Journey Towards Greatness 354 Members Of The Underworld

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Julian didn't have to wait long before he noticed a chopper and a hover s.h.i.+p heading towards his direction, he knew that it was the League from the uniform the men were wearing inside.

The chopper landed in front of him causing Crystal to cover its eyes as it let it's tail wave around in the strong wind.

Crystal once again opened its eyes and looked at the men it heavy Kevlar armor with guns in their hand and few pokemons by their side.

League Agent "Sir Julian we have come to collect the hunters"

The leader of the group spoke respectfully to Julian, Julian nodded and showed the sleeping hunters to the Agents, these hunters are currently suffering in their dreams as Gengar had some fun with them and Julian didn't stop him.

These hunters have killed so many pokemon and people and they deserve the worst Gengar can offer to them.

These hunters won't be able to sleep peacefully again scared of the dreams they are going to have and Julian thinks this is really the best punishment of them, for a person to not get his sleep is the worst thing that could happen, a man can survive without water and food for days but he skips sleep for days it would be a huge trauma for the person.

Meanwhile Hunter J is suffering from a completely different thing, the way Gengar looked at her made her mentally unstable, she couldn't control the fear in her and she has lost her mind, it will take her years to recover from this trauma Gengar put her through, as for her Salamence, Julian handed it over to the agents.

The Agents then tied up the hunters and put them in their hover s.h.i.+p while they put Hunter J in the chopper, her priority was more than the others so they had to keep an eye on her 24/7.

League Agent "Sir Julian we will be taking our leave then"

The Agent said and walked into the chopper followed by his subordinates, Julian watched as the chopper and the hovers.h.i.+p flew away from his sight.

Julian "Well this is done so let's head towards the west"

Julian said and made his way out of the rocky mountains.


The Chopper and Hovers.h.i.+p headed towards the direction of Sunysh.o.r.e city as it is where the headquarters of the League is situated in Sinnoh, what they didn't notice that they are already under the watch of few men in black suits looking through their binoculars.

Man "Take them down"
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The Man in the front gave an order to his men to bring the hovers.h.i.+p and the chopper down, the men behind him nodded and tossed their pokeb.a.l.l.s up in the air, then a bunch of flying type pokemons consisting of Fearow, Aerodactyl, Crobat, Skarmory, Tropius, and Mandibuzz came out, their trainers sat on them as they charged towards the chopper and the hovers.h.i.+p.

The pilot that is flying the chopper notice foreign objects heading towards in the radar and warns the Head Agent.

Pilot "Sir some people are coming towards the chopper"

Hearing this the Head Agent looks out and suddenly gets shot by a Razor Leaves catching him off guard and causing him to fall out of the chopper and go down cras.h.i.+ng into the depths of the rocky mountains.

Seeing their leader taken out the other Agents quickly take their stance.

Agent 1 "On your guard, we are under attack"

the Agent said and he loaded his gun peeked outside, he saw a bunch of men in black with their faces covered chasing them.

He shot a few bullets at them but one of the pokemon used Protect to deflect them all.

The men in black charged towards the chopper and hovers.h.i.+p and surrounded them, they then tossed a few weird looking plates at the hovers.h.i.+p and the chopper which attached to them like magnets.

One of the men in black charged forward on his Mandibuzz and arrived right under the chopper, he then used a see-through device to locate where Hunter J is and suddenly made a hole under her feet causing her to fall right in his arms.

Seeing this the Agents tried to stop him by shooting at him while their pokemons also attacked but it was useless the Mandibuzz he is riding is very strong and fast, it dodged some of the attacks and rippled the bullets with Protect.

The man then made an escape with Hunter J in his arms, the other men who were with him also moved away from the chopper and the hovers.h.i.+p, then one of them took out a small remote control and showed it to the agents on the chopper.

Agent "s.h.i.+t"

As he said that, the man in black pressed the b.u.t.ton and the plates that were attached to the chopper and the hovers.h.i.+p suddenly sparked sending out a special magnetic field with short-circuited their entire system and made both the chopper and the hovers.h.i.+p catch on fire and lose control, the two then went down cras.h.i.+ng into the deep valley.

Two huge explosions were them heard after a few minutes, it would be a miracle if anyone survived that fall, those plates that were attached to the chopper and the hovers.h.i.+p also acted as an amplifier for the explosion so the damage done by them is bigger the more they are.

The men in black came back to their camp sight with Hunter J, they put her to the side and headed back to their chief.

"Chief we brought her back"

The man who had carried her here said.

Chief "How is her condition?"

"She seems to have been suffering from Mental Trauma, we don't know when she will recover"

The man in black said.

Chief "Its good that one of our spies in the league informed us about her being captured by the Champion Julian, if she had fallen under the League's control it would have been a catastrophe"

He said and looked at Hunter J who still is shaking while murmuring something on her own.

Chief "As the rumors have said that man is a monster, tell every member of the faction to be careful and not get caught by him"

"Yes Chief"

The man in black said and walked away.

Chief 'Like Giovanni said, that man is a monster, we cannot be noticed by him or our fate may be the same as those that tried to challenge him, Giovanni is a stubborn b.a.s.t.a.r.d and was able to gain back his full power from the resource he had collected, but we cannot afford to get in his eyes, our resources are for the greater benefits for the underworld and we cannot lose any of it'

The Chief thought and closed his eyes.

Journey Towards Greatness 354 Members Of The Underworld

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