If We Got Married 74 At The Park

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Inside the car, Ha Eun ended up sitting on Chang Wook's lap, leaving Eun Ha two whole seats. The couple stared at her as she played with the teddy bear in her hands.

Ha Eun couldn't understand how the child didn't seem at all uncomfortable with the situation she was in. She was going to be living with strangers.

Chang Wook, on the other hand, was thinking about how Ha Eun was sitting on his lap. He felt blessed. If Eun Ha weren't here, he would have kissed his wife in an instant.

The girl stopped playing with the teddy bear and just looked out the window. She seemed to start pouting, so Chang Wook asked her "Would you like something to eat?"

The little girl looked at them; then she looked down. She shrugged and looked back out the window. Chang Wook could understand that being left alone and suddenly moving in with strangers must come as quite a shock to her, so he decided not to ask anything else.

"Why are you moping?" Ha Eun asked her. Chang Wook looked at Ha Eun shocked. Does this woman not understand the situation they are in? "You're mom's not around, I get it but, you could at least talk to the people that are going to be providing you with food."

"Did I ask you to take me and provide for me?" Eun Ha snapped back "I was just fine all alone, stupid nosy neighbors that can't mind their own business" Eun Ha groaned. Ha Eun squinted her eyes.

Chang Wook worried she would yell at the poor kid, but Ha Eun yelled at the driver to turn around and head to the Amus.e.m.e.nt Park.

Eun Ha looked at Ha Eun with wide eyes, and so did Chang Wook. They had to head into work. They were already late by a few hours.

"Is it really okay, skipping work?" Chang Wook asked Ha Eun.

Ha Eun raised her eyebrows at Chang Wook "I'm just doing what you did when we skipped work to go on that last-minute date idea of yours."

When they arrived at the park, Eun Ha was starstruck. She had never gone to the amus.e.m.e.nt park. Her mother always told her it was a waste of money and that when she grew up and got a job, she could go on her own.

"Where do you want to go first?" Ha Eun asked the little girl.

"I can pick where we go?" Eun Ha asked. Chang Wook and Ha Eun nodded.

Eun Ha started to run forward. Ha Eun and Chang Wook worriedly stopped her, and the two grabbed one of her hands. Eun Ha was surprised by this, if anything, they looked worried.

"Are you worried that I'll run off?" Eun Ha asked them.

"We're just worried that you'll get lost," Chang Wook told her.

"And also, someone might kidnap you," Ha Eun said, "No matter how nice the person looks if they offer to show you their puppies or take you to their truck full of candy, you hit them in the b.a.l.l.s and run away!" Ha Eun said.

Chang Wook looked at Ha Eun speechless. She is talking to a child, not an adult!

"Ha Eun, maybe you should try to think about what you're going to say to her before you say it," Chang Wook said.

"Did I say something wrong? I just gave her valuable life lessons. One. Don't get kidnapped. Two. If you get kidnapped, kick them in the b.a.l.l.s." Ha Eun said. Chang Wook pa.s.sed his hand over his face.

Eun Ha chuckled. She looked at Ha Eun "Unnie…" she said, then she looked at Chang Wook "Ahjussi. You two are funny."

The couple was surprised by her smile and her tightening her grip on their hands.

"It's oppa, not ahjussi" Chang Wook told her but he wasn't going to deny that her smile was adorable.

"Cute" Ha Eun thought to herself when she saw Eun Ha's smile.

Eun Ha pulled at their hands, and they went on to go on a few rides. Eun Ha was having the time of her life. The couple thought they weren't going to enjoy themselves since going there was so sudden, and it was only to get Eun Ha out of her att.i.tude. They didn't think they'd actually have fun as well.

As the day went on, Chang Wook ended up wearing bunny ears, Ha Eun was holding cotton candy which she shared with the other two, and Eun Ha had a b.u.t.terfly drawn on her face.
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The three made their way to a bench to sit down, tired from all the fun. There, they were suddenly greeted by a person in a cute yellow bear suit. The bear gave Eun Ha a red balloon, and a woman that worked there approached them "What a beautiful family" she said. Ha Eun and Chang Wook wanted to correct her, but she offered to take a picture of the three.

The couple looked at each other. Would it be weird to take a picture with a kid that wasn't theirs? They looked down and Eun Ha. She smiled at them and nodded.

The worker handed the picture to Chang Wook. He and Ha Eun looked completely awkward and stiff but Eun Ha, she was smiling happily. He wondered if this is what it would look like if he and Ha Eun had a kid. Their child would be between the two, holding onto their hands tightly.

He looked over at Ha Eun. She smiled at him "So, what do you think?" she asked him, referring to the picture and how she looked in it.

Chang Wook smiled back at her "I'd like to see that one day," he said, then he whispered, "Our kid."

"What would you like to see?" Ha Eun asked him, "You make no sense sometimes," she said and took the picture from him. When she saw the picture, she gasped, "I look hideous!"

Eun Ha laughed "Let me see, let me see!" she yelled and laughed once she saw the expression on both Chang Wook and Ha Eun's faces.

"Unnie, ahjussi. I had fun today" Eun Ha said as she looked at the picture "Thank you." She felt a little embarra.s.sed saying how she really felt so she didn't want them to look at her.

The couple was moved by her honesty.

"Hey...how many times do I have to tell you that it's oppa, not ahjussi?!" Chang Wook yelled. He noticed how the mood had gotten so serious that he decided to change the subject.

If We Got Married 74 At The Park

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