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When they arrived at the police station they were greeted by an officer. He asked Ha Eun if she was the one he called on Eun Ha's behalf.

Ha Eun nodded. He turned to the side and pointed to the jail cell. The couple saw a little girl, holding a teddy bear.

"Why the h.e.l.l do you have a child in there?!" Ha Eun yelled.

"It's not locked and she wanted to be in there. When we wouldn't let her she started making a racket annoying everyone that we just let her do whatever she wanted" the officer replied.

"Please, come" the officer to the couple. They followed the officer to his desk, which was right next to the cell.

Eun Ha noticed them, got closer to the bars and said "Unnie!" The little girl waved at her with a smile.

"Get me out of here. I never thought being a prisoner was so hard." Eun Ha said with a grim expression on her face. Suddenly two guys who were badly beaten up were walked right past her. It seemed the two of them fought. They looked at her shocked then their angered expressions had changed to that of fear.

"Hey kid, stop doing that. You're giving us a cops bad name" the officer told her with an exhausted expression on his face.

Ha Eun and Chang Wook looked at the little girl "What did you do?" Ha Eun asked her.

"Nothing. I'm innocent, I swear" Eun Ha said. Ha Eun and Chang Wook looked at the officer. The officer got worried thinking that Ha Eun might hit him so he quickly sat down on his desk and urged the couple to sit as well.

"A neighbor called us to report a minor…" he pointed at Eun Ha "…living alone."

"And was she?" Chang Wook asked.

"No signs of her parents anywhere and she wouldn't tell us anything about them. She just came with us and pleaded the fifth."

"I'll never talk!" Eun Ha said loudly.

The officer looked at her then looked away to take a deep breath "Kid, you're not guilty of anything. We just want your mother or father's information.

The officer looked at Ha Eun and Chang Wook "she was holding on to a business card with a phone number, so we decided to call it and you answered the phone."

Ha Eun looked at Eun Ha, annoyed. She went through a lot last night, having a heated conversation with Woo Yeon, almost drowning, then almost doing it with Chang Wook to later cry on his shoulder and then, this morning, having to listen to her brother, talk about how he was interested in one of her employees. She really wasn't in the mood to deal with a child and the police.

"Could you tell me the relations.h.i.+p you share with the child?" the officer asked her.

Ha Eun didn't know how to answer. Her sister being that little kid's mother was all her speculation but she still answered, "I'm her mother's sister."

"Oh, so you're her aunt!" the officer smiled "Do you have any idea where your sister might be?"

"I haven't seen her since we were 13 years old" Ha Eun answered. The officer felt a bit uncomfortable. Ha Eun's gaze had become darker.

"Oh, well can you tell me anything about your parents. Maybe they'll have an idea about where she is" the officer kept a smile.

"We don't have parents" Ha Eun answered "We were both adopted. We shared the same family for a while but then she left. I haven't seen her since" The officer looked at Ha Eun shocked. He didn't know what to say in a situation like this.

"Well, for now, you're the closest thing Eun Ha has to a relative. Could you please watch over her while we search for her mother or any other relative?" the officer asked Ha Eun. She and Chang Wook looked at each other.

Chang Wook didn't know what to say. They aren't fit to be replacement parents. They don't even know how to parent! Chang Wook has hoped to one day have children with the woman he loves but he thought it would be in the distant future.

Ha Eun doesn't feel comfortable taking care of a child she doesn't even know but denying an officer's plea right in front of the child would be rude and its not like she and Chang Wook don't have the money or s.p.a.ce in their home to care for the little girl but this is a very complex decision.

She can see Chang Wook being a good guardian to the child but Ha Eun…she worried she'd be a bad influence. She's not exactly the nicest person in the country and the first time the two of them met she applauded the little girl for resorting to violence when she was being bullied.

"They don't want me, officer" Eun Ha said. All three of them looked towards the girl "You can see it in their faces, just look at them" Eun Ha had a smile on her face but her eyes looked sad and distant.

"Oh…right. Sorry about that. I shouldn't have asked such a thing of you two. I apologize" the officer said, letting out an awkward laugh.

"We'll take it!" Ha Eun said loudly as she stood up from her seat. Chang Wook was surprised by this and the officer was a bit taken aback. Chang Wook grabbed Ha Eun's arm and urged her to sit back down.

Chang Wook forced a chuckle "What my wife means to say is...we'll take care of her until you find her actual relatives" Chang Wook told the officer.

The officer looked at the couple confused but nodded and smiled.

"Yes," the officer said.
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Chang Wook then got closer to Ha Eun and whispered "Ha Eun, the child is not an 'it'. This isn't a pet store."

If We Got Married 73 Innocen

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