Zi Linglong . She also searched around the school’s campus, but she still could not find her . Although she called for the system, she never responded .

At that moment, Long s.h.i.+yan felt that she was abandoned by everyone .

Long s.h.i.+yan madly ran around the school to find her, even if it was blind faith for believing that she was still here . She even utilized her Saint-level domain but still could not find her . Then, she departed from the school and flew above Doomsday City for a more extensive search .

However, she could not locate Zi Linglong’s presence .

Since she could not find anyone despite doing this, this indicated that Zi Linglong had left the Holy Spirit School and Doomsday City .

How was that possible?! How could she suddenly leave?!

Long s.h.i.+yan clenched her jaw . She was not willing to blindly search again after spending the whole afternoon for naught . All she thought about was that this matter was related to the red star event this morning .

The system might also know something, but she wouldn’t answer her calls .

She was so angry that she returned to school with her shoulders . She did not return to the bedroom . Instead, she went to the hill behind and despondently sat in the hot water, watching the pouring waterfall .

This was one of the memorable places where she often spent her time practicing with Zi Linglong . But now, she was left alone .

Clear teardrops fell from her eyes . Long s.h.i.+yan blinked but did not wipe them away . Instead, she ridiculed herself . “Long s.h.i.+yan, oh Long s.h.i.+yan! You didn’t expect that you’d get what you deserved today . Only after Zi Linglong was gone did you realize your feelings for her!”

Long s.h.i.+yan understood that Zi Linglong must have encountered something terrible, perhaps related to her life . It could have been something that her elder sister couldn’t solve, so she left without telling her .

It was probably to keep Long s.h.i.+yan from being heart-broken .

This was exactly what she often did to Zi Linglong!

However, it felt so difficult to bear .

Observing her reflection on the water, Long s.h.i.+yan saw that her face was filled with despair and self-depreciation . She really didn’t think she would have such a day . She originally wanted to go back to earth and leave Zi Linglong . But before she went, Zi Linglong left by herself . This had to be utterly ironic .

As the day approached its end, the evening glowed like the flames a phoenix wielded . Soon, the cold moon appeared, symbolizing that night was coming, Long s.h.i.+yan sat on the edge of the water as if she were indifferent to this phenomenon .

“So it turns out that Elder Sister was here!”

A joyous voice echoed within the forest . The flame of hope within Long s.h.i.+yan that was about to extinguish had revitalized . She immediately turned around and saw that under the sunset, a figure stood there with a smile .

Before she could think, her body moved . Long s.h.i.+yan rushed towards her, throwing herself into her bosom . She hugged her waist tightly, refusing to let go .

“Elder Sister . ”

“Where did you go? I suffered a lot trying to find you . ”

Zi Linglong smiled and said, “I haven’t gone anywhere; I stayed within the school this entire time but Elder Sister couldn’t find me . But this is rare . I didn’t expect to see Elder Sister shedding tears . I thought that all you had was your cold and stone-like face, yet right now, you don’t care about appearances . ”

“Don’t be fooled!”

“Be careful! That guy isn’t Zi Linglong . ” Long s.h.i.+yan wanted to continue asking questions, but after hearing the desperate voice from behind her, she subconsciously pushed away from “Zi Linglong’s” embrace . However, a dagger stabbed into her back .

But she avoided getting hit in her vital areas .

“Unfortunate! Isn’t it a pity?” The fake Zi Linglong shook her head and sighed, and then, she proceeded to attack her . But she was forced to withdraw by countless of acupuncture needles shooting towards her . A black-robed figure suddenly came at fast speeds, and the two immediately fought against each other .

Long s.h.i.+yan pulled out the dagger and then closed her eyes . She quickly recovered using the power of faith, but she found that something about that dagger was very strange . She should have recovered in an instant, but it was taking longer for her to recover . Furthermore, the amount of faith being consumed was immense .

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that if this dagger had stabbed into her vitals, then, she would have most likely died . By the time she recovered, the two were finished fighting .

Long s.h.i.+yan lifted her gaze and found that the fake “Zi Linglong” had become the new Long Aotian, Ling Feng . The black-robed person’s appearance was also exposed . He had a soft and delicate feminine face that she had not seen before, but that person seemed familiar to her .

“Are you okay?” The black-robed person glanced at her .

“I’m fine, thank you . ” Long s.h.i.+yan still wants to ask who she was, but then she heard the new Long Aotian click his tongue and smile as he spoke . “Who am I? It turned out that you are the should-be-dead eunuch! Your vitality is really strong . You’re not only dead, but it seems that you have grown . ”

“Eunuch?” Long s.h.i.+yan wrinkled her brow .  Who is that?

The black-robed person ignored the new Long Aotian and faintly said, “Give that inheritance up, otherwise, you will regret this . ”

“Hahaha, I, Long Aotian, don’t need you to lecture me . This inheritance is very important to me . Although it currently cannot be integrated and I’m just in the Saint realm, I will soon become a G.o.d . The G.o.d of this world!” The new Long Aotian laughed madly and glared at him . “What qualifications do you have to say something like that to me?! Didn’t you defeat her before?! How come you suddenly came back to help her?! Do you think you are qualified to do so?!”

Long Aotian!

Long s.h.i.+yan’s mind trembled . Didn’t the system say that he was dead? How come he suddenly appeared here after changing so much . What was worse was that he saved himself .

Long s.h.i.+yan completely didn’t know what was going on .

The new Long Aotian said that Long Aotian was a eunuch . Was Long Aotian’s “thing” removed by him? While he was now half-male and half-female, he looked more like a woman, and his facial features were softer . His eyes were also as still as water without his past’s frivolity .

The black-robed person did not respond . Instead, he threw a bead and a key to Long s.h.i.+yan and said, “This bead is the one I stole from the system . It has the souls of the Long family . After everything is over, you can use it to resurrect your family . ”

“What?!” Long s.h.i.+yan couldn’t help but clutch on to the bead and asked, “Long Aotian, what do you intend to do!?”

“Nothing!” The black-robed person evaded her gaze and said, “I just want those who have been good to me to live properly and nothing more . My request isn’t much . Maybe you don’t believe me, but I am indeed helping you, wait, that’s not all! I’m helping myself because I want to live the life I want to live . ”

“What do you mean?” Long s.h.i.+yan gritted her teeth and clenched her fist tightly . She always felt that everyone here knew the truth behind the scenes, but she was the only one who remained ignorant . She was always instructed to do this and that; she was simply a stupid chess piece without will nor brain .

Up until now, she had even been unable to distinguish between her friends and foes . She found this foolish self absolutely unacceptable . Who was she fighting against? What was her goal? She did not know at all!

“Heh, have you finished reminiscing about the past? Why don’t you two talk about the past with this old man? Only two of you are too young to recall the old times together!” The new Long Aotian couldn’t stand being ignored, so he couldn’t help but begin making a move . “Hey! New eunuch, after losing your status as a man, how do you feel? Say exactly what you are thinking!” he spoke while attacking the black-robed person .

The two exchanged dozens of moves in an instant, then the black-robed person tossed countless of silver needles . Then, the black-robed person quickly pulled away from him and retreated to Long s.h.i.+yan’s side . He stated, “This key is for the tower . Perhaps you will need it in the future . Now, if I have a book with this guy, so I will go first . Remember, you must resurrect the Long family after everything is over . ”

He flew into the sky while telling the new Long Aotian below him, “Ling Feng, don’t you want to know the feeling of becoming a eunuch? If you have the courage to follow me, I will let you experience that bitter taste of loss . ”

“Oh no, you don’t!” The new Long Aotian sneered, following him .

“Tower . Of . Babel . ” As the two departed, Long s.h.i.+yan stayed in the same place and muttered to herself .

Female Protagonist Is A Blackened Villainess Chapter 74

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