Desharow Merman Chapter 12

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Translator: Bobadarling

Translation Checker: Cheonsa

Editor: Rega and Annabelle


Chapter 12

“Desharow, do you really want to study this kind of kind of merfolk called the Night Demon?  Even if it may cost you your life? Do you…. know that merfolk are man-eating beasts?” The aged woman gazed into the dark and gloomy surface of the sea, her empty eyes stared outwards to a seemingly distant place. Each wrinkle on her aged face seemed to be set in fearful recollection as they faintly trembled.

I took in a deep whiff of the strong fishy scent carried in the ocean breeze and nodded. “I have heard of such rumors, but there is no concrete case to verify it, this is also the reason why I came looking for you.” I gently placed my hand on the old woman's crooked back, trying to guide her to continue speaking as gently as possible. “I implore you to tell me about the mermaid seen in the s.h.i.+pwreck you were in, don't you also need someone you can say everything on your mind to? If you would speak, I would be willing to be your temporary psychologist to help loosen the knots in your heart.

She appeared to be touched to some extent as she turned her head towards me. Those pair of murky eyes reflected the light from the diminis.h.i.+ng campfire behind my back, her expression seems complex and unpredictable as she stared attentively at me. Her twisted hand was clamped around my wrist, her nails nearly sinking into my flesh. It seemed like she was using this kind of method to test out my sincerity. I resisted the eccentricity of the mentally ill and looked back at her with resolute firmness.

No matter what Mr. s.h.i.+nichi had once mentioned to me before, even if I were to talk to an eyewitness that came across a mermaid in a s.h.i.+pwreck with a chance that the words spoken are not highly credible, I was still not willing to abandon a bit of consideration.

The old woman let out a long sigh before closing her eyes.

Under her drooping eyelids, the outline of her eyes lost their focal distance and began swaying, the movement indicating a long-term sea voyager walking back onto land once again. I know she must be deeply engrossed in those years at sea, and I could not help but hold my breath, earnestly waiting for her to speak.

After a long silence, the old woman let out another long sigh and disjointedly spat out each word, “At that time, a group of adventure seeking companion  and I were just like you,  yearning the thought of seeing a mermaid. Our s.h.i.+p had been drifting around for quite a few months in an area where merfolk were said to haunt the sea. Finally, one day, we successfully caught a male mermaid. However, we did not expect merfolk to be such an evil and terrifying creature of  the deep sea… he will smell you first, sniffing deeply, as if he were judging the smell of his prey. If you make him feel disgusted, he will snap your neck and tear you into pieces…”

When she said this, her breathing abruptly became short and hurried, then her eyes suddenly opened. “It was truly just like a nightmare in the night, ah. I watched firsthand as several of my good companions being regarded as food by the merman, there was only me… only me… I hid in a secret dark cabin allowing me to escape from this calamity. I was so terrified that I didn't dare to make any sound, until the moment I looked on helplessly as that dreadful b.a.s.t.a.r.d took my son away! He was taken along by the merman to the bottom of the ocean, to come back no more… I really regret it… really regret it…”

She kept on repeating these series of syllables while shaking her head. I knew that her mental illness was recurring again and couldn't help but promptly hold onto her shoulders in an attempt to p.r.i.c.k the prepared sedative into her arm. Just then, the rims of the old woman's eyes cracked open in desperation, her withered old hand tightly clung to my collar pulling me toward her face. She revealed a kind of weird as well as deranged smile fit for an insane person. “Desharow, believe me, if you strongly desire to see a Night Demon at sea, they will feel it… they like young beautiful people with delicious scents that are nice to sniff at… you are… just like my son…” (Editor: I got the chills d.a.m.n)

I was stupefied by the madness she had spoken of, and was feeling a little bit depressed at the same time knowing that they were all probably untrustworthy a.s.sumptions said by a possible delusional person. Out of nowhere, a hard and painful slap landed on my shoulder. I turned to look behind me and saw the long since deceased Mr. s.h.i.+nichi standing before me. His face was pale and swollen with his entire body covered in wet seaweed. His eye sockets were only two deep back holes reflecting nothing. "Desharow, believe her words. You will meet those merfolks…"

Frightened, I nervously retreated a step only to find that my ability to walk was a bit strange. I looked down towards the lower half of my body to see everything below my waist was unexpectedly covered in scales, turning it into a s.h.i.+ning silver gray fishtail.


I abruptly woke up screaming from the nightmare with my body bathed in cold sweat. I immediately pulled the blanket that was covering me away before looking downward. In a pair of hospital pants were my two legs and feet perfectly normal an fine. 

How did I have such a bizarre dream? I went so far as to unexpectedly dream about something that happened a few years ago and even saw the dead Mr. s.h.i.+nichi's ghost.

I recalled the truly mad words that the old woman had once said to me a long time ago in my dream, and of Mr. s.h.i.+nichi's terrifying appearance. I couldn't help but feel a slight chill on my back. I just didn't expect that the prediction about my future meeting with a mermaid that I hadn't been concerned about before would actually be a fulfilled prophecy.

Only, how am I laying down on a bed again? Shouldn't I be in the deep water laboratory studying the merman with Davis? Oh, that's right, I remember how that guy suddenly went crazy and let the merman out!

Afterwards… what happened afterwards?

I tried hard to recall what had happened after that but my memory remained temporarily at the scene where the merman climbed out from behind the hatch. Then, like before, there seemed to be a gap formed in my brain, and my memory would jump directly over to the nightmare I just had.

What exactly happened? I touched my sweaty forehead and felt that it was a bit high in temperature, indicating a slight fever. Not being able to handle the heavy feeling in my head, I propped up my body up and planned to take a shower to wake myself up more. However, just as I moved my thigh, I felt an aching pain shooting  up from the lower part of my body. Everything below my waist felt extremely weak and paralyzed as if there was no spine in my back. It was simply like someone had used their fists to ruthlessly beat up my b.u.t.tocks inside out.

(T/N: why does my mind keep thinking of something else!!!) (Editor: HEH)

How could this be……

Perhaps in my panicked state of mind I lost my footing while rus.h.i.+ng down the stairs, causing me to not only injure my a.s.s but also loose my consciousness in the fall altogether?

I bewilderingly touched my b.u.t.tocks, heart feeling perplexed of the possible likelihood. It appeared that there was only one reason to explain this. 

Just at this moment, the door was pushed open with a click, followed by the sound of leather boots stepping on the floor from afar, coming closer only to stop at the doorway. 


The author has something to say: Our Lord Shou(bottom) is currently calm and collected, not remembering what had happened. But no need to worry, not long in the future he will come to remember CLEARLY what the merman really did to him!!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

h.e.l.lo! Cheonsa here. I had to ask a friend to help translating this chapter as I was extremely busy these pa.s.s few days with academic, so please give your proper thanks to Bobadarling!!!

She is currently translating another Sci-Fi/ horror Merman Bl Novel. It is another thrilling book that you guys should all give it a try. You can find her translated chapter here: 

Synopsis for Mermaid Effect: 

[Intro l ]: Rand Sievers named the little thing he had inadvertently brought home as "Monster". However, he did not know that he was not raising just a harmless pet, but a biological weapon secretly made by the government… a real monster.
[Intro II]:As a former librarian, Rand felt that he had been living an ordinary life, the one that he had reclaimed unconsciously every single day. Recently, he has been a little upset because the pet fish he accidentally brought home to raised seems to have undergo some strange changes Well, it turned into a merman. Happy Reading -Cheonsa

Desharow Merman Chapter 12

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