Desharow Merman Chapter 11

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Translator: Cheonsa

Editor: Rega



Chapter 11  

My dazed brain exploded with a boom. Knowing that the situation was completely irremediable, I shook my head to try and force myself to be more clear headed, but it was all for nought as I was plunged back into the chaos of carnal desire. 

The slippery scaled skin underneath me came in contact with my trousers and began to rub against my genitals, and like a squid's tentacles gently caressing against the most sensitive parts of my body, a burst of indescribable l.u.s.t followed after each stroke of the fishtail. 

My nipples were being sucked and licked furthermore by Agares's tongue, doubling the stimulation, forcing me to open my mouth repeatedly. I was unable to even take account of the fluid flowing down from the corners of my mouth, other than letting out series of raspy gasps.

I felt my underwear getting wet, and I instinctively realized that it wasn't water. It was because these lewd frictions that caused my prec.u.m to come out. This was basically a natural sign indicating a man's discontent towards their unsatisfied desires. 

Suddenly that strong sense of shame came back to me. I swallowed down the overflowing fluid in my mouth before clenching my teeth shut. I felt as though there were still some rationality left in me, however, my body had already succ.u.mbed to l.u.s.t long time ago, not even knowing when my legs had started desperately clinging onto the fishtail.  

When I came to realize how coordinated my movements moving along with him was, I also felt Agares's s.e.x organ expanding even bigger with the swollen, boiling-hot tip jabbing angrily between my groin. Agares used one hand to clasp around one of my covered b.u.t.t cheek and with just one swing of his hand, my pants was thoroughly ripped to shreds, with my now naked b.u.t.tocks attached onto the cold, slippery, and wet surface of the fishtail.

My body immediately s.h.i.+vered from the coldness as the merman's five fingers tightened around my waist. The fishtail then accordingly pulled my torso upwards before pus.h.i.+ng my entire body down into the merman's embrace, leading my crotch to saddle neatly on top of his own. The slippery, thick s.e.x organs under me was now throbbing against the narrow slit of my b.u.t.tocks, even my own exposed and hardened genital was poking against Agares's lower abdomen. 

Clenching my teeth again, I closed my eyes, not daring to look down to see the scene happening below me. The blood vessels in my cheeks seemed to had burst open into a red hue, with the hot flames engulfing my body burning me all over, it made me feel so ashamed that I was willing to die at that very moment.

Agares's face stuck close to mine, leaving not much gap between us. His labored breathing poured onto my forehead. I opened my eyes and my gaze was instantly trapped into the bottomless dark pupils that were staring deeply at me.

It was that split second that I felt my consciousness being ripped out of my body. A quiet sound was unceasingly ringing in my mind, making my head spin with dizziness which caused my body to feel abnormally heavy, as if being plunged into the bottom of the deep ocean. I instantly panicked and climbed up to wrap myself around Agares's neck, then he took advantage of the height to embrace me in his arms.

The merman's tail under my body suddenly propped me high, my hips were instantly thrown up before being pressed back down by Agares's hand. Out of nowhere, I felt a rising heat on the slit between my b.u.t.tocks. A slippery giant opened the entrance to my body, the first pioneer to enter such secluded area, secreting some kind of lubricating mucus along the way, and rushed into the inner walls of my a.n.u.s.

In the chaos, I vaguely realized that I had been violated by Agares, and that I had even been seduced into s.e.x by this beast of a creature! I trembled from such tremendous stimulus, barely grasping any trace of consciousness left as my toes curled tightly together. I wanted to scream, to cry for help, yet the only thing I heard myself saying were few intermittent cries coming out of my trembling throat.”…Out… Agares, take the thing out from the inside… that place is not meant for s.e.xual intercourse!”


My frantic cry made Agares even more excited. He hung his head near my ear and gasped heavily, his s.e.xually hardened organ rubbing and exploring impatiently inside my body. Shame and regret oppressed my nerves at the same time, making me feel breathless. I tried pulling up my waist, resisting against Agares's intrusion, but the tail was crammed between my two legs so snugly that even a finger could not enter. 

The more I tried to move, the deeper Agares's s.e.x organs sank, and harder the rod clung onto the hot a.n.a.l walls like a sucker, burrowing inch by inch, until it was finally fully inserted.

My b.u.t.tocks seem to be closely fitted together with his waist now, leaving no gaps.The narrow pa.s.sage that shouldn't hold any objects was stretched to the limit by his s.e.xual organ. The hardened shaft, which was much larger than the ones on human beings, was forcefully prying open my inner walls. It felt swollen and full yet painful to the point of feeling my abdominal cavity being pushed through. But at the same time, an itchy feeling, like ants nibbling on my bones, grew from the depths of my body. As the friction became more and more intense, it became even more acute. 

It was a strange pleasure far better than masturbation, and I knew that Agares must have touched my prostate as the intense pleasure was enough to break a man who had no s.e.xual experiences before because I felt like I was on the verge of madness. I even felt more like a beast than him, moaning with my mouth wide open and with involuntary tears pouring out nonstop.

My eyelids immediately became wet and soft, and surprisingly, Agares went and licked my eyelids with his tongue. His actions were very gentle, as if comforting me, yet his attacking s.e.xual organ was very unforgiving. My back arched upward like a stretched bow string as he retreated from my insides. Then, as if almost reaching his utmost limit, he supported my b.u.t.tcheek up and violently plunged the head of his shaft straight into my hot opening, immediately striking my prostate. 

"A…ha… Agares… ah…a….stop.."

My waist abruptly twitched along, following with shameful moans as the drowning pleasure nearly made me faint. I saw a burst of darkness before I looked subconsciously at the source of the stimulus below me.

I caught a glimpse of the reddened shaft embedded in my b.u.t.tocks with fierce red veins bursting alive as silky white mucus dribbled out with Agare's vigorous pumping. It was an unmistakable s.e.x weapon no different from men's and it was actually f.u.c.king me crazy.

d.a.m.n it, Desharow. You almost came from being f.u.c.ked by a beast!


A voice screamed in my mind. I felt feverish all over as I powerlessly groped around the place that linked us together, wanting to pull that giant thing out. The tightly connected fishtail stirred up dramatically this time, shaking my sensitive and weak body up and down as the s.e.xual organ began to pump fiercely into my body like a violent rainstorm.

There wasn't even enough time for me to catch my breath nor moan out loud due to his abrupt actions other than instinctively scratch against Agare's st.u.r.dy back with my fingers as gus.h.i.+ng tears trickle down my reddened face and into my heavily breathing mouth. I couldn't help but admit that I was actually crying. In addition to the physiological response, there was also extreme humiliation because I happened to be experiencing my first real o.r.g.a.s.m in this unorthodox b.e.s.t.i.a.lity.

I was afraid that I will never be able to forget this merman's a.s.sault on me ever in my life. It would be following me like a shadow, because of this encounter, I may not be able to continue my biology research career. If this was known by others…. known by others….

No, No!

My muddled mind was full of dark, wild nightmares, I didn't dare think too deeply about them. At the same time, my mind was influenced into a state of chaos and confusion by Agares's frantic pumping. My whole figure felt as if thrown into the waves of carnal desire, floating and sinking, unable to control myself. However, just at the moment when I was pleased to reach the peak of intense pleasure, a sudden scream sounded, followed by a sharp sound of a bullet hitting the gla.s.s reservoir.

"Desharow! Desharow!"

My mental state at this moment seemed to have snapped apart. I merely took a sideways glance and saw a familiar figure rus.h.i.+ng towards me. An explosion went off in my brain, followed by a cry of fear before losing all my consciousness.


[T/N: HALT! Don't read any further until you read and understand this translation note. In the “author have something to say” there will be spoilers for future contents. If you would like to satisfy yourself go ahead, however please do respect those that don't want spoilers, so please be careful of what you commented. Thank You!

The Author Has Something To Say: I will first explain the settings even though they will unfold in the plot later on.

In my settings, deep-sea merfolk/merpeople needs to survive and mature at very low temperature rates in their infancy stage. But because of environmental pollution, seawater had been growing warmer and warmer, destroying the female mermaids' capability to reproduce and causing the inability of young merfolks to survive. This officially led to the destruction of the merfolk's normal reproductive system and because of that, the once highly regarded female mermaids (they lost their status) became nothing but nutrients for the rest of the population.

Reproduction was replaced by male mermaid where they achieve cell infection through s.e.xual intercourse to a.s.similate male human in order to expand their population and avoid the death of young merfolks as adult male humans will directly become adult mermen.

Although the process is slow and imperfect, this is the case with evolution. Evolution of any organism has its drawbacks, especially in strong species without natural enemies such as saber-toothed tigers, tyrannosaurs, and as well as in merfolks.

However, this does not affect the novel's HE, because extinction won't be occurring until many centuries later.

The Translator have something to say: It seem like the mermen's sperm can change the generic cell(DNA) of male humans through s.e.xual intercourse to turn them into male adult merman. If any of you still don't understand, no worries, like the author said, it will be reveal later in the story.

Desharow Merman Chapter 11

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