Female Protagonist Is A Blackened Villainess Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: I Still Don't Understand the Problem

Translator & Editor: Nothingisit4me

Proofreader: Illya

Tower of Babel?

Wasn't that the ancient sky tower?

Long s.h.i.+yan no longer thought about it. She decided to rush to the dean's room to hand the bead with the Long family's souls over to Belinda and relayed a few words before leaving. She didn't know if she would survive this time, so the safest option was to hand the bead over to Belinda for safekeeping.

The ancient Tower of Babel was a place where Saints would train to become a G.o.d. There was a chance she couldn't return. However, G.o.d played one big joke one her.

The moment she started flying, she heard a familiar voice shouting, “Elder Sister, it's going to be dark, where are you going?! It's time for dinner!” Hearing this voice, Long s.h.i.+yan almost fell from the sky.

She confirmed once again and noticed that she really was Zi Linglong. However, she was not so gullible this time. After landing, she calmly asked, “Did you steal my purple-gold card five years ago?”

Zi Linglong's small face suddenly became rigid. She scratched her head and laughed. "Who in the world would remember such a thing after so long?!"

“You don't remember?” Long s.h.i.+yan took out her épée. “Heh, so you still want to deceive me!”

“Elder Sister, don't hit me.” Zi Linglong felt intimidated as she hid behind the school's pillars. She thought that Long s.h.i.+yan was going to spank her b.u.t.tocks. Seeing Long s.h.i.+yan sink into thought while slowly approaching her, she quickly confessed, “I—I can't keep it from you anymore! At that time, I used it to buy a super expensive cake. It's been such a long time, so how could Elder Sister remember? Elder Sister is really stingy!”

"Huh?" Zi Linglong had just finished speaking, but she felt that there was a person within her arms. She was confused. "Elder Sister, what's the matter with you?"

Long s.h.i.+yan did not answer. Zi Linglong felt something cold fall onto her bosom, making her panic. “E—Elder Sister, what's the matter with you?!” Long s.h.i.+yan wept. Yes, this was the very first time that Zi Linglong saw Long s.h.i.+yan cry.

“Elder Sister, don't cry! Elder Sister, don't cry!” She was so fl.u.s.tered that she had to press her head into her bosom. Then, she gently caressed Long s.h.i.+yan's shoulders with one hand just like how Long s.h.i.+yan would comfort her. “Who bullied Elder Sister? Tell Linglong, so Linglong could beat them up.”

Zi Linglong was at a loss. To think that even when Long s.h.i.+yan was facing a powerful enemy, she would never shed a tear. Now, it was really unheard of for Long s.h.i.+yan to cry in her arms like a child.

What was even more startling was that several students have emerged around them, all looking at them in disbelief. It could be said that this was similar to a rare piece of news that had not been seen before over hundreds of years.

Their indifferent little dean suddenly ran into the arms of the secondary head of the Holy Spirit Group and cried. Was the sky going to collapse?

In order to protect her elder sister's image, Zi Linglong helplessly laughed as she gave them prior notice. “Fellow Cla.s.smates, we will be leaving now!” In an instant, she gave Long s.h.i.+yan a princess carry as they suddenly vanished.

When she snapped out of it, they had already entered the bedroom. Long s.h.i.+yan seemed a lot better, but there were still tears on the rims of her eyes, but at least she was no longer crying silently.

“Where have gone all day?” Long s.h.i.+yan asked with a calm and collected expression.

"I was invited to the cooking area to be a judge for the day. What happened?" Zi Linglong was full of questions and continued, "Oh, that's right! This is my reward for being the cooking area's judge. It's super-duper delicious." Zi Linglong took out a lot of carefully designed boxed food from her spatial ring.

Long s.h.i.+yan observed the layout of this food; it seemed to be made by the children from the cooking area. The remaining misgivings within her heart disappeared. “Don't lie to me. I used the spiritual domain, but I still couldn't find you..”

She still had to ask this question.

“That's impossible,” Zi Linglong was a little surprised. “I have been in the cooking area all day long. If Elder Sister doesn't believe me, you could ask Sorin and the rest, but today is indeed the day of the cooking compet.i.tion.”

“No, I don't believe you, but everything is fine as long as nothing bad happened to you.” Anyway, Long s.h.i.+yan's mind had finally settled down. Today, this incident had scared her silly. However, things seemed to be okay now even though this peace might be temporary.

Deciding to become lenient with her, Long s.h.i.+yan released all of her strength and fell limply onto her bed as if she were a puppet whose strings were cut. She laid on the bed, not wanting to move any longer.

Zi Linglong looked at her exhausted appearance and felt as if her heart was stabbed by a knife. “I'm sorry, I am to blame for not telling you where I was going.”

It was indeed her fault because she was angry. She wanted to ignore Long s.h.i.+yan all day and see if she still wanted to leave her, but she didn't expect for this to happen.

“It's fine.”

“Then let's have dinner!” Zi Linglong presented an array of delicious food; her soft and beautiful face bloomed into a lovely smile. “Then we can go bathe again.”

"Are those dim sum?" asked Long s.h.i.+yan.

(TLN: For the unfortunate who don't know what dim sum is: "Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine. It is prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in small steamer baskets or on a small plate.")

“Yes, but this is just a part of it.” Zi Linglong looked for more in her spatial ring.

“Then we will have that as a dinner for tonight!” Long s.h.i.+yan said, “You go and move the snacks to the bath. Then, heat the water, and we will eat while the bubbles form in the water.”

“Okay, then I will go first.”

Watching as Zi Linglong left, Long s.h.i.+yan closed her eyes weakly. She was uncertain about what happened today. Zi Linglong suddenly disappeared, new Long Aotian disguised as Zi Linglong to attempt a sneak attack, and then she was saved by the old Long Aotian. The old Long Aotian was now half-male and half-female. He also stated that he had stolen the Long family's souls from the system and gave it to Long s.h.i.+yan. Lastly, he departed to duel with the new Long Aotian.

She didn't know the result of the duel between the two, but Zi Linglong came back. So was this a part of the system's plan?

Long s.h.i.+yan rolled around a few times on her bed, yet still did not have any inklings. As she kneaded her temples, she saw Zi Linglong approaching in her underwear.

A pair of slender, long legs moved forward; her two snow-white peaks swayed gently. She appeared seductive, cuddly, pure, and lovely.

She wore a modern style of underwear.

“Elder Sister, let's go!” Zi Linglong supported her face with both hands and propped herself on the bed. Her fine black hair fell like a waterfall onto Long s.h.i.+yan's right arm.

Long s.h.i.+yan blinked, putting her hands together. She said, "Today, I'm very tired; I'm too lazy to move. Linglong, carry me!"

“Elder Sister is so lazy.” Although Zi Linglong complained, she was very happy to help Long s.h.i.+yan undress. After, she lifted her up and walked to the bath.

For Zi Linglong, serving Long s.h.i.+yan was her favorite thing to do, and she thought she was extremely blessed when doing so. Long s.h.i.+yan was like a little queen at home, no, she was a veritable queen! Although she was powerful, Zi Linglong was willing to help her. It didn't matter to her if she had to a.s.sist with Long s.h.i.+yan doing laundry, cooking, and so on.

Zi Linglong was like a full-time babysitter.

Besides, she had long been accustomed to doing these things since childhood.

However, Long s.h.i.+yan had become lazy all of a sudden and needed someone to rely on. Therefore, Zi Linglong was very surprised, yet ecstatic and adored the feeling of being relied on.

Long s.h.i.+yan was long accustomed to being princess carried by Zi Linglong, but this time, she wrapped around Zi Linglong's neck and said in a sentimental tone, “Linglong has grown up!”

Zi Linglong couldn't help but grin and say, “Whether you're aware of it or not, I am already bigger than you.”

Long s.h.i.+yan plunged into the warm water, searching for a comfortable position. This pond was very large; it could be equivalent to a miniature swimming pool, but it was not deep. Some stone pillars were protruding next to the pool. While they were formerly used as ornaments, they were remodeled into objects of good taste.

Instead of a ceiling or wooden beams, the sky and the bright moon could be seen, making this an open-air hot spring.

“Yes!” Long s.h.i.+yan's gaze was like a scanner as she swept at Zi Linglong from head to toe. “Yeah, your skin is beautiful and your legs are really long. You're indeed not small anymore.”

Seeing Long s.h.i.+yan observing her, Zi Linglong did not want to be outdone, so she did the same to Long s.h.i.+yan. Then, she curled her lips. “Besides being white and tender on the outside, you're very small.”

“You little girl, come here. I'm hungry.”

“Even if you are hungry, don't eat dim sum by yourself.” Zi Linglong couldn't believe this. After all, Saints did not require food for sustenance and only ate for enjoyment. Even so, she s.h.i.+fted over to her side and then took a small piece, feeding it to Long s.h.i.+yan directly.

Long s.h.i.+yan gobbled it whole.

“How come Elder Sister is suddenly so lazy today? It's very unusual for this to happen.” Zi Linglong sat next to her, pinching her thighs.

She didn't dare to say that she was worried. Long s.h.i.+yan had spontaneously cried today, causing her to become alarmed.

Therefore, she decided to take the indirect approach in inquiring.

Long s.h.i.+yan gazed upon the stars and said, “Don't call me Elder Sister in the future. Just address me as 'Yan Yan'.”

Zi Linglong's hand paused as astonishment spread across her face.

“Today, only when I found out that you were missing did I discover how much I care about you.” Long s.h.i.+yan withdrew her gaze. She lifted her small hand up and rinsed her arm with warm water. “Doesn't Linglong like Elder Sister? If you prefer, you can try calling me 'Yan Yan'. I will try to be your wife from now on, and on the other hand, Linglong will become my wife.”

“Sis—Yan Yan, you unexpectedly! Uh, why don't you eat some more dim sum?” Zi Linglong's face was completely red, which made Long s.h.i.+yan feel that this was really funny. Although Zi Linglong was clearly embarra.s.sed, she changed the way of addressing Long s.h.i.+yan right away.

Long s.h.i.+yan curled her lips and asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Huh? I'm not particularly hungry.” Zi Linglong tried one of the dishes.

“Would you like to eat me?”

“Pfft~!” Zi Linglong almost spat out the food she was eating and couldn't help but clench her chest as she gasped for air. Oh, my G.o.d! What did she just hear? She remembered the erotica she had read and used it as a reference. Yan Yan was showing her love towards her? She just confessed a moment ago, yet she wants to do "that."

It was all too sudden!!

Zi Linglong was in an abyss of suffering. The problem was that…she did not know how to do "it." Although she glanced through the erotica, there were no specific details or graphics in it. It seemed that the most important page was torn from that book.

It could be said that she was completely pure. When she touched Long s.h.i.+yan last time, she did not understand what was going on. 

Long s.h.i.+yan gave her a look. “You can stain the bathwater.”

“No, it's alright. The pond is very big, so it can't be stained. Moreover, Sis—Yan Yan is being too naughty. Suddenly saying that kind of thing, don't scare me to death,” Zi Linglong said as she patted her chest, obviously frightened and confused.

Long s.h.i.+yan watched as Zi Linglong shook in place. Suddenly, she reached out and Zi Linglong threw herself into her arms. She bowed her head and kissed her lips.

"Thump! Thump!"

This was the first time that Long s.h.i.+yan took the initiative.

"Thump! Thump!"

It felt strange.

Zi Linglong's heart started beating rapidly as she quickly closed her eyes to respond to her kiss. Long s.h.i.+yan's lips were extremely sweet, but her fragrant tongue was adorable and weak, so she quickly became pa.s.sive.

A kiss.

Sure enough, she really did have feelings for Zi Linglong.

Long s.h.i.+yan's face was filled with content. As she fell into Zi Linglong's soft and fragrant chest, her delicate hand was placed on Zi Linglong's shoulders, With her charming eyes, she panted and then stated, "Now, do you want to eat me or not?"

Nevertheless, this was still her question.

Zi Linglong did not dare to look at her right now; her pretty face was as red as an apple.

Long s.h.i.+yan leaned against her bosom and said, “Are we going too fast?”

“No,” Zi Linglong gritted her teeth and said, “I—I—not at all.”

Long s.h.i.+yan first stared blankly then smirked. Then, she distanced herself from Zi Linglong, leaned on the side, and raised her thighs, placing her legs on top of Zi Linglong's shoulders. In a not too urgent nor indifferent tone, she said, "If you don't understand, then we can start with the basics. First, tenderly lick me."

(TLN: If you guys thought that the last chapters were going to be about Long s.h.i.+yan fighting in the tower or some big fight with the new Long Aotian, you got punked by the author. (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง Cause we got the yuri scene!

On a side note, the author revealed that the last paragraph was changed in the next chapter's note, so I put the changed one above. But the original was: 

Long s.h.i.+yan first stared blankly then smirked. She distanced herself from Zi Linglong, leaned on the side, and raised her right foot, placing it on her shoulder. She curled her lips and said, “It's very simple. First, kiss every part of me.”)

Female Protagonist Is A Blackened Villainess Chapter 75

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